TaylorMade M6 Irons – Brutally Honest Review

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Dreaming of leading? Well, in that case, the possession of a top-notch iron set is pretty mandatory. I get a lot of questions from people regarding which iron to go for and that is what my blog is all about. Besides, I would add some tips to what I have learned along the way.

So, here we are going to talk about the TaylorMade M6 Irons from the TaylorMade irons range, which you might have heard of at some point in your life.

TaylorMade M6 Irons

Are you looking for an iron set that is a full-house? Well, if that is so, then you should definitely give the TaylorMade M6 Irons a shot. First and foremost, the thing that I want to talk about is how this club looks at the address. It has a generous wide sole, that going to help the players bounce through any condition. The thing really to discuss is the top-line.

taylormade m6 irons review

The manufacturers have done a really clever thing in the last couple of years, where they have got two different shades of the color on the top-line; there are the matte silver and the chrome silver on the runoff for this club.

Besides, what it does visibly is that it sort of plays a trick on the eyes; it looks a lot thinner than it probably is in reality. But at the address, it has got a thick top-line.

What they have also got is the ultra-thin face with their Inverted Cone Technology. This particular technology allows to basically improving the sweet spot in the middle of the golf club. So you have got a golf club that anywhere you hit it on the face, it will still go a long way.


  • Inverted Cone Technology(ICT)
  • Speed Bridge Construction
  • Fluted Hosel
  • HYBRAR Compression Damper
  • Low Centre of Gravity
  • Redesigned Speed Pocket

Whom does it suit?

For instance, it is a game improvement iron and has got that little bit of mass. But certainly every year, they are getting a little bit thinner, a little bit compact. The M6 is technically aimed at that guy who is looking for more distance, maybe looking for that little bit of help getting the ball in the air as well, and looking for ultra- forgiveness. This is basically a distance-oriented iron with maximum forgiveness.

They are targeting mid to high handicappers, so are designed to go long and straight.

Speed Bridge Technology:

Furthermore, the M6 features the Speed Bridge Technology, combined with ultra-thin faces on the club allows more flexibility in the face of the club. It is then incorporated with a speed pocket which ultimately helps you get those further distances. Someone who is looking to get a bit more speed and more yardages to their game should definitely give it a try.

This technology is this mass efficient beam spanning across the cavity back of the iron, connecting the base to the top-line, increasing the stiffness around the perimeter of the irons. As a result, it unlocks the availability to use a faster, and more flexible speed pocket in the sole.

Though, the Speed Pocket is more flexible than the HP pocket that was used in the former ranges of TaylorMade.

Low Center of Gravity:

Additionally, such a low level of the center of gravity is on gained abundant technologies such as the Fluted Hosel and 360 undercut which helps in relocating the center of gravity very low in the head. Eventually, this low center of gravity maximizes ball launch and ball flight. Besides, this line of irons also has a high moment of inertia that helps in enhanced stability along with impressive forgiveness.

Sound and Feel:

Moreover, the increased perimeter stiffness of the topline generates a better sound and feel by reinforcing the area of the iron that vibrates back and forth at impact, typically producing the harsh sound associated with the game improvement iron.

The sound at the time of the impact feels hollower, not in a negative way, but a responsive manner and that feels pretty good.

Speed Bridge is eliminating that by reinforcing the specific point where the iron wants to flex. Combine that with the HYBRAR Dampening system to shorten that link to the vibration. The HYBRAR Compression Dampening system actually aids in reducing any unwanted vibrations to leave you with a soft and buttery feel at impact.

Distance and Design:

Also, it has that explosive sound off the face, so it is a really good, consistent feel across the golf club but also explodes off. The 5, 6, and 7 irons have got the speed pocket because you are looking for maximized distances with them whereas the rest lacks this particular technology as they do not have much use for it.

The M6 has quite an elegant and appealing design, due to which it might get the attention of many golfers and may find its way into their bags.


  • Low center of gravity
  • Pretty improved sound
  • Soft and buttery feel at impact
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Speed Bridge optimizes energy transfer, thus providing farther distances
  • The very nice and long trajectory
  • Massive forgiveness
  • Improved hitting accuracy
  • Large address profile
  • Ultra-thin face design
  • Headcover included


  • Quite a little bit of dissimilarity with the M5 irons
  • Premium price tag
  • Comparatively less adjustable

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