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Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Have you recently grown a liking towards golfing and plan to practice it a little more? If yes then remember that the key to acing golfing as a beginner lies in your golfing equipment. Now, what exactly does this consist of? Here I am giving a review of the best golf drivers for beginners.

Golfing equipment includes every essential from golf balls to putters. However, the tool on which the performance of your golfing is primarily dependent on is the golf driver. Purchasing the right golf driver is known to not only make the sport easier to learn and play but also makes the complete experience much more thrilling and pleasant.

To help you achieve this, we have compiled a list of the best and most trusted golf drivers for every beginner golfer. Read ahead to learn about these along with what exact features boost your shots and golfing performance!

What Are The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners?

Here Is a Compiled List of best golf drivers for beginners.

Image Product Key Features Price
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Carbon T2C Triaxial Crown Check Price
Benross Delta Driver Benross Delta Driver Latest CT-face Stability Bar Check Price
Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver Titanium Manufacturing Check Price
Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Radspeed Driver Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Radspeed Driver Low CG weighting Check Price
TaylorMade M6 Golf Driver TaylorMade M6 Golf Driver Twist Face Technology Check Price

1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Let’s start this list with the leading name in the golfing industry. Through years of experience, Callaway has become one of the most trusted names for the sale and manufacture of golfing equipment. One such product that was specifically designed to increase the passion for the sport in the heart of every beginner is the Big Bertha B21 Golf Driver.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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Ball flight distance is the most cherished feature for any beginner in their golf driver. It is so as the longer the shots they hit, the minimum your chances of hitting slice are. What factors contribute to this longer and straighter ball flight? With an ultra-low forward CG and new formula for construction of the drivers, Callaway maximizes your ball distance and adds consistency to any strikes made with the Big Bertha B21 club head!

Just right after flight distance, forgiveness is the most in demand features of any club head. To gain user satisfaction in this aspect as well, the Big Bertha contains a T2C Triaxial and incredibly light weight carbon crown. With this construction, the weight of your driver is evenly distributed, leading to a higher MOI and therefore undefeated forgiveness.

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Callaway has surely taken things up the greatest notch with this advanced product. If you were already convinced about the forgiveness of this driver, the improve jailbreak technology is sure to leave you speechless. Featuring two internal jailbreak bars, the sole and crown of this driver are held together strongly and lead to higher ball speed and power.

Construction of any driver not only determines its durability but also the standard of performance it offers. In a contrast to the traditionally heavier titanium manufacturing, the face architecture of Big Bertha is comparatively lighter and stronger. Together, these two features optimize your ball speed and facilitate a low spin to make the driver easier to use for every beginner and high handicapper.

Now let’s discuss the head design and weight of Callaway’s Big Bertha Driver. With the aim of perfecting your launch angles and eradicating ball slices, the driver supports a large club head with an internal draw bias weighting. This thoughtful head shaping assists you in hitting the longest and straightest shots with more accuracy and power!

Advanced technology is something that Callaway has never fallen behind on. Living up to this mark, they use the artificially intelligent flash face SS21 software for greater flight coverage. This feature is highly adored by every amateur player as it makes your ball go for a longer distance even after you miss hitting the centre of your driver face!


  • Equipped advanced artificial intelligence for greater flight distance
  • Latest two jailbreak technology for higher ball speed and consistency
  • Super strong and light weight TA-15 titanium construction for optimal speed and minimum spin
  • Incredibly stable feel with heavier head design
  • Carbon T2C triaxial crown for even weight distribution and higher MOI
  • Modern blue and red contrasting crown colours


  • Use restricted to golfers with slice

Final Verdict:

Considering the aforementioned key features of Callaway Big Bertha B21 club driver, it is undoubtedly one of the very best products in the market for all beginners. Making use of the smartest technology and combining it with easy operation, this club driver will fulfil all your dreams about hitting the longest and straightest shots no matter how little practise you have had before.

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2. Benross Delta Driver

There is high probability that you have never heard about the amazing brand Benross. Despite years of excellence in its products, the popularity of Benross is only restricted to a small but dedicated group of golfers. We are here to enlarge this group by introducing the extra ordinary Delta Driver to every high and low handicapper.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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What makes this product outstand among other drivers by competitive and well known brands? First of all, lets discuss the crown shape of Benross’ Delta Driver. Knowing how important ball speed is for beginners and what adverse impacts excess air drag can have on it, Benross finishes the crown of the driver in a latest aero design.

The featured air flow channel of this crown regulates adequate air flow supply, thereby reducing drag considerably and boosting the ball speed effortlessly. In addition to this, the CT face design makes use of variable face thickness to enhance ball speed further and give every amateur player the most fast paced shots.

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As we mentioned previously, forgiveness and ball distance are two core essentials for acing your strikes as a beginner. Both of these are entirely dependent on the positioning of centre of gravity of every golf driver. For this very purpose, Benross contains the latest 8g fixed weight port on the sole of the driver. This, combined with the 460cc head design of Delta Driver optimizes your centre of gravity and leads to superior forgiveness and distance.

Although accuracy of shots is something that takes time to develop, the right features can reduce this time vastly. But to do this, your golf driver must have the largest sweet spot alignment. We are quite pleased to tell you how the Benross Delta Driver has taken care of this aspect as well and utilizes the newly designed stunning sweet spot.

This centres your target right on the markings and aligns your crown precisely. With these features, you are guaranteed to learn about hitting accurate strikes in little to no time! Although underrated, Benross has never compromised on the standard and quality of its products.

Constructed from reliable Fujikura Ventus 4-T core shaft, the Benross Delta Driver is the perfect tool to boost the stability of your flights with. Through a greater smash factor and launch speed, your driver will increase not only the performance of your strikes but your confidence as a beginner too! Additionally, the Lamkin Crossline grip makes the time spent while holding the club driver extremely comfortable and ensures a solid and firm grip.


  • Smart aero shape crown with air flow channels for better air supply regulation and reduced drag
  • Latest CT-face stability bar for consistency and flight stability
  • Heavy and strong 460cc driver head size with comfortable and firm Lamkin Crossline grip
  • 8g fixed weight port with superior ball alignment and accuracy
  • Finished in a grey and black matte design for anti-glare
  • Available for left-handed players as well
  • Backed by one year manufacturer warranty


  • Not quite as solid as other drivers

Final Verdict:

By this point, we are sure that you have also become a fan of the astounding brand Benross. They have bought for every beginner a driver that compromises on no essential and smart feature but instead makes use of the most brandished technologies to assist you in learning golfing like never before!

3. Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver

Now lets discuss the hottest golf driver in market that has managed to turn all heads around through its looks and features. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver! Branded with the reliable name Tour Edge, this driver is definitely something taken out of the dream of every amateur golfer.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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Firstly, let’s review what type of launches does the Tour Edge E521 offers. With an extremely high moment of inertia, Tour Edge has made your ball launch angles higher and straighter than ever! Alongside this, the E521 hot launch corrects your miss-hits almost instantly and therefore rightly gains the title of Hot Launch in its name and by its users.

Although the signature of Tour Edge is sufficient to talk about the quality manufacturing of any product, let us still shine a little light upon what the E521 is constructed from. With premium 6-4 titanium material, this golf driver is light weight yet powerful in performance. The 460-cc hot launch face is living proof about this power and guarantees to optimize your ball velocity and coverage notably.

Acknowledging how pivotal flight distance is for anyone new to golfing, Tour Edge has offered the perfect solution to them with its shallower face design. Rated with a face height of 11% and shallow dimensions, the hot launch E521 is considerably easy to use even for high handicappers and enhances your drives unbelievably.

Next in the long line of features of the E521 golf driver is its unique houdini sole. Through utilization of this tested and trusted sole, the weight of your driver is evenly and accurately distributed to the lowest mark. This facilitates in effortless launching of your ball and contributes to the forgiveness excessively.

How important is ball slicing to you? If it is something you can freely live without, then behold as the Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 is the best match for you! Making use of its heel sole weight, your club is automatically squared at the time of impact and adds to a draw bias. This eradicates any chances of your tee shots being sliced.

With a length of about 44.5 inches, the shorter shaft of E521 is here to make your life easier and better! Shorter by almost half an inch, this risky yet stunning shaft measurement promotes accuracy of your strikes and gives you a greater degree of control over it, specifically for hitting off centre shots. Finally, the slice fighting offset design works with the heel weight to enhance the straightness and precision of your tee shots.  


  • Backed by lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Comprised of FUBUKI super light metal wood premium quality shafts
  • Shorter 44.5-inch shaft length for greater ball control and accuracy
  • A considerably shallower face design with 11% additional height for extremely easy operation
  • Unique Houdini sole for even weight distribution and greater forgiveness
  • Light weight titanium manufacturing with 460 cc head design for superior power
  • Draw bias flight slice correction


  • Unusual address shape

Final Verdict:

Like all of its other products, Tour Edge does not leave any stone unturned with the Hot Launch E521 golf driver. Finished with the highest rated specifications, this driver has received nothing but affirmative reviews by its users and continues to do so as more customers buy it. Dedicated or not, this driver only stops after raising your handicapper index to the lowest and most professional mark.

4. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Radspeed Driver

There is no way that you have never heard about the name Cobra while browsing through the internet, looking for the perfect driver. Years of twenty plus experience under its belt has made Cobra the most reliable and looked upon name by every golfer. But it was their recent F9 Speedback Driver that created a hype in the town like never before.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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What is it about this driver that makes it so worthy of your attention and money? Initially, the equipped Speedback technology ensures that the driver is finished in an aerodynamic and streamlined design. Utilization of this shape and its rounded edges greatly adds to the speed and strength of your shots, while in air and on ground.

Generally, we don’t recommend any beginner to start their golfing journey with heavier drivers that may strain their muscles immediately after use. Until you get in practice of swinging drivers with high speed, the Cobra F9 golf driver has got you covered! With a low and multi-material CG structure, the overall weight of the product is kept at bay at only 2.3 pounds, making it easier to swing and protecting against any muscle aches.  

Already convinced? Well, truth to be told, we have barely scratched the surface about the benefits of CG Speedback of Cobra Radpseed driver right now. Utilizing the adjustable weight technology, you can customize your CG position anywhere between front and back, depending upon your preference in spin and skills. So dear amateurs, are you ready to confuse the most professional players with your accurate spins and high speed?

A large proportion of golfers are unaware of the downsides of conventional circular sweet spot drivers. It’s about time we shine a little light over this detail. Although circular sweet spots have been used for long intervals, they provide a restricted sweet zone area. To enlarge this zone, Cobra F9 makes use of the forged patented E9 technology, with elliptical pattern instead of a circular one.

Another factor that leads to ball drag and reduced speed is the opposite direction of airflow while golfing on a windy day. To diminish this affect, Cobra makes sure to position the polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips opposite to the direction of wind around the clubhead. Moreover, the 360 aero shape minimizes the air drag and therefore leads to faster and power packed shots.

The thickness of a driver and the point where its centre of gravity lies play a vital part in deducing the precision of shots and chances of hitting your aim. To increase the probability of this happening, the Radspeed is constructed from the slimmest CNC precision milled face and contains an extremely low centre of gravity.


  • Speedback Aero shape and rounded edges for maximum speed
  • Satisfactory and audibly loud hit feel and sound
  • Low CG weighting for ease of use and greater strength
  • The thinnest and most efficient CNC precision milled construction
  • Enlarged sweet spot with the elliptical patented patterns to aid with toe and heel hits
  • Simple and movable weighting adjustability for high and low spins


  • Restricted flight additional distance
  • Not recommended for low handicappers who demand flight direction control

Final Verdict:

Be it in terms of interior or exterior, the Cobra F9 Radspeed Driver excels in all aspects and becomes a customer favourite in no time. This driver is largely recommended to anyone new to the sport and looking to perfect their skills with optimal ease and minimum efforts. It might not add additional distance to your ball but will provide you with all the features needed to make this possible.

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5. TaylorMade M6 Golf Driver

How dare we finish this list without mentioning the name TaylorMade? The brand TaylorMade needs no introduction as its work is enough to speak about the top-notch quality and mark set by them. Year after year, they release phenomenal golfing equipment but the latest driver that had everyone turning around just to get a second look at it is the exceptional M6 club head for high handicappers and beginners!

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At this point, we are sure you have memorized the word forgiveness and craved its importance for any beginner inside your head. Well, to provide this crucial feature in the best way possible, Taylormade makes use of a juiced up and speed injected twist face. These are independently calibrated to attain highest standard of quality and engineered to fly with the speed of rocket and supply extraordinary forgiveness.  

Speed injected is a technology that is rarely used in golf drivers and therefore needs a little digging to be done about to reveal exactly what it brings to the table. With injected tuning resin, the COR of the driver’s face is supremely optimized. This speed injection process boosts your ball speed and distance to the next level and deliver a performance at or very close to the legal limit.

Trust Taylormade to equip its products with technologies never heard of before. Featuring a legendary and distinct face curvature with corrective face angle, your on and off centre hits are supported greatly while reducing side spins considerably. The twist face technology is highly addictive and makes the user doubt about using a driver without it once made use of. With greater high toe loft and less in the low heel, you can achieve consistency in your shots despite being relatively new to the sport!

Aiming to hit the straightest and fastest strikes but do not know what features to look for to make this possible? We are here to answer this question and bless you with the fastest ball driver in the market. Finished in a modern and aerodynamic shape, TaylorMade M6 offers double the speed of any other rounded edge driver.

Furthermore, its inertia generator has a capacity to store about 46g weight and henceforth achieve outstanding forgiveness with it. Taylormade makes this possible by utilizing about 54% carbon housing in its sole design inertia generator. Lastly, the installation of a much more flexible Hammerhead slot produces a sweet spot, larger than any other driver’s and protect ball speed on off centre strikes.


  • Twist face technology works together with the speed injection for excellent forgiveness and speed
  • Aerodynamic and sleek shape minimizes air drag and spin effect
  • Increased ball height through sole weight and face curvature with corrective angle for consistency
  • 54% carbon sole housing with higher inertia generator
  • Hammerhead 2.0 technology for a larger and more flexible sweet spot


  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

Considering the mentioned technologies and specifications, it wouldn’t be wrong to deem Taylormade M6 golf driver as the smartest and most advanced product in the market. However, its ease of use despite its complex interior makes it the perfect match for beginners prepared to jump right into the sport and willing to dedicate themselves completely!

Buyers Guide for Every Beginner Buying a Golf Driver

With time and the multiple brands that have emerged within the golfing industry, it is understandable that any beginner tends to be quite confused when intending to purchase the right driver for themselves. This confusion might stray them from their demands and requirements and lead to a failed golfing experience and short-lived passion for the sport.

To eradicate the chances of this happening to anyone else, we have taken it upon ourselves to not only enlist the best products in market but also educate everyone about the factors that make them the very best. Henceforth, continue reading to learn about the features that you always need to look at before buying the right golf driver for you.

Head Shape

The head shape of any driver is the foremost aspect to look at as it determines the flight speed and spin ability. Mainly, there are two driver head shapes offered to the users, elliptical and square. Beginners often prefer circular head shape for its greater ease and comfort but the final decision depends upon your preference as we have seen many beginners excel with a squarer head shape as well.

Circular head shapes enhance your swing and ball speed vastly. They are easier to get used to and help beginners start their journey with confidence and power. On the other hand, square head shapes require some practice before getting comfortable with and are essential for flight direction control and shape.

Head Size

A popular myth regarding driver head sizes is the bigger is always better. But its about time someone busts this myth and educates you how your preference and suitability are the only things that matter when selecting the right head size of your driver. With a wide scale of 460cc to 260cc, it is given that the decision of picking the right head size for you is quite a difficult one to make.

If you a mid handicapper, who has great skills and wants to control and shape their ball flights, then the smallest head size is preferred. Meanwhile, for powerful shots and greater distance, a 460cc is the best choice. Finally, beginners are recommended to start with large head sizes as they allow them to concentrate more on the distance and forgiveness of their strikes rather than spin and flight shape.


Over the years, titanium was used as the sole material to create drivers from. But after research and testing, experts have introduced carbon and tungsten as better constituents for titanium drivers. What was it about this titanium manufacturing that there was a need to replace them?

The answer to this question lies in the heavy density and weight of titanium that added greatly to the driver drag and swinging speed. Perhaps, the best composition for any golf driver is one that consists of a mixture of titanium, carbon and tungsten. Through this, carbon cancels out the excess weight of titanium meanwhile tungsten optimizes the weight perimeter, leading to higher MOI.

Loft Angles

This is another question mark in the minds of many beginners, who are yet to learn about the complexities of golfing. With the variable angle range between eight to fourteen, the decision of determining the right loft angle is a hard one to make. The strategy here is to bare in mind the fact that the greater swing speed you have, the lower loft angle you need.

Clubs that have higher lofts contribute more to backspin and ball’s flight duration. Along with this, loft degrees lead to higher launch and ball distances, features that are very in demand by every beginner and high handicapper. Henceforth, pick a loft degree based on these factors and your requirements but remember that the greater angle you go for, the higher the price you will have to pay for it.


Another important aspect to look at before buying a goof driver as a beginner is whether it is worth the money you plan to spent on it or not. With drivers being available from two thousands dollars to as low as five hundred, it is significant to know which delivers the right balance between performance and price.

Always make sure that you do not spend heftily on a golf club that is really all about its exterior and looks. Alongside this, remember to not set a budget too low as it would lead to poor performance on the course. As a beginner, find a driver between five hundred to eight hundred dollars that contains smart technology as well.

Final Words

Well folks, there you have it! A complete overview and golf driver buying guide for every newcomer to the incredibly thrilling sport of golf. We hope that this article helps you in buying the right club head for your use that will not only boost your performance but confidence and love for the sport as well. Happy golfing our dear beginners! We hope to see you lower your index in little time and meet us to talk about the best drivers for mid and low handicappers soon.

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