Where Is The Pebble Beach Golf Course Located?

Located on the west coast of the united states, Pebble beach golf links is a place worth visiting for every golfer in the united states, if he/she can afford it. Having a great history and stunning aesthetics, it is impossible to unlike even a bit about the course, except for the fact that it’s expensive. And by expensive, I mean really really expensive. The admission fee in itself stands at $550, let alone be the other luxuries, if you are willing to have them, of course. 

Pebble Beach Golf Course

The golf course was established in 1919 with the sole intention of bringing real estate investors to the area. As a golf course could possibly be the best attraction for upper-class people, it served its purpose pretty well.

Moreover, it has gathered a lot of money ever since its inception, thanks to its abilities testing course and aesthetically beautiful location. From the par-3 hole to the 18, every part of the course has its own beauty to it. 

Apart from being a real money grabber, the course has seen a lot of historical events including major championships. Hardly is there a big player who hasn’t stepped on this course at least once in their career, and not surprisingly, everyone has left loving remarks about the place. 

Today, it stands as one of the most annually visited and expensive golf links in the world, with an ever-increasing visitor number with each passing year. 

Where Is The Pebble Beach Golf Course Located?

The exact address of Pebble beach golf links is 1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA 93953, United States. However, there are a lot of mambo jumbos you need to know before you prepare to visit the place. Follow the article for complete information:

Pebble Beach Golf Course drone view

Getting tee time at Pebble Beach golf course

Well, read this section if you are rich enough, for the prices are nowhere near to what one might call affordable. Although the course is regarded as open to the public, the admission bill, as mentioned above, is alone as much as five bucks for a single booking. Not to mention the wait you must endure if you are really willing to enjoy the beauty of this incredible golf course. 

Pebble Beach Golf Course links

To make your booking, you must stay as a guest at the Golf resort and reserve a spot for at least 18 months before you are willing to enter the golf course. Here it should be noticed that you must stay at least 2 nights at the resort, which, of course, is an expense of its own. As a matter of fact that it’s an ever-busy spot, so finding a place can be quite a long waiting, but it worth-waiting process. And oh! Not to mention the $940 for a night when the season is in its full swing! 

What are the golf costs at pebble beach?

Pebble Beach Golf Course best course ever
  • $550 as a standard offer, which has increased by another $75 in April 2020.
  • Additional $45 per person using a cart
  • Caddie fee of $95 per bag
  • With every playing factor included, you can expect a full golf day costing around $800.

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