Best Golf Driver For The Money – Reviews & Buyers Guide 2022

Best Golf Driver For The Money

Depending upon the efficiency and brand of any driver, their price may vary from an incredibly affordable to extremely pricey rate. In these cases, it becomes increasingly important to know whether each golf driver is worth your money or not.

Given the numerous golf drivers available in market today, it has become essential for any buyer to purchase a product that offers the best performance without being worth a hefty sum of money. For this reason, we have bought to you the best golf drivers for your money! They will boost your golfing time in an extremely budget friendly rate!

What Are The Best Golf Drivers For Money?

Image Product Key Features Price
srixon Z 565 Srixon Golf Men’s Z 565 Driver Stretch Flex Club Face Check Price
Mazel  MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers Precision Milled CNC Face  Check Price
PGX Offset Golf Driver  PGX Offset Golf Driver 460cc Reliable and Heavier Alloy  Check Price
Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Cobra King F8 Driver   E9 Technology Check Price
Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Callaway Epic Max L5 Driver  Advanced Speed Frame  Check Price

1. Srixon Golf Men’s Z 565 Driver

What is a better way to start this list than with the top-rated product since the past three years? Srixon has delivered nothing but superior quality performance and features to its customers. Living up to this mark, they released the Z 65 Men golf driver for every golfer with a limited budget but high golfing expectations.

Best Golf Driver For The Money

Check Price

Featuring the advanced multi-step design, Srixon Z 565 is here to outdo your previously attained distance limit by a huge mark. It does so by using the power wave sole which lets your sole flex completely even on low impacts. This ultimately leads to better COR and therefore increased flight distance!

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

The Z 565 is the latest addition to the popular Srixon Z golf driver series. What differences does it have when compared to its previous products? First of all, the Z 565 has a much more flexible and responsive sole than its preceding ones. This, not only enhances your ball speed but strength as well and lead to the most powerful and fast shots!

Enough about the flight distance and speed, let us take a look at the design and face of this affordable yet advanced golf driver. Finished in the latest stretch flex cup face, Srixon Z 565 offers an optimized sweet spot.

Along with this, Srixon takes special care to lower the overall weight of this driver and make it easy to swing at high speeds. It achieves this by repositioning about four grams from the crown to increase the amount of MOI present and ultimately lower your centre if gravity exceptionally. Both of these together make up for reduced golf driver weight and the lightest club head crown.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the Srixon Z 565 golf driver is in its newly designed Miyazaki kaula shafts. Never heard that name before? Well, allow us to introduce you to the softest and extremely flexible shaft tips and butts. With this redistributed design, the middle part of your driver is held a little firmer but stays very soft in the butt and tip.

These shafts promote greater stability in your flights and make their launch angles and speeds better and flawless like never before! Lastly, the combination of extremely elastic carbon sheet as material for these shafts give the striker a greater control over their shots and improves their impact stability instantly.


  • Stretch Flex Club face technology
  • 460cc high quality titanium body with 10% greater sweet spot than other Z series drivers
  • Redistributed 4 grams lightweight crown
  • Advanced power wave sole with complete sole flexes
  • Classic and modern head design
  • Contrasting silver and gloss black crown for better alignment
  • Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6 excellent graphite shafts


  • Flight distance could have been better

Final Verdict:

Given the aforementioned details, it is evident that the Srixon Z565 is still worthy of your attention, despite being relatively old in the market. The driver continues to earn appraisal of many users with its phenomenal features offered in a reasonably priced rate to every high, mid and low handicapper!

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2. MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men 

Golfers, professionals or beginners are instantly drawn to products released by big and reputable names in the industry. However, it is about time that underrated yet exceptional names like Mazel get the hype they deserve rightfully. Mazel has been working hard to bring to its customers golfing equipment that enriches their skills and performance greatly, without costing them their lifetime’s savings.

Best Golf Driver For The Money

Check Price

Their most succeeded product in this criteria is the titanium 460 cc men golf driver! Engineered using the precision milled CNC cup face technology, this golf driver is finished with curved face edges, measuring from the edge of the crown till its sole.

What does this design contribute to  your flight performance? For starters, this reduced face thickness leads to a higher rebound speed and structure. Next, its powerful 460 cc titanium head delivers the fasted ball speed even on mishits and grants considerable flight distance to low speed swing players.  

By now, you must have come to realize how important MOI and centre of gravity are in determining the weight and performance of your driver. Finished in a redistributed heaver back zone and additional screw, Mazel adds backspin to your ball and maximizes the control you have over it. Additionally, a loft of 9.5 degree increases your trajectory distance and speed unbelievably.

Advancing upon the speed of Mazel 460cc further, this golf driver is shaped in an aerodynamic deep design to maximize your sweet spot. Furthermore, the manufactured trench surrounding the club face minimizes face thickness and offers you the highest level of forgiveness to facilitate both, high and low index of handicappers.

Drivers For Mid HandiCappers

Featuring a regular graphite shaft, Mazel 460cc gets you about 230 to 250 yards distance effortlessly. These are specifically suitable with high handicappers and work together with the advanced forged titanium E9 face for extra ordinary sweet zone and performance.

It is a known fact that heavier club heads hinder your swinging speed and launch distance greatly. To eradicate the possibility of this happening, Mazel uses the supremely lightweight titanium 2041 material for its club head. This adds to flight stability and a satisfactory crisp striking sound when being used to add to the confidence and fun for the golfer.


  • Precision milled CNC face design
  • Forged lightweight titanium E9 technology
  • Additional 9.5 degree loft angle
  • Audible and clear sound at impact
  • Comfortable grip


  • Not quite durable
  • Obnoxiously loud noise at times

Final Verdict:

Bringing together the smartest technologies and innovative detailing, Mazel has indeed left all of its customers applauded with the supreme 460 cc titanium golf driver! For the unbelievably low price it is offered at, Mazel is one of the biggest competitors of other famous and costly golf drivers.

3. PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset golf driver has definitely set some new and high limits in terms of affordability for golfing equipment. Manufactured by the renowned name Pinemeadow, the first impression of PGX offset might come off wrong and underestimated, given its unbelievably cheap cost and hence, we are here to tell you exactly how wrong this review is!

Best Golf Driver For The Money

Check Price

Contrary to the use of popular titanium club heads, Pinemeadow uses a cheaper yet reliable alloy manufacturing. This relatively heavier driver does add a little drag to your shots but is still quite biased towards your clubhead. Despite this cheaper construction, every user of PGX Offset praises the energy and response in its strikes, thanks to its extremely lower centre of gravity.

As stated in its name, Pinemeadow has finished this golf driver in an offset design. Unfamiliar with this term? Well, allow us to introduce you to one of the most adored features of this driver. With a back set golf face, PGX helps straighten your hits as both, a mid and high handicapper. Along with this, the loft angle of 10.5 degrees helps correct the slicing of your ball and deliver consistency in your shots!

Are you conscious about your fellow golf mates calling you out for a cheap quality looking golf driver? Don’t you worry as the modern yet stylish cover of PGX Offset driver have got you covered and will lead every head turning just to get a second look at it!

Now lets shine a little light on the shafts of this amazingly good golf driver. Utilizing the incredibly lightweight Superfly White graphite shafts, Pinemeadow offers its customers a sensible shaft rating to support mid and high launch angles. Additionally, its light weight boosts the forgiveness of your driver greatly and lets you shine on golf course!

Obviously, there is only a limited extend till where this budget friendly driver delivers the most expensive features. Featuring a barely 58 grams standard rubber cover, the grip of this golf driver is nothing out of the world but still promising at its job. Aside from this satisfactory feel, its construction is good enough to survive for about fifty rounds, which is phonemically long, given its cheap price and quality.


  • 460cc reliable and heavier alloy clubhead
  • 10.5 degree loft angle with 4.8 degree torque
  • Available in black and green colours
  • Superfly white lightweight graphite shafts
  • Thin yet durable black rubber


  • Cheap feel
  • Club head is not trusted for long term use

Final Verdict:

If you are on a very tight budget but still want a golf driver that delivers a decent performance then Pinemeadow,’s PGX offset is surely your go to choice! Despite its certain drawbacks and doubts about longevity, this driver will help you improve your performance without asking you much from your pocket!

4. Cobra King F8 Driver

How can we complete a list about golf drivers without mentioning the first choice of many professional and amateur golfers? Through years of experience, Cobra has rightly acclaimed its position in the top names for golfing equipment and continues to step up every day with extra ordinary products like the King F8 Golf Driver.

Best Golf Driver For The Money

Check Price

Lets start off by addressing how Cobra adequately busts the myth about heavier club heads always being the better with its light weight King F8 golf driver. Making use of the precisely milled and fine CNC design, King F8 enhances the deflection of any ball it strikes. Moreover, its stretched and tight face structure leads to a total of 10% lightness on your face yields!

Advancing upon the details of precision milled CNC yields a little more, Cobra King F8 is finished in a multi direction CNC pattern. This innovative circular milling right at the centre of your driver adds to the overall aesthetic of your product and leaves every onlooker hooked to it. In inclusion to this is the adequate and decent view of the greatly enlarged sweet zone offered by Cobra!

Considering the history of Cobra and its promise to making golfing better for every gender of varying skill, the King F8 golf driver is manufactured from the extremely light weight titanium material. This light body along with the forged face make the King F8 easier to swing and attain maximum distance with. It uses the E8 variable thickness face structure to lower the CG and attain optimal distance on off-centre hits.

Cobra has since long been recognized by its innovatively designed new and reliable technologies. Keeping up with this trend, Cobra equips this golf driver with the dual roll tested and trusted feature. This crafts your distinctive curvatures on the top and bottom of your face, thereby leading to precise face centre trajectories. Furthermore, dual roll technology also accounts for enhanced launch speed and spin ability.

Do you know the Cobra King F8 is often deemed as the most forgiving driver in the market? Lets delve deeper into its construction and determine what feature makes this possible. Shaped in a streamlined aerodynamic structure with computational fluid dynamics, Cobra King minimizes drag effect flawlessly. Along with this, your crown’s flow separation is boosted and leads to supreme ball distance at all costs.

Now you must wonder, streamlined and aerodynamic shape are something that every other driver offers, then what makes the Cobra King F8 so forgiving? The answer to this question lies in the lightweight carbon fibre crown with repositioned design and moveable low and back weights. Together, these improve your launch velocity and lead to tremendous forgiveness!


  • Two adjustable weights with eight loft settings
  • Precision milled CNC circular pattern
  • Maximized sweet tooth
  • Installed E9 technology with elliptic pattern
  • Lightweight titanium construction
  • Ply carbon fibre crown
  • 360 aero technologies with streamlined shape


  • Not the best exterior
  • Busy and heavy crown might distract you

Final Verdict:

The Cobra King F8 golf driver is the most notable product since the past few years. It has earned nothing but affirmative reviews by its users and its brilliant price and innovative technologies have often deemed this driver as something taken the dream out of every low, mid and high handicapper!

5. Callaway Epic Max L5 Driver

Callaway has always made sure to supply its products in the most minimum rate available. Even if worth a hefty sum, you can never get disappointed with a Callaway product. Perhaps its most recent and acclaimed achievement came with the release of superb Epic Max L5 golf driver.

Check Price

With its habit of going out of their way to solve complex problems for their customers, Callaway Epic Max comes with the innovative and rarely used advanced speed frame technology. Through this, your sole and crown head are joined in a much more stable way and together they lead to rapid ball speed and torsional flight stability.

Perhaps the spotlight of Callaway’s Epic LS driver is the installed smart artificial intelligence software. The advantages of this technology are too large to be discussed about in complete detail yet let us quickly brief you about some of its benefits. With faster flight speed and spinning performance, the trajectory of your ball is bound to take off and outrank previous distances and angles easily.

Secondly, manufacturing of the crown from strong yet light weight Triaxial carbon composite reduces the weight of the driver and redistributes it efficiently. Sole adjustability is a feature that allows the user to balance the sole weight according to their preference and needs.

To offer their customers utmost ease, Callaway equips this driver with a 13 gram sliding weight perimeter. This adds about thirteen yards of shape correction and lets you include slight draw or fade bias by easy positioning of your heel.

Although the Speed frame technology and Flash face feature are sufficient to promise about the marvellous forgiveness of Epic Max LS driver, lets cover another significant approach to enhance this performance. Featuring a more than 8400 driver head MOI amount alongside the Jailbreak frame, Callaway is bound to guard you against any adverse mishit impact and instead help you learn and perfect tricky shots.

Following the long and popular line of Callaway’s EPIC series, the Epic Max LS is the latest addition to this line. Similar to its preceding products, the MAX LS also shares  green accents with other drivers along with the “X” pattern on its face for a confident and cool look. The only thing different in its exterior is the change of face dimensions and overall driver structure.

As much as an amateur handicapper require technology in their drivers, a great feel and satisfactory striking sound is something that adds lots of credit points to any product and is wanted by professionals too! Therefore, Callaway LS offers a moderately metallic and pleasant ‘crack’ sound, every time it strikes the ball. With a lowered CG comes a solid and excellent feel, grip and explosiveness to the Epic MAX driver.


  • Variable 14 grams sliding weight perimeter
  • Relatively longer face dimensions and overall structure
  • Advanced speed frame technology
  • Smart machine learning artificial intelligence software
  • Perfectly balanced strong and light triaxial carbon crown
  • Comfortable grip and metallic sound


  • Not suitable for high spinners
  • Sub optimal shafts

Final Verdict:

Callaway has managed to leave its customers awestruck once again with the absolutely thrilling Epic Max LS golf driver! Comprising of the most advanced specifications and features, this noteworthy product is sold at a reasonably cost and is a must buy for everyone looking to excel at golfing in little to no time!

Buyer’s Guide

When you are purchasing a golf driver for your use, price is not the only aspect that needs to be considered before selecting on a product. Of course, it plays a vital in deducing the suitability of a driver with you, but various other factors are also taken into consideration to help rightly judge the performance of any golf driver.

Therefore, to share this crucial information with you, we have enlisted down the most significant factors that you need to look at before deciding om a golf driver for use. Read ahead and aware yourself with the essentials that make any golf driver worthy of your money and attention!

Material for construction

The first and most important thing to consider before buying a driver is what it is made of. Since the past few decades, titanium has been used as the only material to manufacture drivers from. However, recent research has offered a better approach to this manufacturing, that will not only correct the flaws that titanium body had but open new areas of durability.

Nowadays, a mixture of tungsten, carbon and titanium is used to manufacture golf drivers from. What is the purpose of this composition? While the use of tungsten rids off any excess weight because of titanium composition, inclusion of carbon makes the driver extremely light. Together, these three materials lead to a reduced mass and maximized weight perimeter.

Head Shape

If you have been practicing golfing for years now but still lack speed and spin in your shots, then there is a high chance that you are buying the wrong head shape for your driver. With two commonly used driver shapes to choose from, lets finally discuss what shape is well suited to whom.

Almost every beginner golfer starts their journey with a circular head shape for a much more flexible and feasible performance. However, there is no such restriction in this choice as we have also seen amateur progress ahead using square head shapes as well.

Generally, circular head shapes help improve your swing speeds and trajectory angles. These are convenient to use and help correct low and mid handicappers strikes. On the other hand, square head shapes need some time before getting comfortable with and are much more focused on controlling ball direction and flight.

Head Size

Next in line is the head size of your golf driver. Contrary to popular belief, the bigger head size is not always better for every golfer. Instead, with a variable range of head sizes available, from 460cc to 260cc, it is about time you know that head size is something that is entirely dependent on your preference.

If you a mid handicapper, who has mastered straight shots and now wants to focus on flight shaping and control, then go with the smallest head size offered. Similarly, if you want to hit the most power packed shots, irrespective of what direction they go into, get yourself the 460cc head size!


Shafts are designed in varying flexes, curves and lengths to fulfil the wants of various skilled golfers. The decision of choosing the right golf shaft is really important as it helps you raise your handicapping index in minimum time. Therefore, lets review what shafts are best suited to what type of golfers.

Do you desire astronomically fast and accurate swings with longer ball flight time and distance? If your answer to this is a yes then look for heavier and stiffer flex in your shaft. Whereas, softer and light weight shafts are recommended to every player with slow swinging speed and greater flight consistency.

Loft Degrees

This is another big question mark in the mind of many golfers because of the lack of knowledge about its importance and specifications. Ranging from eight to fourteen degrees, loft angles can either break or make your swinging speed. The strategy here is to remember that the slower the swing speed you have, the higher degree of loft you will need.

Clubs that have higher lofts contribute to more backspin and ball air time. In addition to this, loft degrees also lead to higher launch and ball distances. Select a loft degree based on your preference, swinging rate and budget allotted for golfing equipment.


The last factor that we have been emphasising on since the very start of this article is their price. Even before looking at the choices of your driver, remember to set a reasonable and moderate budget for your golf driver. Our recommendation here is anything between eight hundred to one thousand dollars.

Anything above or below this mark has a possibility of falling back in performance or being worth solely for its name. Hence, always make sure that you do not overspent on a golf club that is all show and no talk. Equally important is to not let go of essential and advanced technologies just to save up some money.


With all of that being said, we can happily conclude that now you have sufficient knowledge about golf drivers and their aspects and can wander off in the market and pick the right product for you! Here, we have solely enlisted down the most phenomenal products, that are the best for your pocket and performance!

Along with this, an elaborative buyer’s guide is included to share with you the knowledge we possess that helped us pick out the most outstanding golf drivers for your use. Go ahead now, and pick the most well-suited golf driver for you that is bound to fall in your set budget and will only excel your performance greatly! Happy golfing everyone!

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