4 Practical Tips To Get Straight Shots Like A Pro

Though the importance of distance cannot be denied in golf, sometimes the circumstances require the ball to go a bit straighter. Since straight shots aren’t frequently played by our golfer buddies, they often struggle when the conditions require it. Keeping this in account, we felt the urge to guide you through sharing some useful tips and tricks that will not only help you to hit the ball straight but are equally accurate.

Tips To Get Straight Shots on Golf

So without any eta words, let’s get straight to the point:

1. Grip the Club

First things first, the straightness of your shots depends upon your gripping technique. To have the best grip, make sure your lead hand has its thumb directed downward, right towards the center.

likewise, place your lagging hand on the club and pretend like your hands are shaking so that your non-lead hand goes along the side of the grip. In that way, you will see the V-shape between your thumb and pointer finger that should point at your non-leading shoulder.

2. Balance Your Weight

As important as weight balancing is, too often has it been neglected by many golfers which in turn results in poor shots. However, proper balancing will improve your hitting abilities a lot, making sure that your weight is centered and middle of your stance during the backswing.

3. Decrease the Hitting Speed

Another adjustment you need to make in order to hit the ball straight is to decrease your swinging speed. Because, when you swing at maximum speed, you lose your ability to control the orientation of your clubface, which means you no longer control the ball flight. So try hitting it a bit slow and short for maximum benefits.

4. Hitting Straight Shots Off the Tee

Here is another trick that helps you to get a straight drive and more control over your golf swing. This is when you hit your drive off the tee, then the clubhead just above the ground behind the ball in your setup.

Simple may it seem, but the results will blow you away. I can bet on that!

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