How To Become A Better Putter? – A Proper Guide

Agree or not, in golf, your game is as good as your putting skills. Since all the mumbo-jumbo you do on the course comes down to how many holes you put, this seems to be like the final edge towards winning. As no holes are no score, you should be strong in the putting scene if you want to be a successful golfer. 

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And to be quite frank, it is one of the most frustrating things to master. Since every golfer struggles the most in this area, here are some tips and tricks on how to become a better putter. If you follow them consistently, your performance is surely going to elevate by a huge margin. You just need to be patient and observant. 

So let’s get straight into it:

How To Become A Better Putter

Here are the steps you need to follow to became a better putter.

How To Become A Better Putter
  • Address matters

Well, you just read it right! The first major thing that plays a massive role in shaping your game is your address position. It’s a fact that almost every golfer has his approach towards the game, with his own style; they just don’t do it to show off. It simply works for them in terms of consistency. 

The address position highly recommended in terms of consistency is the wider one, that was also the signature style of one of the most accurate golfers of all time, or arguably “the most accurate golfer of all time”, Mo Norman, which earned him a legend status among his peers. 

The main advantages of such address position are several that you can check out in my article golf wide stance benefits, however, the main one is the provision of a stronger base, that results in more stability, and consequently, better accuracy, a mandatory part of putting. 

All you need to do is to set your feet a bit more than shoulder feet apart. Now let your arms hang freely without applying any force. Stand at an appropriate distance where you feel the most comfortable while hitting the ball. Just keep practicing this until you find your perfect feet and ball position. This will result in an enormous improvement in your game. 

And oh! Don’t forget to find a putter of the correct length! If you aren’t sure, get a putter that features an adjustable shaft. It will be a more consistent and economic choice as per your playing style and conditions. 

  • Your base decides your accuracy

If you have been playing golf for quite a while now, this shouldn’t come as a shock. The time you swing the golf club, it all comes down to the stability of the body. As said before the firmer your base, the more will be stability, and accuracy will be the shot. So make sure you emphasize stability the most as your play your putt. Just stay calm, keep the body firm and stable, and keep your eyes on the ball without losing concentration as you play the shot. Also, while playing the shot, don’t just “rush”. Do it nice and calm, as normal as possible. 

  • Keep it soft

That’s a tip applicable to every game. If you have been keen enough in noticing, as tense as the game gets, we have a natural tendency to release more stress, therefore, we grip anything harder in pursuit of getting more control, which on the contrary, harms our game. The same goes for golf. So as you play, make sure to keep your grip as natural as you can. Not only will it keep your game good, but also maximize that natural feel for a better experience. The bottom line is, staying calm and natural is the key to consistency and accuracy. You will see your performance elevating on a huge margin immediately! 

  • Release

For instance, you can call it the Yoga of golf. Like what’s more soothing than letting the hardness go after a soothing “click” impact sound. However, this isn’t just about the nice feel. The way you and your putter at the time of impact plays a huge role in where your ball goes. Letting it flow or simply release with the ball to an extent plays an important role in deciding the direction, as sudden stiffing may cause a slight change in angle, adversely affecting the accuracy. So just let it go, really! 

  • Get the right club

The nature of stroke for each golfer differs. Some pay it arc, others play it slightly, while most play it straight. So as you play, identify the nature of your stroke and then choose a club that effectively complements it. You can consult a professional for the purpose, as your efforts will be considerably high with the wrong putter in your hands. In other words, it’s a must. If you are already looking for your perfect fit, find one out in our lists of Best putters for the money and best putters for high handicappers

  • Work on centering the ball

Well, do I need to say this? It’s one of the few basics, and probably the most important of all. You can never be a better golfer if you don’t know how to get the ball right on the sweet spot. Thanks to modern technologies, now you have plenty of options available to help you with accuracy, but of course, with a certain amount of skill. 

  • Keep the tempo constant

In all the shots, make sure you keep the tempo constant. No matter how far you play, just keep the swing time constant. It will result in having better control over your swing speed, consequently resulting in the better distance and pace control. This will result in soft, smooth, and more controlled shots. 


And that was pretty much it. If you work on your game with consistency, results are certain. To make sure yo do miss out on anything when it comes to improving your game, also check out our 10 exercises for a better golf swing. It will help you a lot in terms of control.


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