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Callaway edge

Want to know everything about Callaway Edge ? Here it is.

What’s the most difficult choice a weekend golfer can ever come across? Well, if you are one, you may well know that it’s probably choosing the right set of clubs that can improve your game. That said, there are a lot of brands trying to sell off their products, which somehow results in slight manipulation, which in other words is called “Strong branding”.

As a newbie to the game, it’s very likely to slip off in the trap and buy something that can later become an utterly useless piece of golf equipment that you won’t like to carry on your weekend sessions.

That’s why I thought of the idea to introduce you to one of the best game improving irons, from probably one of the best golf brands in the present run towards perfection. The model’s name is Callaway edge. It’s minimal, it’s functional, and it costs less, having all the three factors appealing to every golfer on the scene right now.

To know what makes this set so special, walk with me through the complete Callaway Edge Review, and you will be compelled to buy it. It simply has that X-factor everyone looks for!

Callaway Edge Review, Is it worth it in 2021?

To analyze best if this set is desirable to golfers in 2021, we will try to have a look at it from different angles and then keenly analyze if it has the necessary features to fascinate golfers of today. Moreover, for the price it costs, is it worth spending on? And will it act as a helping hand for those seeking to improve their game?

These are the questions every golfer asks before spending their money on something, and quite rightly, as even the cheapest golf set will cost you nothing less than at least a couple of hundreds of bucks.

As we proceed through the review, we will keep a check on all these questions, and try to find out answers in a more comprehensive way. So avoiding any mambo-jumbos for now, let’s begin with our review with the most simple and basic factor, that is, what does this set offer?

Callaway Edge Iron set contains:

  • A titanium driver with headcover
  • 3-wood
  • 5-hybrid
  • 6-9 cavity back irons
  • 1 pitching wedge
  • 1 sand wedge
  • 4 headcovers for the driver, with 3-wood, and a 5-hybrid
  • An Odyssey White Hot Pro putter

Now what’s important to mention here is that you get all these beauties for an extremely low price, which I would even tag as “ridiculous”. To raise your eyebrows, even more, the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter you are getting is a tour-winning addition to the set widely used by professionals, which is nothing less than an embellishment you are getting for free.

It gives you an excellent feel, that when included with the super stock grip technology gives the stability and smoothness we don’t often see in a low-priced set of irons.

What’s even more shocking is the two-year warranty issued by Callaway with the set. This not only ensures superior quality but something that gives you assurity from the brand, that the thing is going to last! No matter what.

What are the Pros?

  • Being done with the specifications, leads us to our next question, that is, what makes this set desirable for golfers? Well, the enlisted pros will help you to have a better knowledge of the advantages you get with this set:
  • All the clubs included in the set are extremely lightweight and aerodynamic. Those with swing speed issues can take full advantage of it.
  • Forgiveness is top-notch, just what you would expect from a premium game improving iron. You will love it if you are struggling with centering your shots. It simply ensures high consistency.
  • On one hand, where the low weight prompts high swing-speed, it also ensures exceptional control on your shots. Beginners will have an upper hand in their game!
  • The irons are all cavity-back. This promotes straighter shots. What’s the advantage here? Well, you are getting more speed and more distance with adequate trajectories. Something a beginner desperately needs.
  • The woods are designed in a way that they will also contribute to maximizing the distance.
  • Last but not the least, it is available for a price that is almost close to being unbelievable. With such high-quality components included in the set, that too from a brand that is famous for consistently introducing expensive stuff to the market, it is the physical face of “something for nothing”. I mean just look at it, where would you find something like that at that price?

What are the Cons?

  • Apparently, the set doesn’t have anything bad about it, except, when you keenly observe it. As everything has its flaws, Callaway Edge is no exception. So let’s tell you about certain things you must know before opting for the set:
  • The irons included in the set are considerably heavy, Which most obviously, will turn off some users.
  • Although the set is referred to as unisex, I doubt that many women will prefer it due to the weight factor.
  • Not for both seniors and juniors. Why? Again, it’s because of the weight of the iron.
  • On one hand, where it works awesome for beginners, we don’t see anything that appeals to the relatively advanced players.
  • It’s an all-beginner model and handicapper model.

A detailed overview of the set

Now that we know the benefits and down points of this incredible set, let’s have a closer look at the set components so that we have a better idea of what we are actually getting for the price. So let’s get into it without any ado:

The driver

When we look at the driver, the first notable thing that we immediately get our eyes on is the oversized head. As strange as it might look at the address, it is one of those key features that make this set stand out because of its role in maximizing forgiveness, which is extremely beneficial for beginners.

Moreover, the material used here is titanium; means you are going to have some extra speed. After all, that’s the whole purpose of sacrificing weight. You will also love the graphite shaft when it comes to extra control and distance. And last but not least, the center of gravity is moved a bit lower for a proper launch; a good news for our handicapper buddies.

Wood 3

Just like the driver, the wood 3 also has a lower center of gravity that highly complements the
launch angle. In simple words, you are getting a club that is extremely easy to hit.

Additionally, wood 3 is designed in a way that both launch angle and trajectory are kept at an optimum level, giving you shots that travel the distance in a balanced way.

It also has a graphite shaft to give you that ultimate lightweight feel, with considerable control. Again, the set is emphasizing on improving players’ games at a beginner level.


If you are looking for something to replace the traditional long irons, Hybrids included in this set are the way to go. They are lightweight, compact, and forgiving enough to give you a helping hand with the distance without sacrificing much on control. You’ll love everything about them, for sure!

The Irons

To be really precise, this set includes irons that are 6,7,8,9, Pitching wedge, and Sand Wedge. Not so surprisingly, as the set is completely designed to level up the game of beginners, all the irons included are cavity backs.

What does it mean? Well, you are going to get plenty of forgiveness to cover those extra distances on the golf course. Moreover, you won’t face any difficulties in getting the ball up in the air. Believe me or not, you desperately need this set if you are working on your game right now!

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

Now comes the star of the show, the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter. When it first came included in the set, it was a shock for many, and for quite a valid reason since never has there been a single brand that included something with a name quite unfamiliar to the rest of the set.

But guess what, we got to see the impossible from a brand like Callaway. This putter has remained a top choice among professional golfers and has proved to be a tour-winner for almost everyone with good skill. With easy and stable controls, it makes sure you don’t go wrong in those last four yards of your game.

All in a Nutshell…

To conclude this beauty into a few simple words, it’s a game-changer for everyone. For example, if you are a beginner, it’s something that will help you boost your confidence by improving your shots by a considerable amount. Just like that, High handicappers can also take full advantage of the extra forgiveness Callaway Edge has to offer.

And last but not the least, it has got everything an average golfer will need on the course. There are plenty of adjustments available in the set for those who like to use things to the fullest. Just one thing, make sure to add a few extra wedges to your bag, as it’s the only thing this set lacks. Other than that, it’s a set of everyone’s dream, especially at the price you pay for it.

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