Best Golf Balls For Seniors – Reviews & Buyers Guide

There is absolutely no age limit to fulfill your dreams and have fun. Do you feel like dancing at the age of forty? Do it. Feel like watching a kid’s cartoon at sixty? Watch it. Feel like playing golf at eighty? Play it. But of course, with the right equipment. Here I am giving reviews and buyers guide about the best golf balls for seniors.

Your power and energy dissipate with time and may cause some hindrance while playing sports that require lots of effort. However, that should never stop you from practicing them as numerous brands have come up with just the right products for every senior golfer. The most important of these are the uniquely crafted golf balls.

These golf balls make golfing time better and add to the confidence of our lively seniors vastly. For this very purpose, we have selected the best golf balls for them, that will guarantee them almost the same level of fun they had golfing when they were young and strong!

What are the Best Golf Balls for Seniors?

Here is the List of 5 best golf balls for seniors players.

Image Best Golf Balls For Seniors Key Features Price
callaway supersoft golf balls Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Softest and lightest ball Check Price
Chromax Metallic M5 Coloured Golf Balls Chromax Metallic M5 Coloured Golf Balls 75 compression Check Price
Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls Maximum 90 compression Check Price
Mizuno RB566 Golf Balls Mizuno RB566 Golf Balls Unique three piece structure Check Price
Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls Softness and moderate swing speed Check Price

1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

If you have been passionate about golfing since your youth then you will be amazingly surprised to hear that Callaway is still doing better than ever in producing top quality golfing products! They have earned a reputation for them through the thoughtfully designed golf drivers and balls and continue to live up to it by releasing products like the excellent Supersoft golf balls for seniors!

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Check Price

Now you must wonder what exactly is different between these super soft and normal golf balls. The most significant detail is how different the feel of each of these is. While normal balls are harder and stronger, Callaway’s SuperSoft has a 38-compression mark, making it increasingly soft and light weight.

Because of this almost breezy feel, striking and swinging the super soft ball is incredibly easy and effortless. Next, lets talk about the spin rate of Callaway SuperSoft golf balls. Knowing how low spin rates reduce the overall achievable ball distance and speed, Callaway’s balls have higher spin rates for the longest and straightest ball flights!

Now lets try linking the features of this golf ball with our elderly golfers. Given their decreased physical energy, striking a normal golf ball is quite draining and gets them nothing but a few miles ahead. To maximise this distance and boost their confidence, Supersoft, with its unbelievably high compression, swings, rebounds and flies for longer distances, no matter how weak its striking force is!

Surely enough, Callaway never leaves any stone unturned in its products and finishes this golf ball in a thought provoking two piece design. What does this design do? For starters, the two piece design aims to control the spinning rate, ultimately adding to the flight distance of the ball. This combination of spin control and high compression is the rarest one and attracts golfers almost instantly towards it.

With its entirely budget friendly rate, you must be willing to accept minor flaws that the Callaway SuperSoft has. One such of these is the cheap surlyn ball cover, that prevents high spin levels on short game shorts. But don’t you worry as many customers and professionals still admit that Callaway SuperSoft has far better and decent short game control than other surlyn balls do.

Like all things, surlyn covers along with its downsides, have certain benefits as well. The most significant one among this is the high level of durability that the ball offers. Although softer than urethane, the Callaway Super soft will last for a relatively long time and let all seniors play with it, without thinking about damaging or replacing the balls.


  • Softest and lightest ball with 35 compression
  • Softer surlyn cover increases ball distance on the greenery
  • Durable construction through surlyn cover
  • Lower spin rates for longest shots and flight distances with minimal force
  • Incredibly straight shots
  • Available in a wide range of colours like lime and turquoise for best air and ground visibility
  •  Very reasonably priced
  • Two piece design for greater spin control and distance


  • Soft cover decreases short game control


For a price as low as barely twenty pounds, Callaway SuperSoft golf ball is perfect for senior players. With the rarest and highest compression and two piece design, these balls are perfect for every player looking to learn and practice golfing. But if you fall under a serious and more professional ladder, then better consider the Srixon AD8333 golf balls.

Best Golf Irons for Seniors

2. Chromax Metallic M5 Coloured Golf Balls

Are you someone who prefers playing at night, with limited lights and crowd? If yes then it is mandatory for you to check out the Chromax Metallic M5 Coloured Golf Balls! With the trusted tag of Chromax on it, you can rely on these golf balls to make your golfing time fantastic, no matter what age or skill group you fall in.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Check Price

Let us start by discussing the most distinctive and attractive feature of the Chromax Golf Balls. Featuring reflective and coloured metallic surlyn coating, these balls are the perfect show stunners on any court! Not only do this hook every onlooker in but also prevent from losing your balls while practicing with their prominently visible exterior!

Do you struggle to spot and track your ball’s flight during foggy or sunny weather? You are completely saved from this struggle through the reflective and metallic Chromax golf balls. Durability is another aspect that many senior golfers cherish in their balls.

Best Golf Drivers for Senior Players

To meet this criterion, Chromax constructs its balls with an ultra-tough titanium powered tested inner core. These are only composed after passing various high pressure and temperature checks, making them amazingly durable and resistant to dirt and rocks. Moreover, the tough core boosts the elasticity of the ball and its instant rebounding helps gain maximum distance on the weakest of strikes!

Ball trajectory and spin are two things that increase the confidence of every player and lighten up their moods as well. To offer both of these results to our elderly golf enthusiasts, the Chromax ball features about 302 dimples on its face. This creative dimple design advances the aerodynamics of the ball and lead to optimal ball trajectory, spin and distance covered.

The outer core of any golf ball determines its suitability with grass and golf courses along with its ability to adapt to harsh temperatures. To make the ball usable even in extreme weather conditions, Chromax uses a poly-resin outer cover with supreme resistance towards cut and cold temperatures. Furthermore, the spin rate falls equally between the high and low rates, guaranteeing high flight power and distance.

Finally, lets discuss the weight and compressibility of Chromax M5 coloured balls. With an unbelievably high 75 compression, these balls might be metallic but are still soft and absolutely light in weight. This makes them the right match for senior golfers as they can strike them without straining their arms and proudly witness their ball gliding in the air and ground for prolonged intervals.


  • Amazing durability through tested titanium powered mix inner core
  • 75 compression makes it soft and easier to hit while covering maximum distance with
  • Large and unique dimple pattern for greater spin control and distance
  • Best visibility through its metallic and reflective exterior
  • Available in a variety of bright colors like orange, purple, and neon green


  • Not for those who prefer modern and minimalistic design over flashy ones


The Chromax Metallic M5 coloured golf balls are for every aged person with weak eye sight, who struggle to track the normal matte balls in air and ground. These make golfing highly convenient for them and provide them with the latest pattern and features. But if you are someone who cannot take vivid metallic balls seriously while playing, try using the Strata Boom golf balls instead.

3. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

It wouldn’t be wrong to deem Titleist as the most experienced and trusted brand for every amateur and skilled golfer. They have made a reputable place in terms of premium quality golfing equipment and come up with products that make the sport easier and enjoyable for everyone. The DT TruSoft golf balls were specifically designed to do the very same for senior golfers.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

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What does this TruSoft ball has that makes it so different and better than other golf balls in Titleist DT series? The most important of these is the much higher level of compression that TruSoft offers to its users. Featuring a TruTorch core, the latest version of DT golf balls is brilliantly soft and light in weight. These characteristics eventually account for a lower spin on longer and straighter shots.

The feel and sound of golf clubs striking balls is another aspect that advances the overall entertainment of the sport. To grant this luxury as well, Titleist finishes its DT golf ball in an ionomer-based cover with the latest TruFlex quality. Utilization of this cover makes the ball’s exterior smoother and produces an audibly soft hit sound.

Golf ball aerodynamics play a vital role in determining the length and strength of their flight in both, air and grass. Like all the previous products in the series, Titleist TruSoft also features tweaked dimples on its exterior to boost its aero dynamicity. This allows the ball to reach peak highs and cover longer distances, despite considerably low striking strength.

Perhaps the feature that outdoes every other ball is the distance attained by the Titleist DT TruSoft. Yes, there is still a lot to say about the distance of this golf ball. Featuring a two-piece construction and firm cover, the ball is fit for mid and high handicapping seniors who aim for swing speeds below 90 miles per hour.

You can always trust Titleist to offer premium quality products in affordable rates. Keeping up with this promise, the DT TruSoft balls are offered at a low rate of merely twenty dollars and designed in both, yellow and white colours. Moreover, the reliable Titleist name is enough to guarantee the durability of this product for long time.


  • Maximum 90 compression amount for soft and light weight
  • Premium quality durable construction
  • Two-piece design for speed in ground and air
  • Spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral shape with dimple design for greater control
  • Pure Surlyn ionomers covers for satisfactory soft strike feel
  • Maintains prolonged flight time and distance even with swings between 90-95 mph
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in visible white and classic white colour schemes


  • Not the best in terms of accuracy and ball directional capability


Titlist has managed to outdone every other brand yet again through its extraordinary DT TruSoft Golf balls for senior players! Finished with the best technology and interiors, this ball will optimize your playing time and make you realize that its worth is much more than barely twenty dollars every other day. However, if you are a professional golfer who demands accuracy at all costs, the Bridgestone E5 high flight might be a better match.

4. Mizuno RB566 Golf Balls

Is your favourite colour blue? Or more importantly, do you find it easier to track and spot your golf balls when they are in brighter shades and therefore reduce the excess effort and time spent while looking for your ball? If yes, then you are definitely going to love the latest and advanced Mizuno RB 556 golf balls!

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Check Price

What makes these golf balls worthy of being included in this list? Let us begin by discussing the most eye catching feature of this golf ball, its looks! Finished in an advanced 560-D micro dimple design, the intricate detailing to the dots is sure to grasp your attention. Along with this, its availability in attractive blue and classic white colour make it suitable for every type of player.

The feel and sound of any ball is often used to make assumptions about its quality and durability. Mizuno RB 556 is surely constructed from premium quality iron material that fall right in between the too stiff and soft extremes. This gives them a much better and durable look in addition to an amazingly metallic and loud striking sound.

The most distinctive feature of the Mizuno RB 566 is surely its 566-D micro design. Now, you must think what exactly does this feature add to the performance of your sport other than making your ball look attractive. Well, this advanced design helps delay your balls descent time and therefore maximise it’s distance.

The inner and outer core plays a crucial role in deducing the stability of your ball’s flight and it’s straightness. To optimize both of these aspects, Mizuno uses the softest yet largest compression core in its RB-566. Henceforth, you can now achieve the straightest of flights with guaranteed stability and thereby boost your confidence both, as an amateur and senior golfer.

Do you prefer golfing on grass rather than a professional golf course but cannot do so because of the low durability of your ball? If yes,then the latest Mizuno RB-566 is here to fulfil your desire! By utilising it’s advanced lonomer cover, the ball promises the best greenside feel while staying damage and dirt free at all costs.

Mizuno does not stop at only one unique feature but ensures to provide its customers with the smartest products. In contrast to the conventional two piece ball design, the RB-566 is constructed in a newer three piece design. Through this, Mizuno helps to provide utmost velocity during the flight and launch time instead of compromising on its speed due to low swinging rate and strength of the golfer.

Passion is never bounded by any age limit or weather type and always finds one way or another to be pursued. The RB-566 is one of the god-gifted ways for every golfer to continue practising in all weather conditions. Be it extreme cold or snow covered courses, Mizuno will overcome every struggle with its though trough details and highly visible colour schemes.


  • Attractive 560 D micro dimple intricate design for optimised ball control, looks and reduced drag
  • Unique three piece structure with additional layer for smoothness and high launch and flight velocity
  • Highly durable ionomer cover makes it perfect for greenside feel and grassy grounds
  • Usable on grass and golf courses in extremely cold and snowing weather
  • Available in incredibly bright and visible orange and yellow colours
  • Soft and lightweight structure makes it perfect for mid and low handicappers and senior players


  • Not the best for professional and skilled high speed swing golfers
  • Softness of cover could have been better


Given its aforementioned features, it wouldn’t be wrong to term the Mizuno RB-566 as the smartest golfing equipment for its price. Comprising of advanced features, this golf ball is perfect for those who often strain their eyes looking for their ball and are gradually learning to swing at higher speed. Meanwhile more skilled seniors are suggested to take a look at the Volvik Vivid golf ball.

5. Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls

Callaway and Titleist might dominate the golfing industry in terms of the best club drivers and other equipment. But when it comes to golf balls, Wilson has always been the leading name! They have come up with the most revolting balls, designed to make golfing easier on all levels of handicappers. The duo Soft+ golf balls are the highest ranked in this category.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Check Price

Softness of any ball is determined by its compression amount and is the most needed feature for any senior golf player. With a rating of 35, Wilson Soft+ is exactly what its name says it to be and feels almost as light as the air sometimes! Are you annoyed or frustrated by abruptly loud striking sound? You can forget about hear those ever again as the Wilson Soft has a pleasantly quiet and soft striking sound.

Planning to strike the longest and straightest shots on golf course? If the answer to that is an affirmative then be prepared to witness the most legendary flight speed and distance with Wilson Duo Soft+ golf balls. Featuring the latest Velociticor technology, Duo Soft increases the launch speed of every ball by about two miles per hour.

What is your opinion about spinning of the ball? Do you prefer a low spin with long flights or a high spin rate with stronger flights? Whatever side you pick, one thing is for sure, the Wilson Duo Soft ball won’t leave you disappointed. Although its low spin makes the balls more preferable for higher spin player, Duo Soft still manages to spin for few hundred revolutions per minute for decent low spin players.

Perhaps the only flaw that we could find in the Wilson Duo Soft+ golf balls was in its short shot performance. Constructed in a two-piece design, these golf balls lack a supportive urethane cover, making them not suitable for longer time. Furthermore, this cover spins about 10 to 15% less than a normal golf ball and effect your wedge short shots adversely.

If you plan to play on grassy course then this problem can be ignored easily. But it will become a lot more prevalent and severe on glassy surfaces and make it hard for you to maintain control of your ball. Despite this con, the very minimalistic and functional exterior of Wilson DUO attracts a huge audience and leaves them bamboozled with its spins and speed.


  • Ultra-low 36 compression for softness and moderate swing speed
  • New two-piece design for advanced speed and distance
  • Incredibly low spin off driver makes it perfect for high swing players
  • Cool matte cover with minimalist finishing and design
  • Promises full functionality even in cold temperatures
  • Available in many colours
  • Velocitior technology for added launch distance


  • Surlyn cover is often a little too hard on certain courses
  • Lacks tour level spin off wedges


If you prefer cool matte designs and low spins with added flight distance then speed, then look no further as the Wilson DUO Soft+ golf balls are the perfect match for you. They will cater to all your needs except for short wedge shots and let you practice at all hours of the day and weathers of the year. But if short shots happen to be your speciality, then you are better suited with the  Bridgestone e6 golf ball.

Buyers Guide

Many people lack the knowledge about which distinctive features you should look for in golf balls when buying them for senior players. This unawareness is the major reason why most elderly people lose confidence with age and give up the sport altogether because of the lack of fun they have now.

To protect this from happening to any other older golf enthusiast, we have compiled this article with the best golf balls for them. In addition to this, we are including a buyer’s guide listing all features that we have found in these balls, which make them worthy of your money and time. Hence, do read ahead to improve your knowledge about golfing and know what key details your grandpa or dad need now while golfing.

What are the features that make the best golf ball for seniors?


The ball flight distance majorly relies on the golfer’s swing speed. With the passage of time, golfers tend to lose their power and witness a monumental drop in their swing speed. It is only smart that with this drop, the player takes important measures to correct their game and make it as good as before.

To make this happen, many brands have introduced golf balls with relatively higher compression levels and light weight. This makes them easy to strike and attain maximum distance with, despite the golfer’s slow swing speed. Other such changes to boost this distance include using flexible shafts in your drivers and switching to senior tees.


It is quite obvious that as a senior citizen, you are bound to live on a limited income or pension. In such circumstances, it is important that you do not waste this money just to buy packs of balls, one after and other because they keep getting damaged or lost from time to time. Ball covers and visibility guard against both of these things.

A surlyn cover is used commonly as it maintains an adequate balance between softness and durability. However, the best and most resistant proof cover against damages and dirt is the urethane one, despite it lacking softness to a certain extend. Next, straining eyesight is another indicator of growing old and makes it hard for people to track and spot the ball in grassy or dirty golf fields.

To make the ball prominent during its flight and visible ever after its descent, many brands use vibrant colours like orange, yellow and neon green. In rare cases like the Chromax M5, these balls have metallic and reflective coating for maximum visibility and detection.


Ball feel is extremely important whether you are a young handicapper or an older one. Feel of a ball is not only restricted to the sound it makes when hit but also covers details about how smooth it travels in grassy surfaces and air. This feel is most of the times dependent on the spin of the ball.

 Golf balls with low spin are perfect for far better performance and movement in grass and attain good flight distances as well. Whereas, a low swing rate is better matched with a high spin and makes it easier to control land. Short irons often help impart sufficient spin on the ball to travel in grass.


Perhaps the last and most pivotal factor when buying golf balls as a senior golfer is exactly how much money you should spent on it. Once again, we would like to remind about the restricted income that most senior players have and suggest them to set out a budget for their golfing equipment accordingly.

The real strategy here is to buy a ball that is not too pricey, to save the money going into vain in case the ball is lost, and does not compromise on features that are essential to lighten up your game as a senior player. A ball that falls between a twenty to thirty dollar limit is the best price but be sure that this golf ball is produced by a trusted name and contains features that you desire.


Although senior golf players have much more experience than amateur ones when it comes to buying golfing equipment, it is still understandable if they tend to get confused while doing so. To help make them this decision and keep their passion for sport living, we have compiled this article for you!

The aforementioned products and buyers guide is mentioned in hopes of making this selection easier and more convenient for you! We hope it fulfilled its aim and lead to you having a golfing time so wonderful that you completely forgot about your age and laughed like a baby while hitting the straightest and longest shots on the course!

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