Best Golf Drivers Brands

For years, golfing has been the favorite sport of many seniors and young players. With their love for the sport comes the need to purchase the right equipment to practice it with. Although golf balls and putters add to the performance of golfing greatly, the most pivotal equipment is the golf driver for every user. Here I talk about the best golf drivers brands along with their best golf driver model.

Keeping in mind exactly how important buying the right golf driver is for every low, mid and high handicapper, it is significant for you to know about the names you can trust with this decision. With time, numerous brands have emerged and promised to offer the best club heads and drivers, but only few have kept up to this promise and made your golfing time easier and efficient.

Therefore, we are here to introduce the best and most reputable golf driver brands to you along with their highest rated product to demonstrate exactly how brilliant the name is. Read ahead to find about these along with the things that make any golfing brand worthy of your attention and money.

What are the Best Golf Driver’s Brands?

Image Brand Best Driver Price
PING Max G400 driver PING Ping G400 Max Driver Check Price
Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Cobra Cobra King F8 Driver Check Price
Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver Titleist Titleist TSi2 Driver Check Price
Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Callaway Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Check Price
Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver Srixon Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver Check Price


Best Golf Driver's Brands

Founded in 1959, about sixty years ago, the founder of Ping, Karsten Solheim started his new venture by producing putters in his own garage. Soon enough, he left his job to dedicate himself completely to the brand and from there onwards built an empire from scratch. The name Ping itself was given by Karsten’s own perception of what he wanted to hear when striking shots with his driver.

Now, what was it about the name Ping that not only bought it so much attention since its start but has contributed to its continued ascend from there onwards? Karsten was the first person to make use of high-quality investment castings in golf clubs and thereby improve the driver quality while keeping its cost at bay.

Just after the success of this construction, Ping came up with the most unique and smart technologies for its products and began their fitting program using a player’s personal problems and distances from the 1980s. It is evident enough that they are doing their thing accurately with the extremely cherished drivers like the Ping G400 Max driver.

Highest Rated Product – Ping G400 Max Driver

The most widely known series of Ping is the G400 golf drivers. They have received heaps of affirmative reviews but it is specially the latest G400 Max Driver that refused to fall behind the five-star mark at any time. Let’s take a look at what makes this possible now, shall we?

Ping G400 Max Driver

Check Price

A larger profile of any driver adds to its overall aesthetic and higher ball distances and flights. To make this possible, Ping equips this G400 driver with the 460cc large profile head and advanced Dragonfly technology. With both of these in use, the centre of gravity is lowered tremendously and MOI is alternatively advanced. This technology and thin textured crown also make the driver incredibly aesthetic and modern to look at.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handdicapper

Keeping true to its name and promise, Ping offers the most satisfying feel and striking sound in its adored G400 Max driver. Although, the sound of any club seems insignificant at first, it is known to ease every new player’s tension and make them more confident on the course. With the carefully engineered patent rib architecture, the G400 produces a moderately loud yet deep striking sound with solid and enhanced feel.

Whether you are a beginner golfer or a professional one, ball distance is something that is equally important for every golfer. To maximize this aspect, Ping has taken it upon themselves to use the highest density back weighting material along with tungsten composite. Together, they add about 9900 MOI to your strikes and lead to the lowest CG and highest ball distance achievable.

As we mentioned before, Ping always has the smartest solution prepared for all your problems. To address the very prominent and adverse impacts of air resistance on ball speed and spin, they make use of the extra ordinarily thin T9S+ forged face flex features. These give you a high and consistent speed to start with whereas, the textured face helps reduce unwanted ball spinning by increasing the friction and air drag effect.

The shape of golf drivers matters a lot in determining the speed of your ball flights. For the fastest launch and flight velocity, Ping finishes the Max Driver in a sleek and extremely aerodynamic shape. With its doomed crown and bolder turbulators, air resistant is minimized meanwhile the ball velocity and stability improves greatly.


  • 360cc heavier head design for greater power and textured crown for an attractive look
  • Aerodynamically shaped head design with doomed crown for faster speeds and minimal drag
  • Features T9S+ forged face flexes for flight consistency and speed
  • Patent rib architecture produces satisfactory deep striking sound and comfortable feel
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Striking sound might be a little too low for some people

Final Words:

The G400 Max Driver is only one of the many outstanding products that Ping has come up with. Compromising the smartest technologies in a budget friendly price, it is prominent that Ping has kept up to its promise and this stays the sole reason for its growing success and demand in future. Surely, any product by Ping’s name is one that can be trusted without any doubt or suspicion.

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2. Cobra

Our next best pick is the forty eight year old running brand that is about to turn fifty soon but promises to stay thrifty forever! Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the German Puma SE subsidiary name, Cobra. Founded by the bearer of Australia’s amateur golf championship, Thomas Crow was motivated by the lack of ideas and technology in drivers, specifically for female and senior golfers.

Best Golf Driver's Brands

Since their start in 1973, Cobra managed to acclaim the attention of the golfing community with the release of the first every utility club, the Baffler in the 1980s. Soon enough, they began producing considerably lighter clubs from irons and shafted woods to facilitate players with lower swinging speeds but great passion about the sport.

With an annual net worth in millions, Cobra now produces the most flexible golfing equipment including irons, wedges, and fairways. But perhaps, they are most known for their golf drivers that offer tough competition to every high rated product and are here to making golfing easier and better for all types of players.

Highest Rated Product – Cobra King F8 Driver

With a running time that long, Cobra has introduced numerous golf drivers that have been very well received by the audience. But the product that manages to outshine amongst all of these and has received a five starred rating by 98% of its users is the brilliant King F8 Golf Driver.

Cobra King F8 Driver

Check Price

As opposed to the popular belief about heavier driver faces being the better, Cobra’s King F8 is here to bust this myth completely. With its thin and precisely milled CNC design, the face of this driver is increasingly tight and promises to boost the deflection of any ball that it strikes. This accounts for about 10% lighter face yields on golf courses.

Talking about the benefits of the CNC milled yields a little more, King F8 features a multi direction CNC milling pattern. What exactly does this do? For starters, the circular milling design right at the centre of the driver makes the product visually more attractive and offers an adequate view of the greatest sweet zone.

Best Golf Drivers For Seniors

Considering how Cobra was initially found to make golfing easier for elders and females, it is quite understandable that their best golf driver is compatible with every level of handicapper. Constructed from lightweight titanium body and forged face, the King F8 does not require exceptional power or swinging speeds to deliver the longest shots. It uses the E8 variable thickness face structure to lower the CG and attain optimal distance on off-centre hits.

What is a Cobra product if not equipped with underrated yet reliable technologies? In comparison to conventional drivers, the Cobra F8 features the dual roll technology to maximize launch speed and spins. It does so by crafting distinctive curvatures on the bottom and top face to facilitate the most accurate face centre shots and trajectories.

Do you know the Cobra King F8 is often deemed as the most forgiving driver in the market? Let us discuss at what makes this golf driver worthy of this title. Finished in a streamlined shape, following in line with the computational fluid dynamics, the King F8 reduces air drag effortlessly. Alongside this, the flow separation of the crown is optimized and gets you unbelievable distance and speed.

Still don’t think that just a lowered drag and aerodynamic shape are enough to grant you sufficient forgiveness? The lightweight carbon fibre crown of F8 is promised to leave you convinced. With a moveable weighting and repositioning design, the low and back weights maximize launch velocity and forgiveness vastly.


  • Eight loft settings with two adjustable weights and variety of shaft options to suit every golfing index
  • Precise CNC milling pattern for sweet tooth visibility and flight consistency
  • E9 technology with elliptic pattern for lowered CG and better off centre shots
  • Lightweight titanium body with ply carbon fibre crown foe extreme forgiveness and flight speed
  • 360 aero technology and streamlined shape for minimum drag


  • Not quite visibly appealing
  • Heavy and busy crown might stray your focus

Final Words:

Cobra has definitely lived up to its reputation of making no distinction among the type and skill of its players over the years. They have become one of the leading names for every golfer looking to practice their skills and improve in little time. The best at it is the King F8 golf driver but is definitely not the last product of Cobra to gain 98% approval of its customers. The list goes on and on!

3. Titleist

Next on the list is the widely acclaimed and recognized name among the golfing industry, Titleist. Taken after the phrase ‘title holder’, Titleist has indeed proved its worth with time and top-notch quality products from time to time. Where did this phenomenal brand start from?

Best Golf Driver's Brands

Established in 1932, the fresh graduate of MIT, Phillip Young once missed a sure put because of poorly constructed core of his golf ball. As he explored more balls and discovered poor quality to be a common aspect among these products, Young introduced Titleist with the promise of golfers never missing their putts because of the manufacturer’s fault.  

Gradually, with time and after seeing the success of his premium quality golf balls, Titleist decided to try its hands on golf drivers as well. From that very day, the name Titleist has fulfilled every promise it kept and become one of the oldest running yet exceptional brands for sale of extra ordinary products.

Highest Rated Product – Titleist TSi2 Driver

Although every Titleist product meets the highest standard in terms of quality and performance, it is their TSi series that has made sure to leave every customer completely star-struck and speechless. Let’s shine a little light on what the latest addition to this series, the TSi2 has to offer.

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Check Price

The right blend of strength and flexibility is one of the rarest things in a driver’s face insert. But leave it upon Titleist to make the wildest of your dreams come true! Featuring the ATI 425 titanium alloy insert, the power offered in TSi2 is almost astronomical! Moreover, this light weight manufacturing protects the driver from being extremely stiff and makes it easier to swing at high speed.  

How much do you treasure speed and forgiveness in your drivers? If your answer to this question is unlimited then Titleist TSi2 is the only right golf club for you. Finished in an aerodynamic and streamlined head design, the adverse effect of air resistance is minimized in contrast to the optimized ball speed.

What makes the TSi2 different from other products in its series? The satisfactory thud sound is one of the multiple features that this latest edition has over other products. Next on this list is the multi-dimensional stability of TSi2 golf driver. Utilizing the optimized MOI heel to toe design, your inertia index is increased by 13%, adding to higher and spinner launches.

Weight adjustability of any driver plays a significant role in deducing the consistency and accuracy of ball flight.  For promised consistency in your hits, TS equips the TSi2 and TSi3 with patented Surefit hosel. This provides about 16 loft lie settings and offer a wide head adjustability scale from -4g to +4g.

Just like how Young discovered about damaged inner golf ball cores, the discovery of batch CT testing of drivers also frustrated him a lot. Therefore, he took an oath of testing each club independently and has kept their word for over eighty years. Titlist takes complete responsibility of CT testing each club individually and strictly. This ensures the highest mark of tightness and leads to amazing ball launch speed and stability.

Do you dream about everyone staring at you in awe after hitting the most wonderful shots? If yes then you are bound to like the eye-catching exterior of Titleist TSi2 golf club. Finished in a simple blackhead, the face of this driver has a minimalistic diamond pattern. Lastly, the signature TSi letters on its crown are a mark of the noteworthy name, Titleist.


  • Low and deep centre of gravity for higher and stable launch
  • Variable head weights between -4g and +4g with 2g incrementing scale
  • Five Surefit CG settings with repositionable swing weights
  • Aerodynamic finish for faster speed and low drag
  • Exceptionally forgiving on MIS hits through the advanced ATI 425 face insert
  • Simple yet incredibly sleek and minimalistic exterior


  • Face is marked by balls easily

Final Words:

Philip Young really took it upon himself to make sure anyone else does not hinder their golfing performance due to the brand’s negligence and flaws. As Titleist is nearing its golden jubilee, we can only see more products like the classy yet smart TSi2 driver being released. But for now, the customers are more than pleased with their purchases and can quote you about the premium quality and technologies of the name Titleist.

4. Callaway

Callaway has often been termed as the largest and well-known name globally. This American based brand has been selling its products to about seventy countries and more and has earned nothing but respect and customers throughout the world. What is the key to Callaway’s success?

Best Golf Driver's Brands

With manufacturing all kinds of equipment, ranging from golf balls, bags, gloves, caps to golf drivers, Callaway leaves no stone unturned in terms of golfing accessories and necessities. Their recent attempt at golf shoes was also quite noteworthy and lead to further fame.

The graduate of Emory university, Ely Callaway Jr. was a fine industrialist but an avid golfer as well. With the downfall of Hickory Sticks in 1982, Callaway took it upon himself to invest in the brand and eventually took off to set up his own golfing brand for every player. This was amazingly received by the audience and lead to Callaway being awarded with the award for best marketplace ethics in 2005 from San Diego Better Business Bureau.

Highest Rated Product – Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Callaway has over the years, won marvellous titles, be it only for the brand or its notable products. One such addition to this ongoing list came with the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver becoming the leading champion of golfing tournament for the year 2021. This latest golf driver is definitely the hottest product launched since the start of this year.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Check Price

One speciality about Callaway is it’s out of the ordinary routes to solve any problem or eradicate a struggle. Similarly, the Epic Max LS uses an entirely unique and advanced speed frame technology. This connects the sole and crown head strongly and henceforth lead to superior ball speed and torsional stability.

Perhaps the spotlight of this Epic LS driver is the smart artificial intelligence software installed in it. The advantages of this software are not limited to better flight speed but include spinning ability of the ball as well. Manufacturing of the crown from strong yet light weight Triaxial carbon composite reduces the weight of the driver and redistributes it efficiently.

Sole adjustability is a feature that allows the user to distribute the sole weight according to their preference and requirements. With Callaway’s promise to prioritize customer wants above everything else, the Epic Max LS comes with a 13g sliding weight perimeter scale. This adds about thirteen yards of shape correction and lets you include slight draw or fade bias by easy positioning of your heel.

Although the Speed frame technology and Flash face feature speak enough about the forgiveness of Callaway Epic, people still tend to doubt this aspect. But the more than 8400 driver head MOI amount makes sure to eradicate this doubt completely. This, in addition to the Jailbreak frame aid any amateur in learning the most complex tricks without witnessing the negative impacts of their mishits.

Callaway has introduced not one but various leading golf driver series. These include Odysseys but the EPIC family is the one that has drawn most of the customers in. Its latest addition, the MAX LS also shares the same green accents with other drivers alongside the “X” pattern on its face for a confident and cool look. However, the dimensions of this driver vary with previous ones, in terms of the face area and overall shape.

As much as an amateur handicapper require technology in their drivers, a great feel and satisfactory striking sound is something that adds lots of credit points to any product and is wanted by professionals too! Therefore, Callaway LS offers a moderately metallic and pleasant ‘crack’ sound, every time it strikes the ball. With a lowered CG comes a solid and excellent feel, grip and explosiveness to the Epic MAX driver.


  • Variable 13g sliding weight adjustability and positioning
  • Extremely long dimensions with signature EPIC family logo
  • Latest speed frame technology for amazingly rapid ball speed
  • Machine learning A.I. software for improved stability, speed and spin robustness
  • Adequately balanced with lightweight and strong triaxial carbon head construction
  • Satisfactory strike sound and comfortable feel


  • Sub optimal shaft leads to bas results
  • Not for people who prefer high spins

Final Words:

Just like the very first product it manufactured, Callaway has lived up to its high mark of excellence and technology with time. They have prioritized customer wants above every other aspect and thereby won over the hearts of many users globally! The EPIC MAX LS driver surely has started this year with a blast and left every Callaway fan anticipated and thrilled for more.

5. Srixon

Srixon, owned and established by SRI sports limited is a golfing brand that is reaching new levels of success with every passing day. Mainly focused on producing golf balls, Srixon is also responsible for other golfing equipment including extremely efficient golf drivers.  

Best Golf Driver's Brands

What is the main aim of Srixon? Apart from introducing and utilizing incredibly thought provoking technologies, Srixon has also taken complete responsibility to help enhance your love and passion for the sport, golf. It is the trusted choice of many professionals around the world and has over seventy years of experience under its belt.  

Highest Rated Product – Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver

Although Srixon came up with various exceptional driver series, the most talked about one till now is assuredly its Z series. Our favourite in this line is the ZX5 driver as it demonstrates a perfect picture of what every Srixon product looks like. This ZX5 golf driver has attained a high five star rating since the time of its release and does not show any sign of falling behind anytime soon.

Srixon ZX5 Golf Driver

Check Price

From hooking looks to advanced features, the ZX5 surely contains it all. Furnished in a sleek and thin top line, this driver screams confidence and professionalism from yards away. Next,  the prominent six-iron down sole speaks volumes about the supreme forgiveness of Srixon ZX5 driver.

With seventy years of experience in the field, Sirxon has learnt to differentiate user wants and needs perfectly. It categorizes satisfactory sound and feel as one of the crucial wants and makes sure to offer it in this great driver. Constructed from best quality iron, the ZX5 has a firmer yet comfortable feel to it. Along with this, a metallic and moderately loud sound is produced as opposed to the traditional thud strike noise.

Srixon has experimented with loads of technologies and features in its products but always under expert supervision. With their collaboration,  they recently have created a distinctive mainframe design for the ZX5 driver. Featuring CNC milled cavities and unique face design, this driver increases launch speed and face springs to exceptionally higher degrees.  

The advanced 4i-7i wide grooves are installed to deal with longer shots in all circumstances. Whereas, the closer and deeper 8i-PW grooves are adequate for short shots in grassy and dusty surroundings. Another feature that makes gliding through turfs with the ZX5 easier is the finished V shaped tour sole.

This supremely boosts the impact feel and grants you a strikingly smooth and undisturbed ball flight, no matter how close you hit the ball from. Finally, the heavy density tungsten toe weighting adds to the heel to toe forgiveness alongside the stability of on and off-centre shots.


  • Uniquely designed rebound mainframe for greater speed and distance
  • Repositionable hosel ports amd swing weights for loft and lie angles
  • Utilization of 15% carbon crown for higher MOI and forgiveness
  •  Exceptionally large sweet spots
  • Very chic and compact head structure for eye catching exterior


  • Lofts are a little too stiff for beginners

Final Words:

Srixon has surely proved that although it might have been in the golfing industry for an exceptionally long time, it has no plans to call quits any time soon. With the most extra ordinary products and features, Srixon continues to please its customers from time to time. The latest product to do so is the ZX5 golf driver for every mid and high handicapper!


Remember the saying, quality above quantity whenever looking for the best golf driver. Although many brands have been introduced to the golfing community, only some are the ones that can be look up to and trusted with closed eyes. This distinction between these two categories is an important one to make and is the one on which the performance of your future golfing skills lie.

Therefore, to help you make this decision and buy a product from the most renowned and reputable name, we have enlisted the best golf driver brands along with their highest rated products. Now, we hope you will stray away from newer and fraud companies but stick with those names that offer you quality and performance at budget friendly rates. Happy golfing everyone!

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