Top 10 Golf Irons For Beginners 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As a beginner, you are curious to pick the best irons set. That’s why we have formed a list of best golf irons for beginners for you.

Let’s admit one thing, golf isn’t an easy game! So don’t be confused when you watch tiger woods swinging it like a boss. Of course, it doesn’t come an easy way! You must have to put a lot of practice hours, unparalleled concentration, a touch of skill, and a very specific set of equipment to suit your playing style. 

Not to mention the role of sheer patience on the course. As a beginner, you should know that playing on the greens isn’t a joke, especially if you’re thinking about learning the game without any of the aforementioned factors. 

On one hand, where most of the things are completely out of your hands, choosing the right equipment is completely your choice, especially when you’re a desperate, fun-loving fellow looking for some weekend bliss. And in that case, you can’t just ignore the role of Golf irons. Why? Well, let’s just discuss it as we proceed towards the best in the business. 

Hope it helps! 

Best Golf Irons For Beginners

Here is the list of Best Golf Irons For Beginners.

Image Product Key Features Price
Capture Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons High launching Check Price
Callaway Big Bertha Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons Versatile Long irons Check Price
TaylorMade SIM Max Irons TaylorMade Sim Max Irons Classic look Check Price
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons Great distance Check Price
Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro Iron Nice feel Check Price
Wilson Staff C300 Iron Wilson Staff C300 Irons Huge sweet spot Check Price
TaylorMade M6 Irons TaylorMade M6 Irons High speed Check Price
Srixon Z 585 Irons Srixon Z 585 Irons Consistency Check Price
Cleveland Launcher HB Cleveland Launcher HB Irons Easy to hit Check Price
TaylorMade M2 Irons TaylorMade M2 Irons Extremely accurate Check Price

1. Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

As a beginner, it’s quite obvious for you to be needing a lot of extra help to achieve a pleasing round of golf. And that help only comes when you have your hands on the right equipment, irons, concerning the main idea of the article.

best golf irons for beginners

And in that case, the best we could suggest based on user reviews and personal research is Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons. One of the finest brands in the golf world, they didn’t forget to help out our newbie fellas, and this set is a living example of it! 

With the needs of beginners in the account, the company has recently introduced this set which not only offers extreme forgiveness but helps an average to low-level players to boost their confidence with its extreme distance and exceptional accuracy. And with Pro-level control, no matter which iron you use, the ease remains constant. 

Though the top line seems a bit sturdy, it still retains the class Cleveland irons are known for. Besides, you get a V-shaped sole that offers hard impacts even on off-centered shots. Something that gives it an edge over other game improvement or beginner models. 

To your ease, the distance does not remain constant with every club. Various users on Amazon have reported the distance to be increasing and decreasing with a change in each club. E.g, it gets pretty strong when you switch from a half club to full one. 

Indeed, this is one of the best beginners irons. Just choose the right set of irons to get the best results. 


  • High launching.
  • Good for handicappers tending to hit towards the toe. 
  • Shots are comparatively straight.
  • Nice feel.
  • Lofts printed the bottom to help you choose the right wedges and hybrids.


  • Prone to scratches.
  • Mainly targets the “handicap” area.

2. Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons

If there is one word I would use for Callaway, it would be the mafia of the Golf world. Overshadowing every golf brand with its exceptional quality and craft, they don’t seem to stay quiet, no matter what golf equipment we mention. You’ll just find delivering their best.

And similar seems the case with Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons. Specially designed for our beginner friends, it effectively improves their game in critical areas, encouraging them to play a fun round of golf. 

With the introduction of this set, Callaway invented a perfect remedy for those coping with distance and accuracy by giving some extra edge to the sweet spot. This means every shot you play will be nothing less than perfection. At least for a beginner…

Mentioning the improvements Callaway has made over the previous models in the line, the first thing which catches our eyes are the technological advancements in the club’s design. Introducing the Exo-Cage structure, we also see a reduced weight and more stiffness in the clubhead that highly improves the speed. Needless to tell its advantage even if you have played golf a little!

Best Golf Irons For Seniors

Apart from that, this Iron set is exceptionally good for average handicappers in need of forgiveness. Having enhanced accuracy, it has proved to be extremely reliable as the success ratio is high in terms of shot-making. 

As each iron included in the set is supposed to be forgiving, the long irons can also be used on the course, which otherwise is used to just get the ball out of the pond. To be honest, it’s a sigh of relief for almost everyone. Of course, no one likes to change irons at each point they make a sho. 

A true game improver I would call it. Get it now if you’ve got the money! 


  • Precise weight distribution.
  • Excellent design.
  • Versatile Long irons.
  • More distance and accuracy.
  • Big sweet spot.
  • Considerable speed.


  • Expensive

3. TaylorMade Sim Max Irons

Need an allrounder that will do anything? I think TayorMade Sim Max has something special to offer, that too for less than what you pay for typical, expensive golf clubs. Despite being one of the industry giants known for introducing terribly expensive golf equipment, unlike Callaway they also have sympathy for their budget buddies.

With a tremendously high speed, distance, and forgiveness, it’s one of the best Game-improving Irons you’ll ever get your hands on. At least at that price!  

The revolutionary asymmetric sole of TaylorMade Sim Max Irons contributes a lot in reducing drag and improving aerodynamics for fast and consistent swing speed. The re-innovated inertia places weight at the low and back portion of the club to achieve more forgiveness, with an enhanced MOI. 

Best Game Improvement Irons

Another modern feature is the speed injected twist face that is specifically designed to improve ball speed and accuracy. And to add even more to the performance, Taylormade also included speed pocket technology.

we also get to see the speed bridge included just like the previous models with inverted cone technology and echo damping system for an optimal feel and reduced vibration. you’ll fall in love with it, that’s guaranteed.


  • Explosive distance. 
  • Reasonable price.
  • Classic look.
  • Exceptional speed, forgiveness, and performance. 


  • Cannot stand out when compared to expensive models. 
  • Not enough improvements over the previous models.

4. Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons

Well, if you even have a little knowledge about golf, the Callaway Mavrik line is something you must know of. With a well-known reputation of being one of the top irons for beginners, a lot of golfers have been preferring it as their beginning buddies. And with the new addition in the series, it’s surely worth including in the list, not because of its already established reputation, but of what it offers you as a beginner!

best golf irons for beginners

Moving on to the main features of this set, they offer impressive forgiveness and consistency for their size as a ton of technology has been utilized with the Mavrik Pro irons to level-up your game.

The manufacturing business has given the cavity a lavishly elegant look with a black and silver contrast. This interesting blend of colors keeps the clubs from looking dull.

However, the topline is quite thin at the address and the head is relatively smaller from heel to toe, which somehow, might not look “premium” at first glance. Also,  the combination of mate and chrome gives it a tiny look.

Most Forgiving Irons

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Callaway has been successful in bringing up a brilliant face structure that is unique to every loft, resulting in significant ball speed. The custom tungsten weights in each iron allow Callaway to locate the position of the CG in each iron while maintaining ball speed in the flash face cup. Also, expect less vibration with urethane microspheres, as they will dampen any sort of vibration, enhancing the feel more than ever before. 

Mavrik Pro is renowned for their control rather than distance. They deliver good but not over-the-top ball speed; one of the reasons is their weak lofts. However, you’ll still be impressed by how straight it hits the shots. Means distance won’t be a thing here. Isn’t it something a beginner would love to have?


  • Slim look
  • Great distance
  • Extremely Forgiving
  • Plenty of workabilities


  • Chrome head can mark easily
  • Feel can be too harsh for some
  • Not suitable for players who regularly miss the center of the face

 5. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro Iron

Ever studied about the masterpiece JPX 919 by Mizuno? If you have, Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro is just an enhanced version of that masterpiece. With some minor and major improvements in the standard version, the company has played a good business game here. I mean who’ll go for a standard one when the enhanced version is available for just a few more dollars? 

So, the first thing that has been improved is the heads that are cast rather than forged for an improved MOI. Also, it contributes to cutting off some weight that helps with the spin. The top liner of this version is a bit thinner with less offset, and a well-polished chrome, the look is nothing less than something classic! 

But now comes the real question, how do these changes contribute to enhancing performance? You’ll be glad to know that these little tidbits have improved the set so much that its hard to find any list of gaming improving irons without mentioning it. 

However, here it’s worth mentioning the effects are both positive and negative. For example, you get higher ball speed, Extra spin, and extra 1-yard peak height, but at the same time compactness of the head results in a reduced cavity, so you may experience a bit straighter shots. 

If you’re looking for something with exceptional distance, this one’s something to go for! 


  • Distance gain of 10-15 yards,
  • Clean and professional look.
  • Nice feel.
  • Enhanced spin and high speed.
  • Pleasurable, clicking sound at the time of impact.


  • Straighter shots. However, it isn’t a disadvantage, especially when you’re facing issues with distance.

6. Wilson Staff C300 Irons

Do you know what makes a good set of irons? A blend of good quality, classy style, and of course some tablespoons of technology to meet the needs of the golfers today. And guess what, Wilson Staff C300 irons have all of the aforementioned packed up in a single package. 

Apart from some seriously good, yet unconventional looks at the address, it is packed up with modern features, power hole technology being at the top. As it has been a great hit in the previous model in the line, Wilson, in my opinion, has made a pretty witty move, minding the fact that its something that hugely benefits beginners with a high handicap. 

Now if you’re newly introduced to this line up from the company, it’s quite obvious that you might be unfamiliar with Powerhouse Technology.

Top 10 Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers

These are slots around the parameter of the face filled with TE301 urethane which minimize the contact between the body and face, providing maximum flex and a huge sweet spot. Means even mishits won’t be a big deal with Wilson Staff c300 in hands. 

Since yardage greatly depends upon ball flight and spin, Wilson staff C300 tried to maximize the former and minimize the latter for a perfectly balanced shot. This means you can expect it to cover the adequate distance with optimum height. 

Visually, you’ll love the Wilson Staff C300, which when combined with its soothing sound at the time of impact and the reduced vibration with an awesome feel, will make you fall in love. In short, everything to be among the best irons for beginners. That too, at such a reasonable price! 


  • Exceptionally good distance.
  • Solid feel.
  • Huge sweet spot and high forgiveness.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • Not-too-classical looks, especially when you are orthodox. 

7. TaylorMade M6 Irons

Although it is one of those pieces I would personally call os one of the best golf irons of all time, the only thing that keeps it from being at the top here is its insanely expensive price tag, which, of course, most of my beginner buddies won’t have. However, if you are rich enough to afford one, then you won’t find anything better. And I can bet on it! 

best golf irons for mid handicappers

To support the claim that it is considered one of the best golf irons for beginners and vise versa, this set has more than plenty to offer.

From design to features, everything sings in the glory of Taylormade’s Mastercraft. We witness a strong combination of minimal weight, strong loft, and considerably high launch to create some serious speed and distance, which of course, is a dream of every beginner.

Best Golf Irons For Low Handicappers

One of the aspects that make these irons special is the premium feel. You’ll love how they react to a shot!  Furthermore, forgiveness is just what one needs to get the ball going even at mishits. Since the loft is stronger compared to the previous model, you might expect a bit of an increase in the ball’s speed: extremely beneficial in improving distance. 

The only thing that makes the reputation of this model suspicious is its durability factor. After thoroughly studying the user reviews on the official TaylorMade site, users seemed unhappy, stating that the clubheads get scratched up after playing a few rounds. But this shouldn’t be a big deal as it has zero effect over the performance. 

So, overall with these attributes, this is a safe bet as one of the very best golf irons for beginners.


  • Offers high speed.
  • More forgiveness.
  • Nice sweet spot.
  • Comparatively lower price. 


  • Not durable enough.
  • Not enough improvements as compared to the previous model.

8. Srixon Z 585 Irons

Introduced back in 2018 having two variants, Srixon Z 585 Irons are still sizzling up the games and have only seen an increase in demand with each passing day. Although the first captivating thing about this model is the way it looks, it doesn’t stay back in features race as well. With attributes fully justifying its price, this piece gives a tough competition to its competitors falling in the price range.

top golf irons for beginners

To start with the features, these are forged irons, which, of course, set them at the heavier side of the budget. Now, as a beginner, feel is something that plays a crucial role in keeping the player “in the mood” throughout the game,  Srixon Z 585 Irons are forged more soft with 1020 carbon, keeping the vibration at a minimum, while enhancing feel at the same time. 

Also, they kept forgiveness prior to anything while designing the model, so expect a lot of it on the course, given that long irons have wider soles.

The topline is relatively thin and square. The length of the blade is almost identical to that of a Z785. They both are quite different but over the ball, the experience is extremely similar.

Srixon has featured the Speed Groove Technology in the face which allows more face-flex, resulting in enhanced speed and distance. How? Well, with the extra push, the ball is pretty obvious to travel long. 

When you strike the ball with this club, the sound produced is a pretty satisfying combination of a light thud and click. However, there isn’t much appreciative auditory feedback on the mishits. The visual feedback is also pretty less as the flight tends to be higher and straighter.

These are fitted with the Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 120 shafts that are particularly designed for lower spin and produce a mid-ball flight.


  • Good distance
  • Consistency.
  • Soft feel.
  • High stability


  • lacks the forgiveness some aspirational mid-handicappers need.

9. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

To describe Cleveland Launcher HB Irons in simple words, its a blessing for beginner This one easily stands as one of the most forgiving irons in our list with its ultra game improving technologies that will not only level up your game but also provide you that awesome feel one expects from a premium quality club.

best golf irons for beginners

Though the look may seem a bit unusual, it really is all about this unique design that these iron. Having a considerably huge sweet spot found on each number in the set, you get the same forgiveness on every iron to hit the ball for some extra yards.

The 4 irons in the set are designed in a way that exactly looks like a hybrid. However, as the number gets closer and closer to the pitching wedge, the hybrid back progressively decreases in size until it gets unnoticeable. Moreover, the thick sole also contributes a lot to forgiveness. One of the easiest irons to hit, High handicappers couldn’t be happier. 

Keeping in an account that the huge hybrid back can seem a bit disturbing, the company colored it black to give it a streamlined look to avoid any distractions for those not used to playing with “big back” irons. However, keep in mind that its this weird look that does it all! 

An easy choice to bet your money on. 


  • Extra forgiveness.
  • Easy to hit. 
  • Consistency.
  • Wide Sole for more bounce. 
  • Long and mid irons are easier to hit. 
  • Unique design.


  • A hybrid look may not impress everyone. 
  • Those not used to such irons may have a tough time playing.
  • Exclusion of sand wedge.

10. TaylorMade M2 Irons

The third one in the list from Taylormade and a predecessor to the Taylormade M4 and M6 irons, Taylormade M2 are one of those old classics that continues to deliver despite its reputation as the “old buddy”.

Pushing the standards of golf Irons to a new level, this one from TaylorMade is the first set that introduced the very well known speed pocket technology to the golf world, that completely changed the shape of playing this game, adding exceptional forgiveness and distance to your shots.

Being specifically designed to help you with the height, Expect a fine flight once you pick the ball. Also, the club will easily get under the ball to get the ball flying. The perimeter is comparatively heavy to ensure you hit the thing hard.

Well, as the TaylorMade M2 Irons set is designed for handicappers just like others, they are designed to deliver exceptional forgiveness. Being highly capable of hitting stronger and accurate shots even when off the center, there’s nothing to complain about it. From design to features, everything is right in its place. 


  • Huge sweet spot.
  • More forgiveness.
  • High flight.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • Reliable.
  • Mishits won’t be a problem.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Not too good looking.


Keeping in mind that everyone has a different approach to his/her game, its not necessary that every player should be facing the same problems. Therefore, each of these irons is designed with keeping different aspects of the game in mind, specialized in maximizing certain factors. For some it might be forgiveness, others might prefer speed and control. Just choose the one you think will work the best for you! 

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