Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers – Reviews

Are you looking for the best golf drivers for mid handicappers? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will review some of the best drivers on the market and provide a buyers guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, and with the right equipment, anyone can improve their game. So if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, read on!

When it comes to golf drivers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is that the driver is the club that you will use for teeing off. This means that it needs to be able to generate a lot of power and distance.

If you’re looking for a driver that can help you improve your game, you need to make sure it is forgiving. This means that it will help you if you hit the ball off-center.

What are the Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers?

Here is the compiled list of best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

Image Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers Key Features Price
cobra king f9 speed back driver Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Driver Low CG weighting Check Price
Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver Advanced ATI 425 Face Insert Check Price
Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver Adjustable swing weight Check Price
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Golf Driver TaylorMade SIM2 Max Golf Driver Shallower face for higher launches Check Price
Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Extremely long dimensions Check Price

1. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Driver

Let’s start this list with the most forgiving driver on this planet. Cobra Golf is a name known by every golfer and trusted globally, because of the amazing speed and forgiveness it provides. Living up to this mark yet again, they released the Radspeed F9 driver for every mid handicapper. This Cobra F9 driver is the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

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The Cobra F9 Fairway Wood is the right golf club for mid handicappers. The fairway wood has a high launch and low spin for more distance. The Cobra F9 driver features a lightweight crown, which allows the head to move faster through the air.

This results in increased ball speed and distance. The Cobra F9 driver also features an advanced face design that produces optimal ball speeds across the entire face area, resulting in increased distance on off-center hits.

Have heavy and bulky drivers held you back from hitting the most power packed shots? Cobra Golf takes this inconvenience into account and offers the perfect solution to everyone in form of its Radspeed driver. With a low and multi-material CG structure, the overall weight of the product is kept at bay at only 2.3 pounds.

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Now, you all might be thinking that this driver is suitable for professional golfers. But, to our surprise, it was not at all the case! Cobra has designed this driver such that it is extremely forgiving and can give amazing results even when beginners or amateurs use it.

The clubface technology with E-950 Neo allows for more energy to be imparted on the ball, thereby resulting in increased distance and accuracy.

Often people are unaware of the downsides of conventional circular sweet spot drivers. It’s about time we shine a little light over this detail. Although circular sweet spots have been exercised for long intervals, they provide only a limited sweet zone area. To maximise this zone, Cobra F9 makes use of the forged patented E9 technology, with elliptical pattern instead of a circular one, in this driver.

Another factor that causes ball drag and reduced speed is the relatively different direction of airflow while golfing on a windy day. To protect against this, Cobra makes sure to position the polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips opposite to the direction of wind around the clubhead. This 360 aero minimizes the air drag, ultimately leading to faster and powerful shots.

So, all you mid handicappers out there, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this driver a try! We are sure that you will not regret it!


  • Speedback Aero Design and rounded edges for maximum speed and satisfactory hit feel and sound
  • Low CG weighting for effortless use and power packed flight
  • The thinnest and most efficient CNC precision milled construction
  • Maximized sweet spot with the elliptical patented patterns to help with toe and heel hits
  • Simple and movable weighting adjustability for high and low spins


  • Best for straighter shots but does not add distance to them
  • Not recommended for golfers who want to shape their ball flight


One thing is certain now, you must not have any questions about the performance of Cobra Radspeed F9 golf driver. Utilizing the latest technologies, Cobra Golf has made this the most flexible and easy driver for everyone aiming to hit the straightest shots, without airflow or heaviness of the driver compromising on it. But, if your main goal is to shape the flight of your ball and gain a little more distance with it, then you better try the Srixon ZX5 driver.

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2. Titleist TSi2 Best Golf Driver

The Titleist TSi2 driver is the first choice of every golfer looking for unmatched performance. This driver is designed to deliver incredible distance and forgiveness, making it the perfect choice for any player.

It features a titanium head and a high-MOI design, which work together to provide amazing results. The TSi2 also comes with a SureFit Tour hosel, which allows you to adjust the loft and lie angle to get the perfect fit.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

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The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is another great option for mid handicappers. This driver features a revolutionary Flash Face technology that creates a incredibly fast face. It also has a low-and-back CG location that provides incredible forgiveness and distance. The Sub Zero also comes with a adjustable hosel that allows you to dial in the perfect fit. If you’re looking for distance and forgiveness, the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is the driver for you.

The combination of strength and flexibility is one that is rarely found in any driver’ face insert. Titleist has made this possible through its ATI 425 insert, manufactured from high quality titanium alloy. This adds notably to the power of your shots while staying perfectly elastic and therefore increasing the ball speed and forgiveness greatly.

The thud sound is only one of the multiple features that the latest edition to the TSi series has over its previous products. The next feature in this list is the mutil-dimensional stability of TSi2 driver. Featuring the optimized and trusted, heel to toe MOI design, TS promises to increase your inertia level by about thirteen percent. This leads to comparatively tighter launches and greater spinning effects!

Weight adjustability of any driver plays a significant role in deducing the consistency and accuracy of ball flights with various weight sizes. For guaranteed consistent hits that fall little behind the precision mark, TS equips the TSi2 and TSi3 with patented Surefit hosel.

This offers sixteen individual loft and lie settings along with the variable head weight adjustability scale of -4 grams to +4 grams.

Often, golf clubs are CT tested in huge groups together, decreasing their tightness and tolerance levels gravely. Much to the surprise of many, Titlist takes complete responsibility of testing each club individually and strictly. This ensures the highest mark of tightness and leads to amazing ball launch speed and stability.


  • Low and deep centre of gravity grants higher and stable launch and drive
  • Variable head weights between -4g and +4g with a 2g incrementing scale
  • Five Surefit CG settings with adjustable swing weights
  • Aero and streamlined shape for faster flights and minimal drag
  • Very forgiving on MIS hits through the advanced ATI 425 face insert
  • Sleek, attractive and modern look


  • Face is easily marked by balls


Titleist surely outdoes all of its previous products with the closest to best golf drivers for mid handicappers. The TSi2 guarantees top-notch launch, faster flight and accurate landing through its brilliant features. If you are looking for something containing the latest technology and a little bit more, take a look at the Titleist TSi3 as well!

3. Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver for Mid Handicapper

The Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver for Mid Handicapper is one of the most popular drivers on the market. It has a titanium composite head that is extremely lightweight and forgiving, making it the perfect choice for mid handicappers.

Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver for Mid Handicapper

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The driver also has a large sweet spot that makes it easier to hit the ball straight and long. Additionally, the adjustable loft allows you to customize your trajectory so you can get maximum distance and accuracy. If you’re looking for a driver that will help you improve your game, the Srixon ZX5 is a great option.

If forgiveness and greater ball distance is majorly important to you, then wonder no more as the Srixon ZX5 is just the right match for you! Designed with detailing and technology, this club driver has received a full five-star rating by almost all of the customers it has been used by.

The Titleist TSi 2 Best Golf Driver is the most advanced driver on the market and has been designed to give you more distance. With a larger footprint and flattened shape, along with a single sole weight placed low and deep, this driver is ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry huge distances.

By focusing more energy into the golf ball, Rebound Frame’s unique structure increases ball speed and distance on every shot, especially center-face impacts. A 15% larger carbon crown repositions mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness. A weight screw in the rear of the sole allows you to customize the swing weight of the club to suit your swing.

Next, let us discuss the adored feel and sound of this more than satisfactory driver. Constructed from premium quality iron, the ZX5 has a much livelier and stronger feel than most of the other drivers. Moreover, as opposed to the conventional ‘thud’ sound, hitting a ball with Srixon produces a strong metallic yet pleasant noise.

The Titleist TSi 2 driver is the most advanced driver on the market, designed for maximum distance and straight drives. With a larger footprint and flattened shape, along with a single sole weight placed low and deep, this driver is ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry huge distances.

Rebound Frame’s unique structure increases ball speed and distance on every shot, especially center-face impacts. A 15% larger carbon crown repositions mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness.

A weight screw in the rear of the sole allows you to customize the swing weight of the club to suit your swing. If you’re looking for the best golf driver on the market, the Titleist TSi 2 is the perfect choice.

Planning to hit longer and short shots from variable distances and require a consistent yardage gap throughout? If yes then it is essential you inquire about the grooves of every driver you see. With the progressive groove shapes of ZX5, your ball cuts through the sharpest of grass and debris while maintaining its consistency.

While the advanced 4i-7i wide groove feature deals with longer shots in all circumstances, the closer and deeper 8i-PW grooves are adequate for short shots in grassy and dusty surroundings. Another feature that makes gliding through turfs smoother and easier is the V shaped tour sole of Srixon ZX5.


  • Unique and improved rebound mainframe produces higher ball speed and distances
  • 15% larger carbon crown increases mass and boosts the MOI feature for greater forgiveness
  • Adjustable swing weight and hosel ports for variation in loft, lie and face angles
  • Classic looking and compact head and crown detailing for attractive outlook
  • Amazingly large sweet spot for long mid and high toe hit distances


  • Amateur players might find the lofts a little too strong
  • Decal on the face paves way for Callaway style imagery


It wouldn’t be wrong to deem the Srixon ZX5 as the top driver in terms of consistency and forgiveness. Containing intricate crown detailing and a huge sweet spot, this driver is recommended to every professional mid handicapper golf enthusiast. Whereas, the Cleaveland HD launcher is a better choice for amateur players.

4. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Golf Driver

TaylorMade’s Sim2 Max golf driver is the best driver for mid-handicappers. It provides a highly forgiving and consistent ball flight, making it one of the most accurate drivers on the market. With an adjustable hosel that allows you to move the face angle between 0 and 2 degrees open or closed, you can get more distance with greater consistency than ever before.

The clubhead features TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology, which combines a large unsupported face area with an ultra-thin titanium layer to reduce spin, increasing both ball speed and distance off the tee.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Golf Driver

Check Price

If there is one thing that is known about TaylorMade, it’s their signature and aesthetic outlook of drivers. Keeping up with this trend, they finish the SIM 2 with a contrasting colour ribbon on its carbon crown. Along with this, the popular TaylorMade logo is intricated on the leading edge of the driver and gives it a classic and modern design.

Sim2 Max also comes equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber crown that lowers the center of gravity, promoting a higher launch angle and increased forgiveness. The result is a driver that is extremely easy to hit, making it the perfect choice for mid-handicappers who are looking to improve their game.

Continuation of the SIM series, the SIM 2 MAX is slightly longer in dimensions from the front to the back. Moreover, a little shallower face adds to the overall length of the driver and make it the perfect match for mid handicappers. Now let’s bring to your attention the feel and sound of strikes made with this modern golf driver.

Just as with the previous SIM 2 driver, SIM 2 MAX also contains the same satisfactory and enjoyable feel and grip when held. Constructed using high quality iron, this driver makes a strikingly solid and loud ‘crack’ sound every time it touches the ball.

Often the CG is raised because of the irregular distribution of weight in any golf driver. To stop this from happening, SIM 2 features a complete carbon crown and sole whereas the excess weight is compensated by the back and low inertia generator. This redistribution lowers the CG successfully and leads to highly forgiving shots.

Durability is something that every golfer who plans to play in rough and turfy areas should look at. Luckily enough, TaylorMade has got just the right turf proof drivers for you! The SIM 2 contains a carbon sole to reduce any damage caused by turf interaction, meanwhile the chalk and black colour scheme help align the addresses on the crown flawlessly!


  • Relatively shallower face for higher launches and a faster off face as compared to previous editions
  • Black satin with chalk white paint carbon crown colours for accurate addressing and looks
  • A longer front to back length with TM trademark makes up for a reputed and classic exterior
  • Newly forged CNC precision milled aluminium ring for up to five percent more forgiveness
  • Redistributed inertia generator weight for lower centre of gravity and easy aligning
  • Compact and extraordinary feel with revolting and loud crack sound


  • Lacks moveable sole weight


For a price of only 450 dollars and below, TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX is an astounding driver for every mid handicapper! It promises to offer you utmost support, confidence and technology that will improve your golfing skills drastically and make you a pro at the sport. But if you are looking for a club with moveable sole weights and willing to spend a little more for exceptional performance, then we recommend the Honma World GS driver.

5. Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Year after year, popular golfing industries come up with numerous club drivers and give heavy competition to their opponent. Another best golf drivers for mid handicappers the leading champion of this tournament for the year 2021 is the top rated Callaway Epic Max LS Driver!

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Check Price

The Epic Max LS Driver is Callaway’s newest driver design, combining a 460cc titanium head with the company’s proven Hyper Speed Face Cup technology and a lightweight shaft to deliver maximum distance for mid-handicap players.

As opposed to the original and traditional Jailbreak technology, Callaway introduces an entirely advanced and new speed frame technology in the Epix Max LS driver. This connects the sole and crown head strongly to boost ball speed and automatically determines and adds horizontal and torsional stability on the ball by utilizing the installed artificial intelligence software.

Sole adjustability is a feature that allows the user to distribute the sole weight according to their preference and requirement for the sport. With Callaway’s promise to prioritize customer ease above everything else, the Epic Max LS comes with a 13g sliding weight perimeter scale. This offers about thirteen yards of ball shape correction and lets you add slight draw or fade bias by easy positioning of your heel.

The Epic Max LS Driver features an engineered titanium body that provides a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-center hits, while the Hyper Speed Face Cup increases ball speeds on center strikes for more distance.

Callway’s EPIC family is one that no golfer has ever seen like before. Its latest addition, the MAX LS also shares the same green accents with other drivers alongside the “X” pattern on its face for entirely aesthetic and bold look.

However, the dimensions of this driver vary with previous ones, in terms of the face area and overall shape. Additionally, the sole medallions indicate the presence of machine learning A.I. speed frame.

As much as mid handicappers require technology in their drivers, a great feel and satisfactory striking sound is something that adds lots of credit points to any product and increases its want vastly.

Therefore, Callaway LS offers a moderately metallic and pleasant ‘crack’ sound, every time it hits the ball. With a lowered and solid CG comes a solid and excellent feel, grip and explosiveness to the Epic MAX driver.


  • Variable 13g sliding weight adjustability and perimeter
  • Extremely long dimensions with signature and hooking EPIC family exterior
  • Latest speed frame technology for amazingly fast ball speed
  • Machine learning A.I. software automatically makes amends to improve stability, speed and spin robustness
  • Very well balanced with lightweight and strong triaxial carbon head construction
  • Satisfactory strike sound and extraordinary feel


  • Sub-optimal shaft produces bas results
  • Low spin is not well suited to everyone


Yes, we definitely saved the best for the last! Although containing restrained spin performance, Callaway Epic Max LS is still the top choice for every mid handicapper, given its advanced machine learning software and sole adjustability! In case you cannot afford to play with low spins, you better consider the PXG 0211 driver.

Buyers Guide

If you are a mid handicapper looking to decide on the right golf driver for your skill, it is important that you take into consideration selected factors, that will help you determine the performance of any driver. It is only on the basis of these factors, that we have hand picked the aforementioned products on and deemed them the most compatible with you.

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What features should you look for in golf drivers for mid handicappers?

Head Shape

If you have been practicing golfing for years now but still lack speed and spin in your shots, then there is a high chance that you are going with the wrong head shape. There are two driver head shapes offered to the users, circular and square. While we do recommend kick-starting golfing with a circular head shape for great ease, it is perfectly alright if you are more comfortable with a square one.

Generally, circular head shapes improve your swing and ball speed greatly. They are easier to use and fit for most mid handicappers to practice their shots with. Whereas, square head shapes require some time getting used to and are used by professionals to shape ball direction and flight.

Golf Shaft

Shafts are designed in varying flexes, curves and lengths to suit various user requirements. You skills are guaranteed to boost, whether as low or mid handicapper if you select on the perfect shaft for you! Hence, lets take a quick overview about which flexes and shafts are best suited to whom.

Do you want increasingly fast and accurate swings with longer ball flight? If yes then look for heavier and stiffer flex in your shaft. On the other hand, slow swings are hit by softer and light weight shafts. Choosing the right shaft not only improves your desired aspect but helps maintain consistency and a comfortable strike feel.

Head Size

A general misconception regarding driver head sizes is how bigger is always better. We are here to bust this myth and tell you that no, the size of your club head depends upon your golfing skills and the goals you aim to achieve with it. These sizes vary from large 460cc to almost negligible 260cc, but which one should you buy?

If you a mid handicapper, who has great skills and wants to control and shape their ball flights, then the smallest head size is recommended. In contrast with this, if you want to achieve utmost power in your strikes, without any concern to its direction, try the largest 460cc driver head size.  

Manufacturing Material

Conventionally, titanium was used as the only material to construct drivers from. However, with time experts reviewed its flaws and introduced carbon and tunsten as potential raw materials as well. But what exactly is the best among these and what flaws do the other ones have?

To answer the first question, a mixture of all three materials, in varying composition, is the most preferred option. Construction from solely titanium adds majorly to the weight and therefore drag of the driver. Utilization of carbon and tungsten reduces this weight and maximise the weight perimeter for higher MOI.

Loft Degrees

This is another big question that comes to the mind of people that are not yet professional at golfing. With the incredibly wide and varied 8 to 14 degree loft scale offered, which loft do you need? The trick here is to this keep in mind, the slower the swing speed you have, the higher degree of loft you will need.

Clubs that have higher lofts account for more backspin and ball’s air time. In addition to this, loft degrees also lead to higher launch and ball distances, which are vital skills for every mid handicapper. Select a loft degree based on your suitability and wants but remember that a greater loft only comes for a greater price!


The last factor to consider before buying a golf driver is whether it falls under your budget or not. Golf drivers range from high prices between 1500 and 1000 dollars to affordable rates like under 800 or even 500 dollars.

Always make sure that you do not overspent on a golf club that is all show and no talk. Equally important is to not compromise on your required details like flex and lofts just to save up on some money as it will only stray you away from the sport.


With thousands of products in the market, we totally understand how hard purchasing a golf driver can be for every low and mid handicapper. It is important to start learning to golf and practice it with the best-suited club to ensure you excel at the sport in the long run. Henceforth, we have compiled this article with the sole aim to help you achieve this and have an outclass time while golfing.

The list contains the top five golf drivers, specifically designed for mid handicappers and meet the highest mark in terms of quality, performance, and ease. Along with this, we have listed down the major factors that determine the suitability of any golf driver with you and hope that from here onwards, you will have enough insight to pick the best golf driver for you!

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