Best Forged Irons 2022- Review & Buyers Guide

There is a lot of talk about the best golf irons for 2022. It can be tough to decide which set is best for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you a review of the top-rated forged irons and help you figure out which set is right for you. We’ll also provide a buyers guide to make sure you make the best purchase possible.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, read on to learn more about the best forged irons for 2022!

Best Forged Irons In 2022

Below given are the reviews of some of the best forged irons in the market right now. Read carefully and select your best pick!

Image Product Key Features Price
Callaway Epic Forged Irons Callaway Forged Golf Iron 360 forged head Check Price
TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Strong shaft Check Price
Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron Harmonic feel Check Price
Callaway Big Bertha Combo Irons Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Microsphere technology Check Price
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set Centralised density cup head Check Price
Cobra King Forged TEC Black Cobra Forged Tec Golf Iron Co-Mold Medallion Check Price
TaylorMade SIM Max Irons TaylorMade SIM MAX Iron Crisp sound and feel Check Price
leveland Forged Iron Cleveland Forged Iron Excellent playability Check Price
MacGregor Forged Iron MacGregor Forged Iron Optimised centre of gravity Check Price
Z U65 UTILITY IRONS Srixon Z U65 Utility Club Inspires confidence Check Price

1. Callaway Forged Golf Iron  

Callaway Forged Golf Irons are some of the best golf clubs on the market. The reason for this is that they are made with high quality materials, ensuring that you’ll be able to play your best game every time you use them. In addition to this, they are also quite affordable, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on a set.


If you’re looking for a great set of golf clubs that will help you improve your game, then you should definitely consider investing in a set of Callaway Forged Golf Irons.

Experience the feel of a forged golf iron for unmatched quality on the course. These irons are precision crafted to deliver an outstanding performance and provide feedback you can feel through every shot.

And why not, they have remained at the top of the game for quite a while now; thanks to the amazing golf equipment the company has been introducing over the years. Callaway forged golf iron is yet another innovation adding to the legacy of the industry’s biggest giant!

To talk about its features, the first thing that strikes us is the elegant craftsmanship of the manufacturer. The unique platinum chrome finishing and a 360 forged head make them look amazing, let alone be the game-enhancing features, that’s just another story we are about to follow!

Top 10 Callaway Irons In 2022

The long, strong, and slightly flexible shaft help in making the long shots extremely easy and also help in covering long distances efficiently. Also, the forged head ensures precise launch and ball flight and adds more power to every hit that you make. 

Second, the weight distribution and sweet spot on the clubface make it easy to hit consistent shots off the tee. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy better accuracy with a lower flight trajectory that is perfect for those long-distance drives.

Crafted from carbon steel, it has an exceptional tonal quality. Not to forget the microspheres of urethane; this fabric will be really effective at removing unnecessary sounds for a more relaxed sound while you play.

Moreover, the grip on the top of the shaft provides excellent abetting while playing an important shot. 

Lastly, they are easy to use. It does not matter if you’re a professional or a beginner, you can start playing with this iron and can improve your game to the next level as It allows long and consistent distance. Just what you can expect from any premium iron. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Elegant finishing. 
  • Strong and reliable shaft. 
  • 360 forged head. 


  • Expensive.

2. TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set 

Looking for a golf set that will cover all aspects of your game? Look no further than the TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set. These forged irons are designed to give you the best possible performance on every shot, from low handicap shots to long-distance shots.


With their progressive shaping and design, the P760 irons have overcome all the cons and are now optimised to deliver outstanding performance. So if you’re looking for a golf set that will help you take your game to the next level, don’t settle for anything less than the TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set.

Whenever you are about to purchase a golf iron, the iron should be eye-catching with features that compel you to have a go at it. The Taylormade forged irons are among those which makes your decision easy. 

This forged set is designed to cover all the aspects of the game, starting from low handicapped shots to long-distance shots, their progressive shaping and design have overcome all the cons. They are now optimised to deliver outstanding performance. 

This P760 Men’s Iron Set from TaylorMade is precision-engineered for incredible scoring ability. The one-piece forged construction in the short irons (8-A) results in exceptional feel and enhanced shot-making, while the forged carbon steel body provides soft feel.

The new, lighter SUS630 face (3-7 irons) creates additional speed, accuracy, and playability. SpeedFoam technology is injected into the 3-7 irons to generate incredible distance and soft feel without sacrificing the look, workability, and consistency you demand. The result is an iron set that provides you with the confidence to hit any shot imaginable.

Also, it helps to dampen down the vibration to make your experience as premium as possible.

Another admirable feature of these TaylorMade forged irons is the lightweight tungsten manufacturing that makes them easy to play with; while also controlling low or high grounded shots.

Dimensions of the products is 48 x 5 x 5 inches; 6 Pounds with the shaft made of robust and flexible steel that provides you with an enchanting look and an excellent choice in terms of features. Highly recommended for experienced golfers!


  • Reliable.  
  • Best for low handicappers. 
  • Cone engineering for better speed and accuracy.  
  • Strong shaft. 


  • Generates minimal spin. 

3. Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron 

The Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron is a great choice for anyone looking for a forgiving and long-distance iron. The use of tungsten in the toe end makes for a sweet spot that is unignorable, meaning you’ll get more distance and forgiveness out of each shot. This makes the MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron ideal for those who want to improve their game without sacrificing performance.


First thing first, they come as a single golf iron which makes them affordable for all. Talking about this iron golf, this is strong enough to enhance your performance level and also makes it worth considering while choosing the best forged iron.  

If you’re looking for a high and easy launching long iron replacement, Mizuno’s 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron has you covered. Hollow body construction provides a low, deep center of gravity for optimal launch and forgiveness, while the satin nickel, non glare, chrome finish ensures you always look good on the course.   

Moreover, the use of tungsten in the toe end in these forgiving forged irons is another feature that is unignorable. The concentration of tungsten makes an extremely sweet spot which is responsible for covering a more considerable distance and improves forgiveness to a high level.    

There is a thin copper layer beneath a nickel-chrome to provide a further enhanced impact feel and grip to the ball in high-impact shots which helps in achieving accuracy to a high level. The harmonic impact technology is something I love as it is responsible for providing the impact and tonal feel. 

Making them look more elegant, the stylish and artistic non-glare and shiny finishing provides a great appearance. The stain nickel-chrome adds a more professional look to this exceptionally well-balanced forged iron. 


  • Harmonic feel.  
  • High-density tungsten sweet spot. 
  • Thin copper layer for controlling the impact.


  • Too lightweight.  

4. Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set 

Looking for a little more speed and control out of your iron game? Then check out the Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set. These clubs have been designed to give you the best possible performance on the course, with a focus on speed and control.

best golf irons


The aerodynamic club head design helps to increase club head speed, while the tour-proven sole width provides added stability and forgiveness. And with Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology, you’ll get more ball speed across the entire face for greater distance and accuracy.

The Big Bertha V Series irons deliver easy launch, distance and incredible sound and feel from the suspended energy core. The 360 Face Cup provides a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-center hits. A new face cup design with an undercut cavity increases ball speed across the face for longer, more consistent distance.

Furthermore, the only issue that a professional player will not compromise on is the vibration in the shaft. Keeping this in check, the Big bertha clubs use a urethane microsphere technology which is responsible for minimising the vibrations of the impact to a significant level. 

Dimensions of the product are 35.8 x 1.8 x 1.6 inches, and weight is 12.8 ounces which makes them the ultimate choice for everyone and secondly you can improve your game to the highest level with these clubs if you are not a professional.  

All in all, one of the best forged irons and this is a great option if you are after forgiveness. A top draw from Callaway.


  • It is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness.
  • This set offers an incredible combination of distance and accuracy.
  • The irons are extremely easy to hit, even for golfers with lower handicaps.
  • The clubs are also very durable


  • They are quite expensive.
  • They are not as forgiving as some of the other iron sets on the market.
  • They do not offer a lot of adjustability.

5. Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set 

Are you ready to take your golf game to the next level? Well, this might just be the thing you have been dreaming for. Style, elegance, and exceptionally awesome forgiveness, it has everything that it takes to be the best forged iron.


The Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set is the perfect set for anyone who wants to up their golf game. The stylish design and elegant look will make you stand out on the green, while the exceptionally awesome forgiveness will help improve your swing.

These ​ forged game improvement Irons are finely made and extremely durable; however, it is essential to​ keep them protected and follow manufacturer’s care advice. It will only add to the convenience of this fine club.

Moreover, if you are a professional, you may well know that keeping your clubs in good shape is an essential part of the game.

Looking for a complete golf set that includes premium components, advanced materials and the latest technologies? Look no further than Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set. This 460cc Driver features a large sweet spot and aerodynamic design to improve head speed and deliver greater distance.

The Deep, undercut stainless steel cavity-back irons are precision engineered for longer, straighter shots. And the lightweight, premium Carry bag features adjustable shoulder straps, rugged handle top, numerous pockets and self activating stand. So whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, the Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set has everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Digging deep in the features, the three power holes are responsible for maintaining the concentrated density of the sweet spot to maximise the distance covering. Shorter irons have fewer Power Holes with optimised weighting for maximum feel and precision.  

Last but not least, the long, firm shaft and vibrationless impact, make the ultimate choice for those who are looking for a great way to start or enhance their game. 


  • The clubs are made of high quality materials and are designed for optimum performance.
  • The set is also very affordable, making it a great value for the money.
  • Beginners will appreciate the included instructional DVD that teaches them how to play golf.


  • It feels a bit heavy and clunky. 
  • The set does not include a sand wedge.
  • Some users have complained about the quality of the putter, saying that it slips and wobbles when used.

6. Cobra Forged Tec Golf Irons 

Cobra has always been a brand known for its quality golf clubs, and the new forged Tec irons are no exception. These clubs have a sleek design and promise superior performance on the green. So if you’re in the market for some new irons, be sure to check out the Cobra forged Tecs. You won’t be disappointed.


And it could be the moment we need to get some new clubs. If you already are in that phase, I recommend you to have a look at the Cobra Forged Irons; they really do make a difference. Or maybe, sometimes it’s the only way that can improve your game. 

Cobra Forged Tec Golf Irons have been precision engineered with the latest technology to deliver an incredibly forgiving and consistent golf experience. The irons feature a forged construction for incredible feel, and a new Tec design that helps you get the ball airborne quickly and easily. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, Cobra’s Forged Tec Golf Irons will help take your game to the next level.

Cobra Forged Tec irons are the perfect combination of classic muscle back shape and modern technology. The hollow core construction, foam infusion and tungsten toe weighting all work together to increase ball velocity while reducing spin for increased distance.

A forged face insert adds a larger sweet zone that produces higher launch, faster ball speed and more consistent accuracy. Cobra Connect allows you to track your performance with Arcco’s mobile app.

This great iron is crafted of Light Zone-Carbon fibre and is at least 40 percent lighter than steel and other materials used in the manufacture of irons which makes it easy to strike and add more strength to your shot.  

The ​ Cobra Forged Irons are a favourite for many. Golfers love this set for different reasons, the awesome grip and distance enhancement being at the top.

Just keep one thing in mind before opting for this set; you will have to take full responsibility, as it won’t last any long without proper care. 


  • They have a great look and feel to them.
  • The ball seems to jump off the face when you hit it
  • They are very forgiving, even on off center hits.
  • They are very affordable


  • Some users find it to be too large. 

7. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons 

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons, then you should definitely check out the TaylorMade SIM MAX irons. These irons are designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness, which is perfect for golfers of all skill levels.

best golf irons


Plus, they come with the TaylorMade SIM Max shaft, which provides even more distance and stability. So if you’re looking for a club that can help you hit longer and straighter shots, then the SIM MAX irons are definitely worth considering.

The Taylor Made Sim Max Forged Irons are designed for the golfer who is looking for increased distance, better accuracy, and more shot workability. Besides, any golfer will enjoy the look and feel of these great clubs, compelling them to play more and more!

This set is equipped with many awesome performance enhancing features. For example, to boost pace and tone; the speed bridge technology is being used to help the iron topline to activate powerful reach and forgiveness with better sound and look.

Moreover, the ECHO damping system is the highlight among all features, due to this technology, the vibrations are minimised to almost zero percent and provides you with a better feel at the impact. 

When you approach the shot, the very first factor you’ll note about the TaylorMade Forged Irons is a wide clubhead speed groove and a unique look. The blade is lying nicely on the lawn. You will automatically feel more assured and admire the artistry of the clubs.  

The backswing will feel comfortable as the weight is adequately distributed at the head of the club leading you to bring the clubface through cleanly and smoothly.  

The blade would flow effortlessly through the turf, sometimes in the most challenging rugged surface, providing a real and precise shot. This seamless motion is attributed to the form of the front lip. When in touch, the clubface has a right size sweet spot that tends to cover for those minor mishaps.  

In addition to the clubface in these best forged golf irons, the steel shafts that come standard with the Taylor Made Forged Irons are high quality that helps you shape the shots you want. 

If you are having trouble shaping your shots with any consistency, you will find that these clubs are a remedy to your problems. The irons are reliable and can be a great addition to your club’s set. 

Some players will consider changing the standard grips entirely out of preference, but everyone will be impressed by the performance of these clubs. 


  • Good distance and forgiveness. 
  • Crisp sound and feel. 
  • Excellent vibration dampening.


  • Loft can be better.

8. Cleveland Forged Irons 

The Cleveland Forged Iron golf clubs forged forms offer a stable and soft feel. They have Cleveland’s patented Vibration Absorbing System, which makes every shot feel more substantial.  


There is a small cavity back with moderate weighting that makes them offer increased forgiveness while keeping the ball speed unaffected. Many reviewers say they are the most fantastic irons out there.  

They say when you strike the ball, these clubs are like butter and give a strong pro ball flight, making you a consistent ball striker, but of course, you have to concentrate, and the rewards are great.

These clubs are usually available at a reasonable cost. Moreover, they take traditional blade irons to a new level. They have a square toe and a thin top line that fit the player’s eye and allow for better control and workability. 

Also, they have precision-milled faces and score lines. It gives golfers increased accuracy, and what golfer does not want that? All that, while coming in a lovely platinum chrome finish, which is great to reduce glare at address.

They are also offered standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts. 

These clubs provide the feel, distance, and forgiveness every golfer wants. The feel comes from the 360-degree Gelback Technology, which includes a one-piece vibration damping.

Prices for new sets are in the moderate price range of irons, and they can often be found on bidding sites. But one thing’s for sure, These irons are worth every penny.


  • Enhanced speed. 
  • Excellent playability. 
  • Good sound and feel.


  • Expensive. 

9. MacGregor Forged Irons 

The MacGregor Forged Irons are the desired club for golfers because they are so well crafted that improving someone’s game isn’t even a thing.  


If you know someone who seems to be floundering, yet has the power in their arms to be a great golfer, then you might want to urge them to try out these clubs. They will only find their game improving.

With the MacGregor Forged Irons, one can improve. These clubs will give you the ultimate edge in performance. They are made of the highest quality material, while being lightweight at the same time.

These clubs move with you so that you can get the power behind the swing that you always desired. Driving the golf ball distinctly “where” you want it to go and “when” is the ability you will have with these famed clubs. 

They offer the player quite a bit of agility resulting in a longer drive. Drastic improvements in your game will happen when you switch to these clubs for various reasons, e.g the fine build and integration of latest technologies.  

Don’t hesitate to get them some right away and make your swing take on more power. These clubs can make it happen for you.


  • Hits the ball straight and far.
  • Optimised centre of gravity.
  • Comes with a loft sleeve.


  • Difficult to control lofted shots if you are new to them.

10. Srixon Z U65 Utility Club 

The Srixon Z U65 Forged Irons set is a good one. Your game will improve drastically once you get your hands on it, that’s for sure. If you were out of sync for a while, you would be right back in the swing of things.  


With these Irons, the sturdiness of the club is what will give you the added power required for a perfect shot. They allow for an excellent grip, which will provide you with much more accuracy.

You will get to see significant changes in your game once you get your hands on this beauty; For example, your swing will be a lot smoother, distance will be way more increased, while the launch angle stays at optimum even at an off-centered shot. 

Quality, looks, and agility are the things that ensure a great round of golf, and this is what Srixon Z U65 emphasizes the most. These are high-quality clubs that many seasoned golfers prefer to use. Why? because they are simply perfection.


  • Hollow design for excellent control. 
  • High-strength construction. 
  • Inspires confidence.


  • Shaft flexibility is sometimes compromised. 

Why Use Forged Irons? 

Why Use Forged Irons for your golf game? There are many reasons that you may want to​ switch to forged iron, but the important one is to improve your game. If you have hit a plateau, and are looking to take your game to the next level, a forged iron may be what you need.

Forged iron is constructed in one piece. It is entirely different from a cast iron, which is poured into a mould. The advantage of the forged iron is that it will not contain any air bubbles from production, and this will prevent your accuracy and consistency from being affected, making a significant difference in how you play your shots. 

When you are thinking about why use forged irons, you may also want to consider the feel of this type of club. Many golfers love it, and the feedback again.

Due to the big sweet spot, this may be the right club for beginners. If you are a more severe golfer and looking for a real accurate thing, a forged iron may be straight for you. 

A forged club may be more expensive to purchase, but once you use it entirely, you will understand why. They are more challenging to make, and also last a long time, and this is why they are a bit more expensive than a traditional club. You will wonder why you took so long to switch to forged iron. 

It is essential to mention here that this method has been used for a long ago and is very useful as professional golfers tend to choose forged iron instead of traditional irons as they provide more durability and consistency. The sweet spot, however, can be smaller, which will make it quite challenging to use if you are a novice. 

So if you have been wondering why use forged irons, you might have a better understanding of how they can affect and improve your golf game. 

Buyers Guide

Buyers guide is always crucial as this clears up the dos and don’ts before you​ pay for any product. In this buyer’s guide, some aspects are mentioned that need to unfold before paying a healthy amount for your clubs. 


In all the golf irons, the shaft is the most critical part that you should check thoroughly. This part is mostly responsible for the precision and loft of the ball as they provide grip which is directly proportional to the performance and accuracy of your shots. 

Secondly, the swing of the iron depends upon the shaft. The lighter and flexible the shaft, the easier it will be to swing. 

Shaft material 

The material used in the manufacturing of the shaft is significant to know as it affects the weight of the iron. Heavier the iron, difficult it will be to swing and control. 

Note:​ Do not go for the extremely lightweight version of the iron if you are a beginner as this will be challenging to control.  


Durability is something that one should never compromise on in purchasing any product. Graphite is the material that needs to be looked at while paying for the clubs. They provide outstanding reliability and durability. 

Secondly, they are lightweight, which are easy to swing and control, and are best if you are an aggressive player. 

Flexible shaft 

If you want to cover a reasonable distance as compared to traditional irons, choose one that has a flexible shaft. It will help in covering longer distances with ease and are extremely easy to control the swing. 

Head Cup 

The most important part of the forged iron is the head cup. Check the manual properly for this feature as the forged irons with centralised density on the sweet spot will help you to enhance your game and shots to a great extent. 

Vibration reducer 

Some iron lacks this feature, but you cannot ignore it. Always go for irons that provide the Vibration Absorbing system or ECHO absorbing system that helps in reducing the vibration at the time of impact with the ball. 


Last but not least, Grip of the iron is essential as the whole game is dependent on a single miss-hit that is very likely due to loosening the grip. Check the grip and grip material thoroughly. 


The list, as mentioned earlier, is reviewed and researched deeply for compensating your time and making your decision easy. But still, if you are looking to follow my advice, I will go for TaylorMade SIM MAX forged Irons, as they provide all the features that a professional,​ game improver, and beginner needs. I know they are on the expensive side, but when it comes to precision and other features, they are always on the top list of best-forged irons​.


Q. Can two players (left and right-handed) play on the same iron? 
A. No, both of them cannot play with one iron, as they are manufactured differently for both handed players. 

Q. Do they all provide the ECHO absorption effect? 
A. No, read the manual carefully. All of these does not provide the same features. 

Q. Which is the best forged Golf iron for a low handicapper? 
A. Taylor made golf iron P70 are the best for low handicappers. 

Q. Is flexibility important? 
A. Yes, flexibility is significant when it comes to covering long distances. The flexibility helps in increasing the impact on the ball due to which it covers much more space than traditional shafts. 

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