Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers – Reviews 2022

If you have landed on the page, it’s pretty obvious that you are one of those golfers in desperate need of something that can improve your game. Acknowledging the fact, I have carried out thorough research and compiled a list of some of the best golf drivers for high handicappers.

Check out all and choose your best:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Here is a compiled list of Best golf irons for high handicappers.

Image Product Features Price
Callaway mens Xr 16 Callaway XR 16 Nice feel and sound Check Price
Cobra F-max Offset Cobra F-max Offset Aesthetically designed Check Price
Taylormade RBZ black Taylormade RBZ black Excellent distance and speed Check Price
PGX Offset Golf Driver PGX Offset Golf Driver Good sweet spot Check Price
Wilson Staff D7 Wilson Staff D7 Extremely lightweight Check Price
Taylormade Men’s Aeroburner  Taylormade Men’s Aeroburner Great trajectories Check Price
Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Increased distance and speed Check Price
Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Technologically advanced Check Price
Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme High forgiveness Check Price
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Sleek, stylish matt look Check Price

1.Callaway XR 16 Driver

Thanks to Boeing, their collaboration with Callaway has resulted in a driver that offers extreme aerodynamics along with the unparalleled forgiveness the brand is known for. Entirely emphasizing easy hits and extra speed, the Callaway XR 16 is one of its kind, and probably the most versatile piece of golf equipment in the market right now.

Knowing the fact that high handicappers often struggle with swings and forgiveness, this driver specializes in providing an ideal sweet spot, with weight concentrated throughout the clubhead for optimum hit on each point. The center is also relatively more concentrated for higher impact.

Moreover, the design is such that it pierces through the air, resulting in 30% higher swing speed, just what you would expect when a leading aircraft company designs golf equipment.

This increased swing speed helps your game in different areas, the important ones being exceptionally good distance accompanied by improved ball speed.

Among many reasons that made this model sell-off, is the high adjustability that allows the golfer to customize it according to his liking, consequently making it even more favorable and exposed to certain improvements.

And mentioning the cherry on the top, you get it for a reasonable price; one of the top reasons to pick this thing up right now. Not to mention the aesthetic design that will appeal to golfers of any taste. Surely one of the best budget high handicappers drivers in the game.

It won’t disappoint you in any possible way, that’s guaranteed.


  • Over the top aerodynamics
  • A true bang for the buck
  • Nice feel and sound
  • More speed
  • A lot of customization options
  • More adjustability
  • Good for mid and high handicappers altogether


  • Wide clubhead can be annoying for some golfers
  • High spin for an average golfer

2. Cobra F-max Offset

Cobra has been working in the game improvement market for quite a while now and hasn’t failed even once to grab our attention. Keeping their steps stronger in the industry, the Cobra F-max is just another addition to their never-ending list of quality products. One of the best golf drivers for high handicappers, it is something recommended for everyone to try at least once.

best golf drivers for high handicappers

One of the most eye-catching things about this model is its unique aesthetic design that in itself is a pleasure to look at, let alone be the user experience. Loved and admired by every golfer with certain levels of handicap, the driver emphasizes more on minimalist ideas to attract more golfers.

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As a matter of fact that most golfers with high handicaps can’t always handle high swing speeds, the F-max Offset keeps it on a moderate level, so that everyone can take equal advantage out of it.

Additionally, the lightweight design makes sure that you have ultimate control over your shots, without that extra MOI which contributes to ball speed.

If we have a close look at the iron, it is draw-bias in nature, where the center of gravity is slightly moved towards the heel. The main advantage of such design becomes apparent when you’re a high-handicapper since they tend to slice the ball a bit.

However, this also helps in a general improvement in the game.

All in all, a good option to go for if you are looking for a budget-friendly, aesthetic piece of golf irons that will complement your overall game.


  • Aesthetically designed
  • Works for everyone
  • Adequate swing speed for better control
  • Low weight promotes speed


  • Not for everyone, especially those struggling with speed

3. Taylormade RBZ black

Be it game improvement drivers, something for professionals, or anything in between, we get to see the TaylorMade RBZ black in every list, and quite reasonably, since the model is designed to portray excellence in the golf field, there’s nothing that Taylormade haven’t kept in mind while designing it.

best golf drivers for high handicappers

Apart from the reasonable price that this driver comes up with, there are plenty of features to complement its functionality. For example, the first thing that strikes us as we look a bit closer to this beauty is undoubtedly the exceptional ball speed it has to offer.

Accompanying it is the extreme forgiveness based design, with the weight distributed at the parameters of the cub to promote distance even at mishits, nothing less than a blessing for high handicappers struggling with accuracy. That too, when combined with low spin and decent launch angle, will take your game to the next level.

Moreover, the adjustable shaft and loft and other customizations also add a lot to what this thing has to offer, without skyrocketing the price tag, one of the reasons it has been so popular among golfers of different levels. To be honest, here, Taylormade has come up with quite a good strategy to promote their drivers.

And oh! I almost forgot. The RBZ black is designed in such a way that it is nothing less than a pleasure to look at. With a black finish giving a fully inspiring look at the address, it will boost up the confidence of every handicapper out there.

All in all, a feature-packed, technologically advanced, and pleasant looking golf driver that will pull off the job for everyone out there. Apart from that, this is undoubtedly one of the most forgiving drivers for high handicappers in the market. Just what you would expect from one of the best golf brands in the golf arena.


  • Excellent distance and speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent launch
  • Minimum ball spin for better control
  • Pleasing looks
  • High-quality material


  • Good, but not a super-good sweet spot

4. PGX Offset Golf Driver

Although PGX isn’t a name as big as TaylorMade or Callaway in golf, it has been introducing some quality stuff for quite a while now and has remained popular among golfers of every level, with high handicappers being no exception.

Among their range of best golf drivers for high handicappers, PGX Offset Golf driver remains at the top right now. Why? Because it has everything a golfer from average to high handicap might look for.

The driver is made of extremely durable and moderate weighted graphite material that is a seal over its quality. Complementing it is the unlimited adjustability that will benefit everyone on the course. Not to mention the attractive, modern looks that are an immediate eye-catcher at the address, while gracing your bag with its elegance.

If you are someone who has been struggling a lot with straight trajectories, this one might be something of your interest, as it features offset technology that promotes relatively straighter ball trajectory when compared to other golf drivers.

Not only that, it’s lightweight and aerodynamic, which means you will have more control, without compromising on swing speed. The sweet spot is also big enough to help out any high handicappers who have been facing problems with accuracy.

All in all, it’s a decent game improvement driver that sits on the lighter side of the chart in terms of price. I would recommend it to everyone struggling with both game and budget. Something for everyone!


  • High-quality material
  • Costs less
  • Modern technologies
  • Good sweet spot
  • Lightweight, easy to swing


  • Adjustment is more but complicated
  • Sweetspot is unacceptably big

5. Wilson Staff D7

Name the sport and you will find Wilson running among the top brands in the market. Establishing their name in the golf world, there’s something for everything with Wilson. Be it advanced players, beginners, or average players, the company just doesn’t stay behind. As for high handicappers, the Wilson Staff D7 might be something you want to have a look at.

Just like any good game improvement iron, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the clubhead for a bigger sweet spot. Moreover, the shaft length is also considerably long, acting as a perfect partner for beginners. With the addition of an adjustable hosel, it’s a pretty versatile piece when compared to its other price competitors.

Talking of the looks, this buddy seems to be a bit old school, but it in no way harms the performance of this driver. With the design highly emphasizing performance, we also see reactive face technology that adds that extra distance you need off the tee. You will just love how it handles your game.

Having every awesome feature we find in a good game-improvement driver, it lies on the cheap side of the price.

This makes it even more appealing to golfers, as most people don’t have the budget to afford embellishments such as Callaway And TaylorMade. In short, It’s a versatile yet minimal looking iron that can help a golfer of any level.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Equipped with good technologies
  • More forgiveness than most drivers
  • Nice swing speed
  • Exceptional control
  • Old-school, minimalist design


  • Feel might not impress everyone

6. Taylormade Men’s Aeroburner

When talking of the best golf drivers for high handicappers, seeing Taylormade mentioned twice shouldn’t come as a shock to many, as it’s a brand that has been leading the golf world since its inception. The model that earned it its place for the second time in the list is Taylormade’s one and only Men’s Aeroburner, an unquestionably outstanding golf driver for high handicappers.

Why do I call it so? Well, there are plenty of things that make us like this thing, the first and foremost being its awesome silver-themed look, that with a touch of red color makes it conspicuously noticeable in your bag, and on the golf course.

To talk about the main thing that makes it stand out in all the aforementioned golf drivers, it is nothing other than the speed pocket technology, that when combined with the extremely wide clubhead makes it preferable for every golfer seeking to improve his game. With this in hand, it’s second to impossible to miss any shot.

As the model is specially designed to accompany beginners and high handicappers, we don’t get to see a lot of mumbo-jumbos here. There are no adjustability options, which makes it sit on the non-versatile side of the chart, but as it mainly targets newbies, they don’t need such options anyway.

In simple words, if you are a high handicapper, this one is something you would love to have by your side, if not for the extra mambo-jumbos. Looking at the price, it’s difficult to find something of its competition right now. After all, it’s TaylorMade!


  • High accuracy due to bigger clubhead
  • Fun to hit due to great feel
  • Great trajectories
  • Strikingly beautiful look
  • Good price


  • No adjustability

7. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha

OK! One thing is for sure! If it’s Callaway, it’s better. And if it’s Callaway with the head of Newton carved on the clubhead, then one might call it super better, as someone won’t dare to hit Newton’s head with a Golf ball rather than an apple. That said, there’s a lot of physics going on in this model. Not to forget that it comes down from the line of V-series, Callaway’s most commercially successful line-up.

Moving onto what makes this driver special, the first thing we immediately see is the unusually big head that packs up a lot of forgiveness inside, the signature feature of this lineup.

Moreover, as far as the speed is concerned, one can easily predict it from the driver’s name, where V stands especially for the velocity.

The weight of this driver is considerably reduced to increase its swing speed. And this idea seems to be going in the high handicappers’ favor.

This is because of the considerable improvement Callaway has made in the aerodynamics of this model, that when paired with adequate weight makes the ideal swings a golfer wishes for. You can also change the loft angles as per your liking to improve your game in the best way possible.

Adding more to its functionality and game improving features, Callaway has made sure that you get the sweet spot it takes to hit those high distance shots. As mentioned before, the weight has been evenly distributed at the parameters of the clubhead, with a little bit more weight concentrated at the center for increased impact.

Well, If not for Isac Newton’s face, this one stands as my personal favorite due to many reasons. It’s good looking, it’s highly functional and features packed, and it’s from one of the leading brands in the golf industry that never fails to deliver extremely quality stuff.


  • Better than any competitor in its price range
  • Extra forgiveness, ideal for high handicappers
  • Nice look
  • Good trajectory
  • Increased distance and speed
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics


  • Not a good sound at the time of impact.

8. Cobra Golf Men’s King F8

Well, this one is the most interesting addition to this list as it is something all feature-packed and technologically advanced at the same time while being of the most forgiving irons. Yes, it’s Cobra Golf Men’s King F8, the driver of every high handicapper’s dreams. It’s one of those irons that will redefine your game in a whole new way, without letting you make even the slightest efforts.

Moving on to what makes it stand out in the crowd, well, the things are many. The first and foremost thing specific to this driver is the E9 zone structure that allows it to shift weight at certain areas of the clubface, that too with a shifted center of gravity to allow maximum speed while compromising very little on the control.

Adding even more, the MyFly8 adjustability is also a new addition, and a feature exclusively associated with only Cobra products.

It allows you to tweak the loft angle between 9 and 12, allowing versatility we don’t often get to see. Not to forget the SmartPad technology that even enhances its usability. With such adjustability, this iron completely gives the game in your hands.



  • Gives you the ultimate control
  • Technologically advanced
  • Unique weighting
  • Good for every golfer
  • Nice sweet spot


  • The weight-holding screw can spin-off

9. Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver

If you have been familiar with the previous model in the line, the only thing you need to know about this one is that it is more forgiving than the last one. However, if not, then never mind, because I’m here to tell you all. But to comprehend better, it’d be awesome if you study the previous model keenly.

Now, what makes this one special is the unique weight distribution. The Cobra Kind Speedzone Xtreme driver has a 17g tungsten weight situated in the lower back region of the clubhead that not only helps it with the MOI for better speed but also ensures that the driver has enough forgiveness to pull-off some high distance shots.

Adding to that, this new modification in the weight distribution also contributes a lot to increase the swing speed, something high handicappers can take full advantage of on the course.

Moreover, the ball also launches relatively higher than usual, setting up ideal trajectories without putting in so much effort.

All in all, a feature-packed and well-priced piece for those who aren’t planning to spend a lot of money on their golf equipment and need something for their weekend jam that can give them a pleasurable golf experience.

One of the best golf drivers for high handicappers in the market right now, Cobra Kind Speedzone Xtreme driver will handle your handicap like a boss.


  • High forgiveness
  • The integrated Cobra connect will track your performance
  • Awesome feel
  • Nice sound on the impact
  • Reasonably priced


  • The high pitch on impact may not be pleasant for everyone.

10. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

To be honest, this list couldn’t go completed without mentioning something from Cleveland. Although it’s a name we don’t often hear on the mainstream, it isn’t because they are any inferior by quality or aren’t producing good stuff, but mainly because they mainly target golfers of a lower or average level to elevate their game.

That said, their products might not set ideal standards for professionals, but as a golfer trying to improve your game, it will give you a huge hand.

As for our high handicap buddies, I couldn’t just get over the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, as there’s nothing I could find bad about it. It’s a high-quality game improving driver that will help a high handicapper with everything he needs.

Be it swing speed, distance, or forgiveness, it ticks every box required to be the best driver for high handicappers.

The design of the club mainly emphasizes pure minimalist ideas without including extra bells and whistles. Just a sleek, stylish, and classic matte finish that catches everyone’s eye at the address.

Additionally, the design is extremely aerodynamic and promotes swing speed, however, with a lot of control. As it’s a fact that most beginners and high handicappers struggle with speed, this driver can be helpful in many ways. And guess what, the offset technology makes it even more cheesy.

All in all, a desirable choice for everyone struggling with distance and speed, and well, budget, because this one comes at an extremely reasonable price.

I wouldn’t personally recommend it for average players, but who knows? Maybe it works for you. A decent golf driver to go for.


  • Aerodynamic and easy to swing
  • Sleek, stylish matt look
  • Adequate forgiveness
  • Low price
  • Specially designed for high handicappers


  • A bit loud on the impact


While preparing the list, I looked into every possible feature that can benefit a high handicapper. Keeping a keen eye on golf products introduced in the recent past, I only selected those models that are both good on features and budget as in many cases, most of our golf buddies step behind because of the overpricing factor. Although every aforementioned driver has its area of speciality, picking the one that best suits your taste is completely your choice. Make sure you don’t miss anything as you get your driver!


Q. I am an average golfer, which driver should I try?
A. Well, if we look at the list, the driver that suits golfers of every category is the Cobra Speedzone line-up. It has adequate forgiveness, swing speed, and delivers fair distance. Moreover, you get good control over your shots, which is yet another advantage one looks for. You get a good offset, with a bunch of other technologies.

Q. Which Driver is the best for distance?
A. I’m afraid I’ve to mention the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver again. With its extreme forgiveness and shifted center of gravity, you just get the right swing speed accompanied by even weight distribution, with the center being a little more concentrated. This makes sure that no matter where you hit the ball, it covers a good distance.

Q. Do golf drivers go dead?
A. Yes! Just like anything, the golf drivers will also go dead when used on frequent bases. The thing which is going to wear out most likely is undoubtedly the wedges as they are used most frequently. On the contrary, you can expect the long irons to last relatively longer as they are used rarely on the course.

Q. Why are drivers hard to hit?
A. There are many reasons responsible for it, however, the most common one is the extremely high speed that drivers offer. Moreover, being the lowest lofted club in your set, the ball speed is extremely difficult for newbies or average golfers to control. In that case, the above-mentioned drivers are just what you need to level up your game. They are affordable, easy to control, and lies on the easy side when it comes to controls.

Q. What is the best Golf driver in 2021?
A. As per golfers’ choice, Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo stands as one of the best golf drivers in 2021 due to its integration of the latest technologies and next-level versatility. Additionally, the lower price of the club also appeals to many golfers. So if we look at the overall features of the club, it’s probably the best for everyone right now.

Q. Are lower degree drivers harder to hit?
A. To be precise, yes they are. As mentioned earlier, those with lower loft angles are relatively harder to hit because of their high speed.

Q. Do drivers lose their distance over time?
A. Yes, they do. As a matter of fact that they can wear off over time, their efficiency gets reduced. Although we highly relate this fact with the distance alone, it should be kept in mind that it includes the overall performance of the driver that includes everything.

Q. Will expensive drivers improve my game?
A. As tempting as it might seem, expensive drivers in no way can contribute to your game until you are at an advanced level. Since most of them are difficult to hit, it won’t do you any favors. So it will be wise to go for something that suits your level of the game, rather than throwing money at something that isn’t necessarily meant for you. You can still find the best golf drivers for high handicappers without spending much.

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