Taylormade M6 Driver Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Taylormade M6 Driver

With even the slightest knowledge and experience in golf, you must be aware of the importance of a driver.

Being the longest club with the biggest head, it has a mandatory, frontline role in getting the ball near the green. And guess what, it’s the first thing you are going to hold on the golf course, your whole game is going to depend on it.

As being behind in terms of yardage will affect your overall game and the strokes you play to putt the ball, you need an accurate driver that has every bit of forgiveness you can have in the defined legal limits, and has a feel and sound good enough to give you that premium impression at the address.

If you are already looking for something like that, then Taylormade M6 is what you might love to have a look at!

Pleasing looks, ultra-workability, and a standard price, everything about this thing is just on spot. But of course, the greatness of this beauty cannot be explained in just a few lines! You will have to dive into the full Taylormade M6 Driver review for that!

So without any ado: let’s get straight into it!

Taylormade M6 Driver Review

So, if you have spent quite some time in golf research, Taylormade is a brand that always remains prominent on the chart, and for every good reason, since they provide every bit of possibilities to golfers to improve their game.

Taylormade M6 Driver back

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Among their most prominent line-ups emphasizing game-improvement features, the “M” has always been occupying a conspicuous position. Last year, the clubs that made an addition to the well-reputed line-up are M5 and M6.

Where Taylormade M5 recognizes itself as a well-embellished, functional golf driver, the M6 places itself on the relatively dull side in terms of extra bells and whistles. However, for every good reason, that results in an even refined version of its counterpart, with a slightly stiffer, but fully workable and affordable golf driver.

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The Taylormade M6 has unlocked new possibilities for handicappers and experienced golfers alike, as it pushes the limits of forgiveness to the very least; Thanks to the tech-packed build!

Well, that was just a brief intro! Now hold your phone a bit close, because we are about to discover some awesome insights about this masterpiece! (You can grab a pop-corn ;D)

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You must have heard the ubiquitous yet popular phrase “the first impression is the last impression”. Translating this philosophy in terms of golf, the first thing that inspires a golfer just at the very first moment is the looks.

Now to be quite frank, The M family has been quite popular among players for its aesthetically pleasing looks that are refined with each new addition to the line-up, and the M6 is no exception.

Although the two variants, M5 and M6 are released together and are quite indistinguishable at the first sight, the difference becomes apparent when we turn them around That is, we see a track for the movable center of gravity on M5, and a fixed, smooth back on the M6.

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Other than that, both drivers have the same matte black color with a touch of red to compliment their aesthetics. Additionally, there’s a thin ribbon of silver on the parameters. Just behind that, we get to see the Taylormade alignment aid, and an M6 logo at the heel.

The overall design of the driver is fantastic, and every single bit of it has been designed to only improve your trajectories and distance. But that’s something we would discuss as we proceed through the article, in a fully detailed, dedicated section.

Feel and Sound

After looks, the only thing that even a newbie would notice is the feel and sound. To be a better golf club, it should have the feeling that can inspire and encourage a beginner to play more, and practice more. As this thing lies among the core features of a driver, it should be right on point. As for Taylormade M6, I can guarantee, you are going to love every bit of it.

From nice damped-yet-powerful stroke sound to buttery soft feedback, it’s in every way worthy of being called Premium! It won’t let you feel any vibrations even at the most off-centered shots. However, you will get to see some tingling when hit deep at the toe or heel. But that’s something inevitable, to be honest.


After looks, feel, and sound comes the defining component of a golf driver, and it’s the functionality; the performance it’s going to deliver on the course. Luckily, Taylormade M6 Driver has remained the last year’s best-seller, which ultimately means that it has been delivering quite effectively for the golfers.
Why? Well, as I have previously mentioned, the club has numerous top-notch technologies integrated within the built that solely emphasize distance and forgiveness. To give you a better view of the workability of this driver, let’s break each technology involved in sub-headings along with their benefits to explain them in a more comprehendible way.

Speed-injected Twist Face Technology

Before we get a bit deeper into the thing, it’s important to mention that the technology has been introduced long ago with the introduction of M4 irons. However, for M6, it is even refined, and luckily, in the best way possible. To push the forgiveness factor to its pure limits, Taylormade has pulled off quite a unique strategy with this one.

First, they made the clubhead flexible beyond legal limits. Then to make sure nothing contradicts the rules, they injected special resin into the face of the club to lessen down the flexibility just a little from the absolute limit. This in turn transfers maximum impact and speed to the ball, which simply shows itself in the form of extreme distance.

Aerodynamic Design with inertia generator

The design of this club exhibits top-notch aerodynamics that ensures maximum swing speed generation. This combine with the even weight distribution redefines the way you play your shots off the tee to the greens. It is lighter, it is slimmer, and along with that, it is faster, something that will highly benefit the players falling in the mid-handicap category. Not to forget the Taylormade’s exclusive hammerhead 2.0 slot inclusion, which even aids its benefits.

Is Taylormade M6 drive Worth Buying?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of owning a Taylormade M6 Driver:

Helps to decrease the handicap

The overall design and technologies when combined make a driver that provides top-class forgiveness and feel that every handicapper and a regular player can take advantage of. Meanwhile, the huge sweet spot formed due to even weight distribution throughout the clubface makes this sure that you get the most out of every shot. The twist face technologies also generously contribute to the cause provides more impact transfer at the bottom left and top right areas of the clubface.

More Adjustability

Unlike many competitors that fall in its price range, the Taylormade M6 offers more adjustability options. If you are an experienced golfer, you can adjust the loft at 12 different positions for a more fruitful round of golf. However, it should be kept in mind that there are different lofts for different variants, and they can only be repositioned by 2-degrees. So make sure to choose something that you think will provide the best angle as per your skill level and playing style.

Consistent distance

One thing you are immediately going to notice at the address is, that this thing is long. But here’s the advantage; more the length, more the MOI, which in turn means more consistent distance. Something you desperately need o the course, don’t you?

Top-notch forgiveness

Although it’s a fact that the club doesn’t have movable weights like its other counterpart, you can still make the most out of its well-designed face. For some who love more customizability, I would highly recommend going for the M5 variant. However, if you are more confident of your accuracy, M6 is the way to go. The design of its face is good enough to deliver some serious forgiveness! Don’t believe me? Try it out! You won’t regret your choice.

Taylormade M6 Driver in a nutshell


  • Great forgiveness
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Offers notably high ball speeds
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Tons of tech
  • Easy to hit
  • Consistent distances
  • Adjustable by 2-degrees
  • Aerodynamic design


  • No adjustable weights
  • Almost equals M4 in performance, with slight edges in some areas


For an instance, if we keep the adjustable weighting aside, Taylormade M6 is as good as its M5 variant. It has plenty of forgiveness, it provides great launch angles and piercing trajectories, and on top of that, you get consistent distances throughout your game. However, if you are already using a Taylormade M4, then the upgrade might seem like a hurry as it offers a tiny performance improvement when compared. But as someone making a customized set and wanting to try something new, this can be your ultimate golf partner on the go. A very functional, high-quality golf driver for everyone.

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