Best Mizuno Irons In 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Are you the kind of person who wants to lead and achieve higher ranks? Trust me on this; if you do not possess a top-drawer set of clubs and irons, then you can’t expect yourself to be at the top of the game. For instance, golf requires exactitude, stability, and an upper-level of control. 

Best Mizuno Irons

Well, Mizuno has a wide reputation as a worldwide brand for producing the best golf clubs and irons.

So, here we will talk about the Best Mizuno Irons of all time that you might have heard of at some point in your life. 

Here is the list of Best Mizuno Irons For 2021.

Image Product Key Features Price
mp-20 Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons Narrow blade design Check Price
Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons Reverse-Milled face Check Price
Mizuno MP-15 Irons Set Mizuno MP-15 Irons Grain Flow Forged Check Price
Mizuno MP-18 SC Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons Split cavity Check Price
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Forged Iron Set Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons Chromoly 4120 Check Price
Mizuno MP20 HMB Mizuno MP-20 HMB Irons Hot Metal Blade Check Price
Mp-8 MMc Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons Tungsten insert Check Price

1. Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons

Having an iron set that feels buttery and sounds clicky feels pretty luxurious, right? Whether it is looks or great precision, you will see Mizuno lying in the topmost ranks. Mizuno irons are well-known for their unique looks and splendid precision.

top Mizuno Irons

On contrary to the previous irons in the line, Mizuno has paid heed towards amending the feel with this one, by utilizing a prior time technique with copper head underneath the brushed outer finish and cautionary nickel-chrome layers used to adhere chrome plating to forged steel.

Additionally, this copper plating under the nickel-chrome finish provides an optimized feel that further aids the golfers. 

The previous models of the brand have inspired the MP-20 MB version of Mizuno. Like MP-20 MMC, the MP-20 muscle-back is purely made out of 1025E Pure Select Steel, which possesses several levels of more tolerance than the industry standard for purity.

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They have the thinnest topline in the MP-20 Line of irons with a smaller sole. Moreover, the iron’s looks are elegant and even enhanced with the labelling on the back.

One of the main of this model is the Grain Flow High Density Forging process. This process usually increases the grain density in impact for a soft, consistent, and stable feel.

It also enhances the durability of the iron. The significant distinction between the MP-20 MB and other variants of the MP-20 line is the narrower blade.

The part close to the topline is narrower and alters as you move by the set. In the long irons, the blade is flatter and thus reduces the center of gravity, whereas, in the short irons, it bulges out hence raising the center of gravity and lowering the launch.

Ball trajectories and ball flights are very consistent and very easily controllable. Moreover, Mizuno MP-20 MB features a Dynamic Gold s300 stock shaft.

The sound of the MP-20 muscle-back is quite buttery, or you could say “soft like butter” at the impact. The sound is pretty solid as well as a bit muted and sharped. However, sound of off-center hits is quite dead and feels pretty harsh.


  • Added copper layer
  • Grain Flow Forged HD
  • Satin and mirror chrome finishing
  • Elegant design
  • Pretty Durable
  • Narrow blade design
  • 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel


  • Appealing looks
  • Soft buttery feel
  • Perfect for power players
  • Pure muscle back look
  • Extremely workable
  • Dispersion is tight


  • Off-center strikes feel a bit harsh
  • The minimal margin for errors
  • High spin rate

2. Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons

Are you looking for the best Mizuno iron set in the market that is a full-house? Well, there it is, the Mizuno JPX919 Forged Irons. Metaphorically speaking, if this set was a bar of chocolate, then you have officially been to the chocolate factory. This iron set sits right in the middle of the 919 range, referred to as Mizuno’s most versatile irons range. And that is all because it has got the looks, the sound, the feel, and explosive distance: it is an all-rounder. 

Best Mizuno Irons

This set is forged from mild carbon steel with a bit of Boron’s traces for the best feel; plus more strength. You may have heard of the element Boron, so the fraction that has been put into its head makes it 30% more substantial, so that means that it can do cooler stuff on the inside. All the credit goes to the fantastic element. 

You will see much more meat; a thicker topline, a much big head profile, with a little bit of offset. The top line looks chunkier, but it is lovely. Moreover, each iron in the set is CNC milled from the sole up, creating a larger area for consistently faster ball speeds all over. 

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And oh! how can we forget the weight saving from the face that creates a lower, deeper center of gravity for more comfortable launching on long and mid irons. It is the best of both worlds.

We have got the sound, the feel, that too with awesome looks, and simply an excellent looking iron. Plus, we have got the distance and the overall performance in the spin likewise.

It is consistently thin across the face, which will keep that hot across the face. Every bit of technology on this is designed to do one thing. The look is thinner, and a bit offset, so the off-center hits are more forgiving. besides, face flexes more, and there is more weight distributed in areas low and far back to increase the moment of inertia. 

The Grain Flow Forged HD process packs more grains into the impact area to generate even more feedback. Moreover, this set of irons feature a unique pearl brush finish that is far more durable and looks soft in the open sun.

In simple words, this set is quite an experiment and a relatively successful one! The Mizuno has been working very hard to see if they can make the most complicated, most complex, highest performing club they possibly can. And yet, here we are with the 919 forged variant. It looks great; there is plenty in there. 

Moreover, you can customize these irons according to your desire, such as selecting shafts, grips, and adjustments without even paying a single penny for it. 


  • Grain Flow Forged HD Construction
  • Reverse-Milled face
  • Pearl Brush Finish


  • Workability is top-notch
  • Very long and pure
  • Feel, and feedback is terrific
  • Great durability
  • Classic, premium look


  • High price tag

3. Mizuno MP-15 Irons

If you need something a little more than a club that can cover quite a bit more yards, then you should consider the Mizuno MP-20 Irons. The first thing that you will notice when you take a look at this club head is Tour-proven in every aspect.

We are getting Grain Flow Forged technology; this titanium kind of insert is forged into the club’s back. Putting this Ti muscle, in the end, makes it reliable behind the face. Furthermore, the titanium inserted in the back of the club enhances the feel at the time of the impact and frees up some weight. 

By moving that weight, they have dispersed the weight throughout the golf club to create a different center of gravity, a little lower, so it makes a more comfortable club head to hit, which is outstanding in a club like this. The Grain Flow Forged process creates a super soft feel at impact, appealing to many pro golfers. 

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What they have done here is very interesting. In the MP-15, the titanium insert is forged into the head. When they do the iron’s actual forging process, they say that it improves the feel and the sound. Also, they are trying to offer the feel, looks, and performance of an MP-60 but with added forgiveness.

 It is stunning to look down on, and at the address, you would struggle to guess that there was even any sort of cavity behind it. It feels fantastic. It has a superior classic sharp-looking design, which looks pretty good to the eye. 

Besides, Mizuno has come up against a lot of competition in recent years. If you were in a transition where you are using a bigger headed club and thinking about going into a smaller club, then definitely try these out. 

This set has irons that are a lot more forgiving than you might imagine for such a compactor. Though they might be a bit intimidating to look down to start with but are probably more forgiving than you might think when you hit them.

Feel and sound is just as stunning as you might expect. The modern game is evolving and the golf courses are getting more challenging, for which you need a little bit more forgiveness. Since the courses are being lengthened, the general idea of the MP 15 is to evolve the player’s iron and bring technology into it. But there are still some things that you have to keep true to that player.


  •  Grain Flow Forged
  • A Ti insert
  • Shiny chrome and mate silver grooved section
  • More workability
  • The deep-set area behind the sweet-spot


  • It has quite an elegant design
  • Pretty soft feel at impact
  • Quite a sizeable sweet spot
  • Enhanced distance than similar clubs


  • Incredibly pricey than other irons

4. Mizuno MP-18 SC Golf Iron Set

Another masterpiece from one of the biggest giants of the industry, The MP-18 SC is cavity back iron, where the SC stands for the split cavity. Also in the range is the MP-18 MMC, a multi-material cavity, even more of a step up from this. 

Mizuno MP-18 SC Golf Iron Set

However, this one somehow sits in the middle of that range. The whole MP range is designed to blend from blades to split cavity to multi-material cavity, that is why the lofts are very uniform, along with the style of the golf clubs.

When you go into the SC, all you see compared to the blade is a slightly longer toe to heel and a somewhat more depth top to bottom. So it is just a bigger golf club. It is made of 1025E mild carbon steel with a beautiful muscle back iron, featuring a thin topline and a little bit offset.

Moreover, The bottom is relatively chunky; it has got a little cavity at the top that looks awesome, that too with very similar characteristics to the MP-18, the muscle back. The extra bit of padding around the golf club makes it even more premium.

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You can just tell that it is a little bit bigger than the muscle back. I think this is going to cater to a much wider audience of players. For me, this is just a design, just a way that the golf club sits, opens its door up to a much more middle handicap range, probably going up to maybe about a fifteen handicapper, all the way down to scratch. 

When it comes to the sound, it sounds better and louder than the blade while also adding a bit more crack, while still featuring the Forged HD, which is high-density forging, apparently making it feel unbelievably soft. 

And if that’s not enough, this has so much appeal to a lot of golfers, that too with all the benefits of the MP range. The way it has been crafted, Mizuno has introduced more craftsmanship into the MP-18 range; passed it back over to the main craftsman at the HQ, and then they have pumped it back full of technology. 

These irons feel superb, have good ball flight, and really decent spin levels. The shots at the time of the impact feel so stable, reliable, yet soft. It is such a well-designed golf club. I think it just looks so sleek, simple, and useful. Not just all-singing all-dancing, it only knows what it needs to do, and it is incredibly impeding. You blend that with good feels as well.


  • Split cavity
  • Elegant design
  • Flow Forged HD
  • 1025E mild carbon steel


  • Tremendous muscle back
  • Solid feedback
  • Thin topline
  • Compact design


  • The short irons might make some golfers uncomfortable 

5. Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons

Want to have an iron set in your golf bag that is perfect? Well, look no more as you are in the right zone. Mizuno says that this is the most inclusive, most complete iron to date. It does everything that appeals to the majority of golfers. If you want a golf club that ticks almost every box, this will be a box ticker. But can it take the flag? Let’s find out. 

jpx 921

So, first of all, the set looks like a stunning iron. There is that sort of satin finish, beautiful looking iron as it always is with Mizuno, the finish of them is simply brilliant. But apart from the class, we have got quite a bit of technology packed as well.

The very first impression when you put it right behind the ball, it looks pretty great. It has got a beautiful sort of shape. Also, it has got a little bit of offset and somehow a medium topline. Also, the blade’s length from heel to toe is pretty long.

I think many golfers want that forged head, they want that developed sort of feel, and they aspire to have more of a player’s looking golf club. But at the same time, they want forgiveness, speed, and a bit of extra distance off the golf club. And this is what this lineup has to offer. 

The JPX921 Forged irons are Grain Flow Forged with a 4120 Chromoly in Hiroshima. The Chromoly is a solid material that allows Mizuno to create a multi-material structure inside the head. Extremely fast, too soft! It has a re-engineered stability frame to help increase the moment of inertia. 

Also, the new Pearl brush finish is just delightful. And of course, it has been with Mizuno for a while now, Hit Harmonic Impact Technology, which improves the vibrations and acoustics. I love the address position, the blade length is longer this time, not sure if that has changed, but it feels from heel to toe very long. Besides, it is very forgiving and not very chunky with a pretty good offset. 

With this iron in hand, you always experience that solid yet soft feel, beautiful noise, and acoustics when you strike the golf ball, accompanied by an amazing feel. Although the feeling at the time of the impact is so buttery, the spin rate is still pretty standard. 


  • Chromoly 4120 
  • Grain Flow Forged HD
  • CNC Milled
  • Pearl Brush Finish


  • Nice high launch
  • Moderate spin rates
  • The Clubhead is pretty large
  • Impressive forgiveness
  • Great looks


  • The standard grip could have been better
  • Left-handed not available

6. Mizuno MP-20 HMB Irons 

Everyone wants an iron set that can provide them with the greatest possible feel. So here we have the Mizuno MP-20 HMB Iron set. The first thing that I have to say about these is how good the HMB’s look is that they are not blades. 

Mizuno MP-20 HMB Irons

These are the biggest clubs in the MB-20 range. And I will keep saying this; I can’t believe how similar it looks to the MB, just a kind of bigger jacked-up version. These have a hollow body construction and also feature a forged Chromoly face. 

Moreover, looking down at these irons, it is evident that they are a slightly bigger version. The top line is a little bit thicker while the blade length is a little longer, and it just looks like it is designed for a little bit of forgiveness. This thing feels like an absolute machine. And yes, we do have a hollow body construction.

These clubs are inspired by long iron replacements on both the PGA and European Tour, but one thing Mizuno have not done here is jack up the lofts. Like in the rest of the MP-20 range irons, this set is also made from a Grain Flow Forged 1025E carbon. Besides, it has been plated with that soft copper with that nickel-chrome finish, which again looks beautiful. 

A Chromoly face and neck just give it a little bit of forging feel but is explosively fast. This is a bit thicker behind the ball. Inside it is copper. The copper insert returns in the HMB, so the whole MP-20 range has this TN-87 legendary copper in there. When you hit it well, you won’t see the ball landing any time soon.

All in all, I love the look of it. It is trying to be the look of the blade while masking all the technologies of a regular tour-inspired design. One of the great attributes of all the Mizuno clubs is the feel, the sound, and the look. There is no sacrifice in my mind with any of those when it comes to the HMB. The feeling at the impact is very butter-like, having sound and acoustics that are pretty impressive. 


  • Hollow body
  • Tungsten insert
  • Chromoly material
  • Hot Metal Blade


  • More like a muscle back
  • Brilliant forgiveness
  • Higher launch
  • Low spin rates
  • Great distance


  • It does not offer any additional perks
  • Placement is difficult

7. Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons

Do you want a forgiving set of irons in your golf bag? If that is so, then nothing can beat the Mizuno MP-18 MMC irons in this regard. It still looks sleek. It always seems unbelievably slender and well-designed, but then they have gone, you know what, let’s pack this bad boy full of technology. 

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons

So what have they done? They have put this bar across the back of the titanium. Titanium is lighter than steel construction; they use it on the majority of the heads. Apart from the significant effects of the material on performance, it also makes the durability out of question.

Mizuno has also blended in a tungsten weight in the toe to help balance that weighting out and give more forgiveness. With a little bit of tungsten and small titanium, these irons have more stability and a higher moment of inertia.

Although this lineup has a bit offset, the topline is relatively moderate, minimizing the signature sharp look we get to see in every second golf club. 

Furthermore, it looks very techy. I am not sure about naming the materials; I don’t believe that was needed on this iron. On the titanium, they have put titanium, which I don’t think was necessary.

And even on the tungsten weight, they have separated that and put it in this kind of more brushed finish, where it repeats tungsten.

For instance, the look of this golf club is pretty incredible. It just looks perfect, regardless of the showing-off technology.

You know what, this has so much appeal to a lot of golfers. Just how that golf club sits and how it looks. It has got all the benefits of the MP range. It has a lovely face, very similar to what a blade would be.

The feel at the time of the impact is excellent as well as soft. Like you get that solid feel, but it also is soft. The clicky sound or one might say noise the club makes when it hits a ball, is quite soothing. They feel superb, good ball flight, really decent spin levels. This is the most inclusive, most complete iron to date.


  • Multi-material construction
  • Tungsten insert
  • Titanium muscle plate
  • Satin and mirror finish 


  • Beautiful muscle back iron
  • Tremendous feedback on solid hits
  • A thin topline
  • Compact design looks stellar


  • The shorts irons, in particular, are tiny and might make some golfers uncomfortable


All the selected Irons are the absolute best from Mizuno, each specializing in different domains of the game. Pick the one you think will meet your needs well. Happy golfing!

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