10 Best Sand Wedges In 2022

A sand wedge is essential you should never compromise on when it comes to your golf bag. On a day where the course is letting you down over and over, you can take help from a sand wedge and get back in the game. However, it is equally important to choose a sand wedge that is best for you. It depends upon the features of the sand wedge as well as your preferences. Choose from our list of best sand wedges and decide which one is best suited to you.

Best Sand Wedges

Here is the list of best sand wedges for 2022

Image Best Sand Wedges 2021 Key Features Price
Cleveland RTX 4 Cleveland RTX 4 The Center of gravity expanded Check Price
Mizuno-T20-1 Mizuno T20 A high range of lofts Check Price
Cleveland-CBX-2-1 Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity back design Check Price
Cobra-King-MIM-1 Cobra King MIM Metal Injection-molded technology Check Price
Callaway-Mack-Daddy-3-Chrome-1 Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome It has a good feel to it Check Price
Pinemeadow-PGX-1 Pinemeadow PGX Great synergy with mid to high handicappers Check Price
Cleveland-Smart-Sole-1 Cleveland Smart Sole Excellent and amazing for forgiveness Check Price
Cobra-King-Satin-V-golf-wedge-1 Cobra King Satin V golf wedge Very difficult to miss with Check Price
Mizuno-S5-Wedge-1 Mizuno S5 Wedge Most compatible with mid handicappers Check Price
Ping-Glide-2.0-Wedge-1 Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge Excellent spin control Check Price
TaylorMade-Milled-Grind-Wedge-1 TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge Great for high handicappers Check Price

1. Cleveland RTX 4 Sand Wedge

Sand wedges are supposed to work on even the toughest of courses and help you improve your score in the worst textures. Without a doubt, Cleveland RTX 4 gets the job done right.

This fourth-generation sand wedge has Rotex face technology that delivers an amazing spin to every shot taken with the help of the wedge. In addition to that, the club supports the player by giving the ball force on the spin even in short and tough distances.

There are many designs available such as silver finish and even dark satin finishes for anti-glare purposes which helps in preventing the player from being distracted. Furthermore, we loved the weight distribution, the center of gravity is expanded and it favors a mid-handicapper because of the high forgiveness it offers. 

The shape of the sand wedge is also very favorable towards its functionality, the contact area because of the v-shaped club is increased making the chances of contact increase even on off shots.

Finally, there are several styles available such as high ounce, medium bounce, and low bounce. You can decide which is more suitable for your game and your course. Cleveland RTX is the best-designed sand wedge as it fulfills every need of the player and can give a customized experience.


  • V-shape sole design maximum contact
  • Favors mid to low handicappers
  • Delivers good spin
  • High forgiveness
  • The Center of gravity expanded
  • Muscle back wedge


  • Not for high handicappers

2. Mizuno T20 Wedge

There is no compromise with the Mizuno sand Wedges as they are the best in the game and as well as their feel is of premium quality. Even though people prefer Mizuno drivers over the wedges, they should give the sand wedges a try before judging.

Mizuno T20 offers the player a 10 or 14 degrees’ bounce, not only are the ‘tough’ shots easy to shoot out of hard places on the field i.e sand yet the performance remains consistent.

First and foremost, it is not for high handicappers and usually, low handicappers are more compatible with it as the shaft is manufactured to suit experienced players who crave the accuracy of each shot and love hitting short distance, difficult shots.

Furthermore, the wedge overall isn’t that heavy for most experienced players but high handicappers cannot handle the weight. Moreover, I love the look of the Mizuno T20, it is a Blue Ion wedge, different than most sand wedges out in the market which gives it a fresh touch.

Besides the design, the wedge is CNC milled which aids the forgiveness and consistency to the player, besides the fact that it sometimes shouldn’t be used for full-swing shots, it is a great addition to your golf bag not only because it is the best sand wedge out there but also because of how it supports the player by ample consistency and forgiveness on off shots.

Finally, there might not be various bounce options but it is a consistent performer as compared to other sand wedges in the market.


  • Best for mid to high handicappers
  • New design with blue ion finish
  • A high range of lofts
  • 10 or 14 degrees’ bounce in the 56 degrees T20
  • High center of gravity
  • CNC milled wedge for consistency


  • No full swing shots
  • High handicappers can’t handle it

3. Cleveland CBX 2

Our first Cleveland RTX option, though the best on the market, was an option for tough courses, it was not for high handicappers due to the features such as its high weight and tough swing. However, The Cleveland CBX 2 is a great option for high handicappers as it is designed with them in mind.

Firstly, many features support the high handicapper such as the hollow cavity back design which improves the force with which the ball swings. You can switch from the cavity back to a blade anytime you want.  Thus, Cleveland CBX is the best sand wedge you can do for yourself. Additionally, there are many wedge variations such as lob wedge, pitching wedge, and gap wedge.

CBX’s center of gravity is expanded for ideal forgiveness for a beginner as sand wedges are already hard to work with with the weight distribution and the center of gravity gives the player confidence for accurate shots. Besides, Cleveland CBX 2 is ideal for playing from bunkers and full swing fairway shots equally. There couldn’t be a better sand wedge like this one.

There are chances of performance improvement when using these sand wedges because of the cavity back design coupled with an expanded sole, the wedge not only delivers accurate shots but a great feel as well. You won’t have to choose any sole or bounce options as it is customized to your experience. Highly recommended for beginners and high handicappers.


  • Cavity back design
  • High forgiveness
  • High center of gravity
  • Accurate shots from Bunkers or full-swing fairway
  • Options of graphite swing
  • High ball spin
  • Best for high handicappers
  • Best in sand
  • Full swing shots


  • Not for mid or high handicappers
  • The spin from greenside is low

4. Cobra King MIM

Innovation is always welcome. The Cobra King is not new when it comes to impressing all the golf lovers and with the new Cobra King MIM, they have once again given the competitors something to worry about. You are probably wondering what MIM stands for? It is the Metal Injection Molded technology.

Starting with how these top sand wedges of the future will not only spin heads this year but also spin balls as you have never seen them spin before. With a perfect 304 Stainless steel coating, this wedge is designed to lift your score.

The face of this good sand wedge is CNC milled and gives great consistency to the players. It is cut at its head in a sharp way which makes every shot accurate. Moreover, the Moi wedge has spin technology which is an idea for all kinds of wedge options such as the sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedges.

If the player has chosen a weaker loft for themselves then will feel that the grooves are wide and deep. However, leaning towards 56 degrees the grooves get confined.

Since the MIM has a progressive groove technology, it helps with consistency in the distance of the shots as well as perfect trajectories, thus, the performance is overall improved.

Even though you can’t get your MIM in sole grinds, this is a great sand wedge for harsher courses and days where the score is too low, it is a steal for the price of making your bunker shots count.


  • Metal Injection-molded technology
  • Progressive groove technology
  • Good bunker shots
  • CNC milled face
  • Perfect sound and feel
  • Tour sole grinds
  • Consistency on distance and trajectories
  • Forgiveness


  • Expensive than most options
  • Not for beginners

5. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome

Callaway is a renowned and one of the best golf brands and for a very good reason. It makes a great product at an equally great price, with large Mack Daddy 3 Chrome as no exception.

Considered to be one of the best value sand wedges or best sand wedge in general, it’s a deal that’s practically a steal. The Mack Daddy wedges come in three different grinds which helps players suppress any hindrance on the perilous golf course.

The S grind is an amazing option whenever you want to be creative with your movement. Users will be happy with the S-Grind if they are looking for versatile shots. In addition to versatility, it also allows the ball to get out of the bunker.

Furthermore, it is an excellent choice when getting the ball up and down around the green. A testament to why it is deemed the best sand wedge.

Another amazing aspect of the Mack daddy is how similar its grooves are to Cobra MIM. The progressive grooves of the MIM and the Mack Daddy 3 are based upon similar technology. Progressive groove optimization is another amazing aspect of Mack Daddy.

It will put some more spin into your ball as you move closer to the 60 degrees of the loft. No wonder it is the best Callaway sand wedge on this list.

Lastly, the technology integrated into the Mack Daddy golf clubs allows it to manage the distance. It also allows the ball a good spin from their usual pitching wedge to the lob wedge. The milled face of the wedge may be considered to be equal to the TaylorMade milled sand wedges but to be honest, Mack daddy is just so much better (Sorry TaylorMade). More the reason why it is the best golf sand wedge.


  • It is an excellent sand wedge especially for short game
  • It is equally amazing in the bunker
  • It has a good feel to it
  • It is an excellent companion even with a variety of handicap
  • It is an excellent product for the price being only a little old


  • Considered expensive to the average buyer

6. Pinemeadow PGX

Need a disposable yet good sand wedge? Your bag without one? Have no fear, the Pinemeadow PGX is here to save the day. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quicksand wedge purchase. That being that it is priced 1/3 of the cost of basically any other wedge in the market (that is not a total shame).

It does an excellent job of being a replacement or a simple stand-in as a sand wedge and that is why it is one of our best sand wedges.

Moreover, granted that there is nothing fancy about this sand wedge, it is still an amazing choice. The PGX comes with a steel shaft and has more blade style to it. In all fairness though, it has decent forgiveness and is designed with mid to high handicappers. 

However, if you are looking for the ultimate feel and spin from a sand wedge, this is not the one for you. It is low priced for a reason; it is a fairly good sand wedge at a very affordable price.

A good quality sand wedge will surely help you but not having one at all will hurt you badly. If you want a nine iron, though, to get those balls out of the bunkers this one is one for you. It will not only help you out of the bunker, but it will also make sure that you don’t dent your wallet as badly as you would with any other sand wedge.


  • Simple to use and has a classic design
  • Great synergy with mid to high handicappers
  • It is available in a few other lofts if requested
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • It does not provide the best feel
  • The spin is not as elegant as the other options on our list

7. Cleveland Smart Sole

The sand is considered to be the worst enemy of the golfer, aside from bad terrain, bad equipment, etc. If you are one of those golfers that truly despise the sand, then the Cleveland Smart Sole is the one for you.

 An amazing golf club, it allows the user to choose both bounce angle and sole grind. With the Cleveland Smart Sole, you don’t even have to choose a loft. Truly an amazing or rather best sand wedge.

To further add to its amazingness, the Smart Sole even comes with a standard with 58 degrees of loft. This allows golfers exactly the right tools for making those otherwise hard to pull off bunker shots. 

The weight on the smart sole has also been redistributed towards the toe of the club. Not only that but this sand wedge is made for peak forgiveness. It has a three-tiered sole to allow turf interactions as well as make good shorter shots. This makes this already amazing club one of the best if not the best sand wedge.

Another amazing aspect about this amazing sand wedge is the open face of the club. The open face allows the ball up in the air and lands the ball softly on the green. The wedge is designed primarily for high handicappers.

 Although low handicap golfers are free to use it, they might not appreciate the feel and forgiveness of the Smart Sole. With this wedge, it would almost feel like no shot is hard to do and no field is impossible to conquer.


  • It has a low center of gravity, excellent for shots
  • Excellent and amazing for forgiveness
  • It is suitable for both beginners and high-level handicap golfers
  • Considered being the best wedge for loft out of a bunker


  • It is not the best feel for the greens
  • Incompatible with lower handicap players

8. Cobra King Satin V golf wedge

Let’s get straight into this since the Cobra King Wedge needs no introduction. Although the name alone is enough to convince you of its greatness, it also has other likable aspects worthy of note. One of them being the grooves, which we see that Cobra King keeps to the industry standards as always.

 To further add, the lower lofts feature narrower and deeper grooves. While this alone is amazing, it also allows the higher lofts to be a bit wider and shallower. Truly a sight to behold and one of the best if not the best sand wedge.

Both designs of the amazing Cobra King feature a circular milled type finish between the grooves. This allows both amazing grips as well as good traction and thus gives a sizable spin to the ball. 

Truly the best sand wedge on this list if they were not three grinds available of this club. Although only the 56 has all of them which means that the user will get it with all low, medium, and high bounce.

 On the other hand, the 54 comes with medium bounce which is great for well-suited sweepers. The 58 comes with low and medium bounce giving the user to choose between the two choices depending on the swing needed. 

The better course of action in this situation might be to choose the 56. This is due to it providing the most versatility among the bunch so it is the ideal choice for anyone with more experience in the field. Truly the best sand wedge on this list.


  • It has an amazing sweet spot
  • Very difficult to miss with
  • Dishes out plenty of forgiveness
  • Has an amazing sound that clicks upon impact


  • The profile is a little large for some people

9. Mizuno S5 Wedge

Mizuno has once again out-did themselves with the Mizuno S5 wedge. It has gracefully taken the crown of the more forgiving from its brother, the Mizuno T7. Ranked as one of the best sand wedges on the market, you can be ensured that the Mizuno S5 Wedge will help you diligently.

It has a larger profile than most Mizuno standards or any sand wedge standard which allows the S5 a bite more striking surface. The striking surface in question being towards the heel and toe making the whole shot just a little bit easier. Especially when you’re chipping the ball around the green making the S5 our best sand wedge.

To further add to the amazing aspects of the S5, the striking surface also provides for another plus. It gives the user a feel more confident about hitting dead shouts from greenside bunkers that spin very quickly. 

The new and very improved grooves allow for amazing spin control especially when it is considered that it is brand new. In addition to spin control, it also allows for the user to play with a more aggressive approach out of the bunker.

The S5 allows for twenty give loft or bounce combos coming in the range. It is stated that twelve of which are fit the description of a sand wedge. If the extremes are added, there would be as many as 15 choices for loft or bounce combos in the sand. This makes the S5 one of our best if not the best sand wedge on this list.


  • Comes at a rather affordable price
  • Comes in two finishes, both very impressive
  • It is the most compatible with mid handicappers


  • The blue ion finish wears off very fast
  • Although the finish does not affect the game, it is weird

10. Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge

The Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge is an amazing wedge worthy of praise although it is of a fairly decent brand. It has multiple options available with it that allow you to choose your play style and make your shots. 

This gives you a lot of room to experiment in the field. However, on the not so bright side of things, it is nothing short of a specialist wedge that can do little else. One of the best sand wedge options but with its flaws.

Furthermore, there are 10 lofts or bounce combos with 4 grinds available for each. This makes the Ping Glide a truly decent option for anyone wanting versatility on the field whilst not denting their wallet on something very expensive.


  • It has excellent spin control, courtesy of 2 extra grooves
  • Excellent for getting balls out of greenside bunkers
  • Comes in various varieties to choose from


  • The large profile has caught some downcast gazes

11. TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge

TaylorMade, being the brand we all know and love has once again squashed the competition with the TaylorMade Milled Grind. Being a respected and reliable brand, it is no surprise that TaylorMade always outdoes itself. The Milled Grind is a testament to this fact as it comes in hot with three bounce options.

 The options in question being, a standard that is medium, low, and high bounce. All of the aforementioned options respectively can be found in their sand wedges except for the 54-degree loft. This is because that comes only with SB and LB. The combination for a total of 8 possible loft or bounce combos makes the Milled Grind one of our best sand wedge options on this list.

Moreover, the recommendations as to how to use each of these grinds are listed below. SB is to be used for medium sand as well as turf conditions meaning not too hard and not too soft. Players with moderate swings especially are best with the SB grind. On the other hand, LB has more use in firm turfs and packed sand as well as sweepers.

 HB is more compatible with soft turf as well as white sand. All of these grinds have a lot of spins to offer and are lightweight, making them a perfect choice for golfers. This includes golfers with a high handicap making the TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge one of the best sand wedges for you.

The TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge is one of the best options for a sand wedge available on the market. It is an excellent product for the price and is a reliable brand loved and cherished by all in the golfing community. 

Therefore, I would recommend the Milled Grind Wedge to anyone having trouble with the sand on the field. Its amazing qualities as well as its reliable brand is the reason why the Milled Grind Wedge is considered to be our best sand wedge choice for a rookie or high handicapper.


  • It is not very expensive, a good option
  • It is lightweight
  • Great for high handicappers
  • Allows plenty of spin courtesy to enhanced groove design


  • It is still fresh so not many faults to been seen for now


You don’t need to get a wedge which is best for bunkers and full-swing shots. A sand wedge needs to conform to your comfort level, player compatibility, and requirements. Thus, take your time when finding yourself a sand wedge because it can be a costly purchase that one needs to get the most value out of. 

Sound and feel can also not be compromised on, along with good performance, your ideal sand wedge should be able to cover large distances on the fairway, not be too heavy or too light. Everything depends upon your preference, so go through our picks and choose the best sand wedges for yourself. 

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