Best Driving Irons In 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Nothing feels better than a whole relaxing weekend of Golf. The game and gears are continually evolving to the better version, and driving irons are no exception. Sure, you need to be a formidable striker to pull off a driving iron, but over the years, driving irons have improved in such ways that a mediocre golfer can use it with ease without feeling wrong about his performance. We have gathered some best driving irons selection for you, one of which you would surely want to take on your next golf trip.

Best Driving Irons In 2021

Here is the compiled list of Best Driving Irons In 2021.

Image Product Details   Price
titleist u510 driving iron Titleist U510 Driving Iron Consistent strikes Check Price
Taylormade P790 UDI Taylormade P790 UDI Speed foam Check Price
Mizuno MP20 HMB Mizuno MP20 HMB Accurate forgiveness Check Price
Tour Edge Exotics CBX Utility Iron Tour Edge Exotics CBX Utility L-cup face Check Price
Taylormade GAPR Lo Taylormade GAPR Lo Perfect gapping Check Price
Cobra King Utility Iron Cobra King Utility Iron PWRSHELL tec Check Price
Z U65 UTILITY IRONS Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron Higher launch Check Price
Callaway Apex UT Callaway Apex UT Carbon steel Check Price
Callaway Rogue Golf Iron Callaway 2018 Men’s Rogue 360-face cup Check Price
Srixon Z U85 Utility Club Srixon Z U85 Utility Club Awesome distance Check Price
Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron High MOI Check Price
Fourteen Golf 2017 HI 877 Hybrid Golf Club Fourteen Golf 2017 HI 877 Hybrid Steel cup face Check Price

1. Titleist U510 Driving Iron – Best Driving Iron For Amateur Golfers

If you’re an old or new golfer, you know the issues of balance, grip, and striking that one can have when it comes to irons; the traditional long irons or even hybrids are not that easy to handle, consequently ruining a good golf day, especially if you aren’t someone experienced enough.

best driving irons

You don’t have to feel left out as Titleist U510 is designed for everyone. It delivers the best shot performance at significant distances, with a design that appeals every golfer, no matter if he’s a newbie or experienced.

To talk of the looks, it has a shiny satin finish with a muscular and wide sole built, making it perform like a hybrid without the hassle of an actual combination.

Moreover, If you are looking for a driving iron with the best ball speed, this one is an easy choice.

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It has the perfect U510 credited to the driving iron’s low center of gravity with the wide sole, making sure to give you good strikes.

If you aren’t an amateur player, you might want to go for the U500 rather than U510; it will enable you to expand your horizons as a golfer with a design purely made for advanced players.

The best thing about the U510’s removable driving iron is that it is compatible with a wide range of golf clubs, which gives it an edge over its competitors.

With the perfect center of gravity and the best ball speed, it is safe to assume that U510 is one of the very best driving irons on our list.


  • Consistent strikes
  • Available in four options 16,18,20,22.
  • Lower center of gravity for increased forgiveness
  • Muscular build for perfect strikes
  • Satin finish and beautiful design
  • Good with distance and persistency


  • It is not as workable as the U500
  • A bit small sweet spot

2. Taylormade P790 UDI – The Best Speed Producing Driving Iron

Now, this driving iron is for the big boys; by that, I mean better players who have been somewhat experienced in golf. The reason is that while his driving iron might not be overcompensating in the department of forgiveness, it overcomes that when it comes to the speed and strike department.

best driving irons

The beautiful design is one of a kind with a very sleek and slim form, which is very easy to handle as compared to other top driving irons.

After the name is UDI, which stands for the ultimate driving iron, it delivers good speed, drive, and strike like the name claims. Because of the fantastic speed foam technology, there’s no need to worry about speed and flight. 

Not only this, but the driving iron also has a speed pocket on the underside, which will ensure the high speed and also offer some forgiveness to the player on every strike.

If the player is even mildly well at the game, this is the best driving iron for him. The motion of strike from left to right and vice versa is perfect.

The most impressive part of this driving is the big and sweet spot, which gives the best distance with a superb strike on every attempt.

We know that this might not be the best for forgiveness like the other driving irons on our list, but it is still decent for players with a little more experience. Overall I think it is a good driving iron, and with a bit more forgiveness, it can be at the top.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Speed foam inside for extra speed
  • Speed pocket technology
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Exceptional trajectory
  • Easy launch
  • Appropriate forgiveness
  • lightweight tungsten built


  • Not for beginners
  • Less forgiving
  • Not so durable

3. Mizuno MP20 HMB – Best Driving Iron For Experienced Golfers

This driving iron deserves to be top of the list, but isn’t there because only masterclass golfers can enjoy using it.  This is highly advanced in its design, with a head is deep and hollowed, and a broad and thick concave shape that helps them launch the best strike.

Moreover, MP20 is composed of nickel chrome and copper layering on its front, making it the most robust faced driving iron of all time.

This model is convenient to use even if you have other golf clubs or rods because as it can easily be the best substitute for a traditional long iron or a hybrid.

Not only will you feel an improvement in your strike rate but also your speed and the ease with which the ball launches.

I think that an experienced golfer will never miss the opportunity to upgrade his golfing gear.

With this in the bag, you can be sure about everything as this driving iron is the best for low running shots and frustrating stingers that are hard to hit with a standard long iron.

On top of it all, you can bet you will have the highest forgiveness for every shot to keep you at the top of your game.

It may not have a sleek and slim design, but I think this driving iron’s curviness and thickness make it the perfect fit for the experienced golfer. I also believe that with the metal and satin finish, it looks very stylish and cool.

With all these features, there are not many better driving irons in the market apart from this beast.


  • Hollow, thick, and concave design for high launch and speed
  • Accurate forgiveness
  • Good for low running shots
  • The best substitute for long iron or hybrids
  • Best distance
  • Soft on impact with the ball
  • Available in 3 options such as 16, 19, and 22 degrees


  • Cannot be used by amateur golfers
  • Only for low angle
  • Has some workability issues

4. Tour Edge Exotics CBX Utility Iron – Best Driving Iron For A Low Price

This one is, by far my favorite from our extensive list of the best driving irons. Now I know that golf is an elite sport, and the people who play it want the most expensive gear they can get their hands on. 

But if you are a fellow who wants to enjoy golf at 50 bucks low price than the average country club guy, then go for this one. Sure there are other cheap options available in the market, but none of them is as good when it comes to performance-like the Tour Edge exotic.

In its performance, it works exactly like a hybrid with the design of a traditional long iron; yes, you are getting the best of both worlds at a lower price, crazy, right. Why is it so unique?

The answer is the build of this driving iron which, when coupled with the new L-cup face composed purely of HT980 steel, makes it an undisputed champ in its arena. L-cup face ensures the best launch and a perfect strike that will cover miles.

When it comes to Ball-speed, you can depend on Tour Edge Exotic driving iron as it ensures high power in every shot. Why? Simply because of more area of contact allows more energy transfer.

The hollow design also ensures perfect weight distribution for ideal forgiveness on each strike.

One of the few advantages of the hybrid-like sole with the leading edge is that it enables the club to glide with convenience in any rough circumstance.

Besides, the club is thin and thick at different portions which provides the user with the maximum forgiveness needed for a perfect strike.


  • Low price
  • Unmatched consistency
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Sleek and metal like design
  • L-shape for ideal weight distribution
  • Best off-center hits


  • Graphite shaft, which some users dislike
  • Issues with ball speed sometimes

5. Taylormade GAPR Lo – The Best Driving Iron For A Perfect Shot

It is also one of those Economically healthy choices which I couldn’t get over without including in my list. Taylormade being one of the best companies for golfing gear didn’t fail to disappoint with this one either.

The GAPR Lo is on our list because firstly, it’s a low-priced option, and secondly, there is no compromise on quality, which is what we want when we want a driving iron.

Though initially, it was costly, Taylormade has come out with many models making this one a talk of the last season, but guess what, you can reap the benefits of elite gear for a lower price with this one.

Unlike other metal-colored gold clubs, this is a rebel black to give it a newer look. Moreover, the optimized center of gravity is low for extreme distance with a fantastic trajectory which we don’t get to see in cheap models. Another good thing about it is the improved loft sleeve, which increases your chances for perfect gapping.

The feature that makes the Taylormade GAPR Lo the best driving iron for you is its performance. The built of the driving iron is designed to ensure maximum workability and your strike’s flight control.

I would say that this driving iron is best for people who are a little experienced with golfing rather than complete amateurs.

One thing that surprises me is that a user can receive the speed foam feature’s comfort, that too at such a low price. Moreover, the revolutionary technologies gives the user light and comfortable feel while ensuring that every hit reaches the level of perfection. 

The only turn off we got see was from left handers, as the design solely emphasizes right-handers. Moreover the loft of the golf club is about 22 degrees; the shaft, however, is made of graphite. All in all, at this price, this driving iron is a steal.


  • Affordable price
  • Penetrating and impressive trajectory
  • Light on the hand with excellent sound and feels
  • Very workable
  • Best driving iron for right-handers
  • New and stylish black design
  • Perfect low flying stingy shot


  • Not for amateurs

6. Cobra King Utility Iron – Best Driving Irons For Left-handers

This satin chrome-colored golf driving iron not only looks like the best in-game but performance-wise is the best one out there. Why? because it is made for the left-handers with a perfect loft of 22.5 degrees while enabling you to adjust the loft up to three degrees while allowing you to add a draw to it as well.

Moreover, they are compatible with most golf clubs, and that is why they sell like hotcakes. The wide sole and a hollow body design deliver perfect forgiveness to the user on every strike while also providing the best speed.

With a low center of gravity, the stability is exceptional and makes the launch easier, which sets it off to a penetrating trajectory over long distances; the view truly is magical when you take Cobra king to the golfing course.

I love the addition of the PWRSHELL inserts in the driving iron improves the performance like a cherry on the top by expanding the sweet spot, which enhances your standard ball speed to robust levels even on off hits.

This technology also improves the ball’s launch with simple hits and goes off to a beautiful and long trajectory. The distance and consistency provided are truly admirable.

The king cobra is a favorite among golfers as it is the one of the best driving irons for the perfect strike.


  • PWRSHELL insert for improved ball speed
  • Best for left-handers
  • Impeccable distance and consistency
  • expanded Sweet spot
  • Light on impact
  • Lower center of gravity for the perfect strike
  • Penetrating trajectory


  • The workability is compromised when drawing or fading the ball
  • Not lightweight

7. Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron – The Best Driving Iron For Stability

It is probably one of the most forgiving driving irons in this list, so forgiving that it is best for people in the age range of the 80s to 90s since it will give you excellent shots even if you are hard at seeing other senses.

The thing that defines this model is the forgiveness, even more, forgiving than its Titleist MB competitor while still maintaining a sleek look at address, just what you expect from one of the best driving irons on this list.

Although it does have a low launch and a downward spin, it is in no way terrible as it gears towards higher handicaps and provides plenty of forgiveness, as discussed earlier. It is a fantastic way to replace your Srixon irons, with the only real difference being the more extensive top line of the Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron.

Nonetheless, it is still one of our top contenders for best driving irons, and if you are not impressed by its earlier features, it also has a stock shaft made of graphite although it is a bright red shaft, unfortunately.

Well, among all the bells and whistles, the post’s color scheme is terrible and the shaft is also loud. However, this fantastic makeup and forgiving driving iron will serve you immensely and is thus one of the best driving irons on this list.


  • Exceptional feel and distance
  • Higher launch
  • Exceptional spin control
  • Aesthetic look


  • Not as forgiving as most hybrids
  • Slightly above-average price

8. Callaway Apex UT – Best Callaway Driving Iron

Another great addition to the list by Callaway, the Callaway Apex UT, is the number one choice for any person who frequents the sport we all know and love called golf. It is such a great driving iron that I might as well refer to it as one of the best driving irons on this list, but we shall refrain from doing so until I explain why I love this product so much!

best driving irons

First and foremost, the beautiful craftsmanship of this excellent driving iron is unbelievable. The forged hollow construction of the Callaway Apex UT, the soft and silky look courtesy of the carbon steel and satin finish already distinguishes this beautiful driving iron from its peers, marking it as one of the best driving irons on this list.

Not to mention the look and finish and the loft options of this sensational driving iron that allows an easy alternative to all your Callaway Apex Long irons in your set.

This beautiful driving iron, or rather one of the best driving irons on this list, also provides for a perfect option for its users on a slightly shorter yet narrower Par 4’s, where you need to get it in play, but as far down there as possible.

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Not only that, but the 18-degree two-iron Apex UT is very popular amongst the bulk of skillful players due to both the excellent ease of use and beautiful feel of one of the best driving irons on this list.

The ability to adjust the weight through a port in the sole is both a welcome addition and a convenient feature to utilize as it makes it easier to control the launch and the spin produced. Moreover, the excellent performance and its long shape make this driving iron one of the best you can pick right now.


  • Gives an overall excellent feel
  • Spectacular design for plenty of forgiveness
  • A great replacement for any traditional long iron.


  • Above-average price

9. Callaway 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Iron – The Best Driving Iron For Maximum Forgiveness

Callaway is known for being a significantly famous brand in the golf community because of its ability to make exceptional driving irons, and Callaway 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Iron is just another excellent addition to the brand’s legacy.

The most significant and defining feature of this iron is the 360-face cup technology that it brings to the table. This remarkable technology, combined with variable face thickness, allows for ever-increasing ball speeds, which gives the most significant confidence boost to both veterans and especially rookies to the golfing scene. Hence, it’s a must-have for any person wanting to get in on the golfing scene.

Callaway has wholly redesigned this club and made it more up to touch the modern standards, making this already excellent driving iron one of the best driving irons on this list.

Besides, the addition of urethane microspheres is a total performance changer for many players, rookies and veterans alike.

The layer of soft material placed in the head of the club does an excellent job of absorbing vibrations, significantly increasing the already comfortable feel to the next level.

It also helps players by giving them almost perfect feedback, allowing them to improve their hitting performance while keeping the pace from slowing down.

Adding to its convenience, the tiny air pockets referred to as microspheres create porosity. Upon impact, they flatten and change shape to make space for the urethane, which then promptly flexes to prevent slowing the clubface.

All in all, this club mainly emphasizes speed, distance, user and ball-playing expertise. A simple go-to club for beginners or even long-standing players in the golfing scene.


  • Greater distance and faster speed
  • Ideal choice for beginners
  • Versatile in use
  • Easy launch
  • 360-face cup technology


  • High price

10. Srixon Z U85 Utility Club – The Best Driving Iron For Ball Speed

Another great addition to the list by Srixon, the brand has brought a new definition to the title “Ultimate Driving Iron,” with its exception, Srixon Z U85 Utility club.

The Srixon Z U85 looks oddly similar to its other Z785/Z585 counterparts. With good reason, they are made similar, so transitioning from those outstanding or rather best driving irons to this driving iron is a comfortable and familiar process.

Besides the familiarity that Srixon Z U85 brings, this utility iron’s lavish and beautiful design is entirely on spot, with the bulk almost perfectly hidden and the top looking thin at the address.

It looks great from almost any angle due to its clean lines and a thick hollow body, which makes this a sight to behold for anyone who has the slightest sense of beauty, making this specific driving iron one of the best driving irons on this list.

Moreover, It hits straight shots with extraordinary flight times at such incredible lengths that it is almost unbelievable. Such a refreshing experience alone is enough to garner this splendid driving iron as one of the best driving .

The versatility of lower chasing shots and higher soft shots is another great feature, making it a fantastic alternative to long irons.

Enhancing your experience even more, the hollow body of the Srixon Z U85 Utility Club is also definite as it allows a solid feel at impact. Surprisingly, It doesn’t give an iron or hybrid feeling, but somewhere between the both, and with the 95g recoil shaft, this iron guarantees a smooth, stable feel. An overall package I would call it!


  • Stylish look
  • Solid feel
  • Allows ideal launch, both high and low
  • Awesome distance
  • Exceptionally power


  • Out of the rough, it has a slight tendency to catch the heel and flip the ball over

11. Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron – The Best Driving Iron For Perfect Trajectory

The Ram Gold FX Hybrid Driving Iron is another addition to our list of best driving irons. It allows the user to compensate for their inability to hit drives through its almost ingenious design.

best driving irons

It’s a golf club that will fix your flaw on the field. The high amount of forgiveness distinguishes this great driving iron from its peers significantly, making it an overall excellent driving iron that I would recommend to both rookies and veterans alike.

The High MOI of this excellent driving iron minimizes the impact and low CG and maximizes the launch of the ball. Moreover, it also maximizes the distance potential that the ball will cover, making it an excellent choice for long shots. The forgiving nature of the driving iron makes the game even easier, allowing exceptional distance on even off-centered shots.

With FX, you can accumulate long distances even from the rough, making it a perfect club for both height and distance coverage.

All in all, an extreme quality iron that benefits every golfer. Highly recommended!


  • Substantial amount of forgiveness
  • High MOI
  • The CG is positioned low to encourage more flight time.


  • Not for newbies
  • More off-set than driving irons

12. Fourteen Golf 2017 HI 877 Hybrid Golf Club – The Best Driving Iron

Although not a very famous brand and one we have not heard of in a while, the Fourteen Golf 2017 H1 877 Hybrid Golf Club, or rather its distinctive yellow color, are too hard to miss out on.

The HI-877 may look like a driving iron by appearances, but appearances are indeed deceiving as it is more of a cross between a hybrid and a long iron while tilting slightly to the hybrid side.

The idea that the Fourteen Gold 2017 HI-877 is trying to project is that it aims to have a trajectory of a driving iron but have the versatility of a hybrid as well.

To support that idea, the Fourteen Golf 2017 emphasizes the sole shape, claiming to share similarities with its wedges. Although the fourteen’s wedges are very pleasant, indeed, the design of the HI-877 is more critical as it is made to glide through the rough without any trouble.

To complement the incredibleness of this driving iron, which can be considered as a leading contender in our best driving irons list, the HI-877 leverages an AMP355P steel cup face to boost ball speed significantly. A low center of gravity also provides for easy-up playability.

The HI-877 claims itself to be set up quickly, just like an 8-iron, and with the defining yellow color to add confidence to those claims while also making the clubface significantly more prominent to look at, creating a unique look that inspires confidence overall. 

Although the confidence part may vary from person to person (since we all have our tastes), it is undeniable that these beautiful and vibrant driving irons are among the best driving irons in the run right now.


  • Beautiful vibrant yellow body
  • Exquisite sole design
  • Excellent trajectory with a bountiful of forgiveness.


  • Not easy to control


We rounded up the best driving irons available in the market for you but to buy the one which suits you the most; you have to ensure your level of experience and what requirements you need your driving iron to meet.

If you are an amateur, a driving iron that quickly low shots isn’t the best one for you. Similarly, a person with high experience will be bothered by a driving iron that strikes too fast. So to get your perfect match after thoroughly checking out each!

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