Best Putters for High Handicappers In 2022

Trust me! I know how it feels to not make proper putts even after spending valuable hours in golf. Where most of us traditionally associate it with the skill level, the relation between style and club often goes neglected, resulting in a high-handicap. Sometimes, all we need is a good club that perfectly matches our playing style.

Looking into this, I have compiled a list of some of the best putters for high handicappers that will give guaranteed results.

So let’s get into it…

but before check our guide on best putter for the money as well.

Best Putters for High Handicappers

Here are some of the best putters for high handicappers.

Image Best Putters for High handicappers Key Features Price
Odyssey-White-Hot-Pro-2.0-Putter-1 Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter On-spot sound and feel Check Price
Odyssey-2-Ball-Triple-Track-Putter-1 Callaway Odyssey 2-ball Triple Track Putter Extremely consistent Check Price
SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter RifleScope technology Check Price
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter Awfully low priced Check Price
Evnroll ER6 iRoll Putter Evnroll ER6 iRoll Putter Awesome alignment system Check Price
Callaway Odyssey Marxman Triple Track Putter Callaway Odyssey Marxman Triple Track Putter Great weight engineering Check Price
Wilson Infinite West Loop Wilson Infinite West Loop Nice sound at the impact Check Price
TaylorMade-Golf-2018-Spider-Putter-1 Taylormade Spider Putter Highly consistent roll Check Price

1. Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Talking of versatility? Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 line is something you don’t want to go ignored. It’s a club line-up that stands as the favorite of almost every golf player, irrespective of the skill or handicap level. From sleek, minimal yet aesthetic looks to exceptional performance on the greens, you are going to enjoy every bit of your game. 

best putters for high handicappers

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As a high handicap player, you need something accurate, light, and the perfect feel that allows you to determine your stroke position, while also being soft at the same time.

These putters exactly do the same. Callaway has done a great job with the Hot Pro lineup with their exclusive white hot insert and made something that portrays quality from grip to performance, and state of the art quality. 

In other words, if you are trying to reduce your 3-putt to one, the hot pro 2.0 is a must-have for beginners and handicaps alike, not to mention its benefits for already good players. No wonder why it has remained pro-choice for being the best odyssey putter for high handicappers of all time.


  • Variety of great designs
  • On-spot sound and feel
  • Promotes forward roll for straighter shots
  • Good sweet spot, more forgiveness


  • Insert might not satisfy everyone’s tastes

2. Callaway Odyssey 2-ball Triple Track Putter

Another one from Callaway Odyssey, the world’s most famous putter brand has been doing wonders since its very inception and has gained the repute of the best putter manufacturing companies in the golf world. Keeping alive their long-lived legacy, the two ball triple-track putter is just another addition to their quest to achieve excellence on the course. 

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It carries on the same ideas as the last members of the line-up, but with a few modifications. To make your alignment more accurate, they made the lines a bit more conspicuous with the addition of green and red lines. Moreover, the insert is also improved over the last version, resulting in a more durable and responsive club that offers a lot of forgiveness. 

All in all, you are getting high-quality, one of the best putters for high handicappers that, along with noticeably great performance, gets you rid of an extra chore, that is, drawing lines. Since no one does it perfectly, Odyssey just let AI do the magic. Trust me, that’s the best decision ever made!  


  • Solid impact
  • The “literally” easiest to align! 
  • Extremely consistent
  • Can be used on any type of greens with good skill


  • Lines alignment can be an effort for newbies

3. SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Seems like a name completely alien? Well, I get it. As a matter of fact that this is one of the most off-radar putter manufacturers, the name seems strange when mentioned in front of anyone. However, the interesting thing is, the SeeMore putters are as good as the premium ones and have remained pro-choice for quite a while. Perhaps I would call it a secret to their consistency on the greens. 

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Like the Odyssey 2-ball triple track putter, the main specialty of SeeMore Putters is also the fantastic alignment system that they name the Riflescope technology. Unlike the triple lining path we got to see in the aforementioned putter, it has a single line in the middle of the clubhead, while two lines with a red dot situate between them, just below the shaft lining. 

This will give you a visual clearance of whether your club is perfectly aligned with the ball, and that nothing changes as you swing the club in a perfect pendulum motion. Other than that, the feel is solid with a relatively pleasing look that is even refined with over-the-top performance on the course. 

All in all, a not-so-famous, but arguably one of the best putters for high handicappers especially struggling with accuracy. Zach Johnson wouldn’t choose anything bad for a Major championship after all! 


  • RifleScope technology for better accuracy
  • Nice feedback
  • Stellar design


  • The shaft can be too straight for some
  • Not so forgiving

4. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Well, I’ll be honest here. If you are looking for something that has every embellishment of a premium putter, you can pass on this one, as the Pinemeadow Golf PGX putter isn’t something you would prefer. However, if you are looking for one of the best putters for high handicappers that stays in the low-budget category, I bet you can’t find anything better, especially when the price stays at $50! 

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Though the defining benefit of this putter is its lower price, it still has a lot of performance improving features for high handicappers that are sure going to improve their game on greens. For example, Pinemeadow has followed the same Odyssey 2-ball idea with slight changes, integrating single line instead of triple. Accompanying it is its minimalist, compact design that doesn’t look bad at all. 

With performance as good as its $100 plus counterparts, It seems like a great deal if you are running on a terribly low budget. However, the build quality can be a turn off for some, and a reason why it costs what it costs! 


  • Awfully low priced
  • Offers good alignment 
  • Sleek design


  • Cheap construction material

5. Evnroll ER6 iRoll Putter

I bet you haven’t heard this name before. But if you did, you seem like an avid golfer really enthusiastic about making awesome putts. This line of putters is a relatively new addition to the golf world and is handled by Guerin Rife himself, one of the most respected golf equipment designers in the Golf world. 

best putters for high handicappers

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The brand took off in 2015, and ever since, has been introducing best putters for high handicappers. One of the finest additions to their professional line-up of golf putters in the Evnroll ER6 iRoll putter, which is both beauty and the beast in its domain. 

It’s a mallet golf putter that offers the finest performance on greens. You get something that offers the awesome feel and performance of Odyssey and the feel of any finest golf putter you can name. The ER6 is a performance emphasizing piece that is exclusively meant for longer putts, which means you will get a bit of extra forgiveness. 

Adding even more, it has the same premium alignment system as the Triple track Odyssey putters, with slight modifications. All in all, it’s a highly regarded piece with all the goodies of premium golf clubs combined and is going to reduce your high handicap by a huge margin.

It would be sheer dishonesty to not place it among the best high handicappers putters and beginners alike.


  • Premium build
  • Awesome alignment system
  • Weight distribution is on the spot
  • Nothing beats it in balance


  • Expensive

6. Callaway Odyssey Marxman Triple Track Putter

Well, you may have already concluded what this putter does from the term Marxman included in its name. However, the functionality of this masterpiece goes beyond just accuracy. One of the most aesthetically pleasing putters in the triple track odyssey line-up, it also has the guts to withstand even the longest putts with its considerable mallet that enhances its forgiveness.

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Also, with the additional weight of the mallet, Callaway cut down the weight of the shaft and added it to the putter’s head. That way, you have a better torque with relatively better impact transfer. So as long as you swig straight, your shots are going to pay off! 

As far as control is concerned, you get the same beautiful signature lining of the series that helps you align the clubhead pretty effectively. But as I told you about the previous putters in the line, it’s going to take some time to get used to. Once you get to know things, this occupies a top-tier position among some of the best putters for high handicappers you will ever have. 


  • Enhanced alignment
  • More stability
  • Great weight engineering
  • Attractive price


  • Not for the orthodox

7. Wilson Infinite West Loop

OK! This isn’t something like what I would strongly call a World Class thing but puts in a quite good performance on the greens when compared to its price peers. It follows pretty much the same engineering as the Odyssey line-up, but not in a way that it seems copy-cat. 

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The putter exhibits blade shape with aesthetic yet conspicuously contrasted coloring that helps a lot with alignment. Along with that, the weight distribution is pretty much better, having more weight concentration at the clubhead. That way, you rest assured to have better forgiveness, something really handy for high-handicappers. 

For the price that you get it, I don’t think anything is lacking with this model. In fact, it gives off performance as good as the Odyssey Stroke Lab line-up.

I am thoroughly impressed with the premium feel of this putter, and consider it a strong contender for its position in my list of best high handicapped putters.


  • Gives off straighter shots
  • Excellent feel
  • Nice sound at the impact
  • With lofts printed at the bottom, you can pick the right one


  • Better options available for 20 bucks more

8. Taylormade Spider Putter

Heavy on pockets? This can be an investment of a lifetime. From a brand that targets to achieve perfection with each of its new additions to its line-up, the Taylormade Spider seems to be the absolute monster till now. Favorite among golfers of every level, you just name the thing you’re looking for, and I bet this beauty will have it. 

Check Price

With a modern design, it not only exhibits stellar looks but also over the top performance. It ensures that you have consistently low scoring golf rounds with extreme forgiveness that will even make the farthest putts seem like a joke.

Since the rolls are forward enforced, you can expect very little diversion of the ball from its track. 

Additionally, you will always have satisfaction as far as the control is concerned. It’s because of the groove technology with a 45-degree angle. Since the parameter of the putter head aligns itself in a way to promote higher MOI, every shot will have maximum impact transfer. 

The only thing I didn’t personally like about this model is the lack of adjustability, unlike its other counterparts falling in the price range. One of the solid reasons why I didn’t include it in the top 5. Moreover, the price is also a bit steep when looked at its features.

But as long as it has the Callaway name on it, you can bet on its quality; perhaps the strongest argument for why you should be spending on it! 


  • Highly consistent roll
  • Offers over the top forgiveness
  • Plenty of variants available


  • Feels a bit clunky
  • Style is out of the box, difficult to get used to


And that was pretty much it. The putters you just went through were the ones that define the word “best” in the literal meaning. They offer top tier performance, are pleasing in terms of looks, and brilliant when it comes to reducing handicap. 

Of course, there are several other options, but either overpriced or just doesn’t just justify what they cost. Moreover, even if their performance lives up to the mark, their quality remains questionable. Those mentioned here are the absolute best putters for high handicappers in every aspect. 

My personal overall best pick in the list is Odyssey hot pro 2.0, followed by the Triple-track in terms of forgiveness and alignment. As for bang for the buck, PGX stands tall among its peers. Those who love the blend of finest qualities from every set should go for the Evnroll. Trust me, you aren’t going to regret any of them. 

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