How do I find My Golf Handicap?

If you are an avid golfer with the ambition to compete professionally, and thinking a bit far than just some weekend bliss, understanding your game to improve it is of primary importance.

Now, of course, you just can’t swing a magic wand and have your playing level in front of you. In fact, you will have to make some calculations after each round you play and then compare and evaluate them to know where you stand.

 In other words, you must find your level of a handicap to have more efficient rounds of golf in the future. But you must be thinking, how do I find my golf handicap? And what it basically is? Well, in this descriptive yet comprehensive article, we will have a look at what this thing is, how it gives us the data of your current game state, and most importantly, how to calculate it. 

How do I find my Golf handicap?

Don’t have any official need and just want to calculate your handicap score directly? The method is much simpler than you actually think. Simply play about 8-20 rounds and collect the data of each. The collected data should include index rating, a Slope rating of the tee on course, and course rating. Now once you have all the data, simply put it in the updated formula recommended by USGA, which is:

Golf handicap = Index rating x (Slope rating of Tee on course/113) + (Course Rating-par)

The last formula did not include course rating, thus the skill level of layers remained a highly ignored factor. However, with the recent addition, the score calculation comprises of course rating as well. The advantage of it can be summarized in the following example; Let’s say John and Arnold both had the same number of strokes over 18 holes. However, Arnold played on a relatively difficult course as compared to john. Thus, the skill level of Arnold will be higher when compared to John’s.

See… it’s easy! 

So walk with me as we discover more about the subject:

What does the term “Handicap” mean

It is simply the numeric value of your game level. For example, let’s say you play a couple of rounds and the handicap number of handicap numbers settle down at three. This will actually elaborate that the player’s average of precious rounds was 3 over par. This helps to identify your performance and skill level as compared to the golfer competing with you. The lower the handicap average, the better will be your performance. Many professional tournaments are held these days with results based on handicap number. This allows the budding players to boost confidence as they level up their game.

The main idea of such a game can be summed up with the help of a simple example; 

Suppose you are playing with a player who is supposed to play the 18 hole course with a par of 68. Now if he has a handicap of six, he is supposed to play 6 shots over the par, standing at 74. On the other hand, you have a handicap of 10 and are supposed to play the 18 holes course with shots over the par standing at 78. Now if he completes the course with 76 and you also stand at 76, it means that his handicap has been increased by +2 while your’s has been decreased by -2. The result will go in your favor as it predicts an improvement in your overall playing.

The average handicap score of all rounds will be compared, and the one with less score will stand as the victor

And by the way, that was just an example…

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