12 Tips To Become A Better Golfer – A Proper Guide

Experienced or not, you will agree wholeheartedly on one thing; Golf is a difficult game. Unlike many other sports, it gains its status as one of the most intricate games because of the strenuosity you must put in your shots to ensure accuracy. Of course, it takes time to get the grip of it, but even ages if you don’t have the right instructor on your side. 

Moreover, if he doesn’t give you the right tips. Since most people just can’t seem to afford daily lessons and play the game for weekend bliss, I thought of giving you a piece of useful information that if stuck to, can help you improve your game over a considerable margin. 

12 Tips To Become A Better Golfer

Following are 12 tips to become a better golfer:

  1. Correct your posture

Well, this might not seem like a big deal but trust me, the correct address position can prove to be a game-changer. Most of all, it isn’t something that requires a set of great abilities. You can just realize by instinct what position you think works the best for you.

Since most of our beginner buddies try to copy pros, in literally everything, they don’t realize how adversely it affects their game. All it takes is just a comfortable address position, the right set of tips from an experienced instructor, and a commitment to the game to change the idea of how one plays golf. 

  1.  Focus on getting it straight, not far

Yes, you just read it right. One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make when they start off playing the game is just to concentrate on distance. And in the pursuit of getting an extra yard, they forget that it all comes down to accuracy in games like golf.

A loss of extra yard won’t damage their scores as much as an off-line short will. So make sure next time you stand on the golf course, your main aim is to center the ball. That way, you will have more control over your game, consequently leading to more putts. 

  1. Keep tracking your stats

Correcting your mistakes is the mandatory part of every game. And you can’t improve until you keep a proper check on where you have been lacking throughout the game. So next time you play around, sit down for a while and study your stats as you relax. You should focus on:

  • Hitting more fairways rather than hitting long. Remember, playing smart is more beneficial than playing hard.
  • Regulating your greens. Keeping track of the number of greens you hit can highly improve your control of distance. Moreover, it will help you develop a better sense of practicing strategy.
  • Seeing how many putts you can do per round can help to reduce the amount of 3 putts by a considerable margin. In fact, it will save you extra strokes. 
  1. Keep Walking! 

Now you must be thinking “what in the fricking hell does this mean?”, but to be quite honest, you won’t know the results until you try this. As a matter of fact that staying calm is rule no. 1 to dominate any game, walking after a bad stroke will give you enough time and chill up. With a relaxed mind, you can develop a better strategy on how you are going to play your next shot. And guess what, it, in every sense is better than just going in the cart with some funky music that will even distract you further. After all, it’s the focus that keeps you on top of your game. 

  1. Practice with strategy

Where some practice properly, others just got to the course and beat balls. How to determine if you are practicing correctly? Well, it highly depends on the strategy you go to the golf course with. Before you head towards the place, make sure to sit down for a while and set targets for yourself, that what are the objectives for today, what am I going to work on, and what are the techniques I’m going to apply to make it right.

If you aren’t sure about any of the aforementioned factors, then just hitting a few distances packed, inaccurate shots ain’t gonna benefit you by any means. Remember, in a game like Golf, your strategical ability is what counts the most. So make sure to set some goals before pulling off your golf bag! 

  1. Follow a Golf specific Excercise routine

I don’t think that’s something to even mention. The compulsory part to achieve greatness in a game is to follow a good exercise routine and stay in shape. Of course, you aren’t going to run for 90-minutes in golf but apart from the correct technique, it’s mandatory to follow a golf-specific exercise routine. It will not only keep you in overall good shape but will have a conspicuously good impact on your swing speed, distance, and overall performance.

Not to mention its aid in reducing fatigue and stiffness after practicing for long. It’s one of the key factors in improving your game. Try starting off by strengthening your hamstrings. 

  1.  Keep swinging at home

Don’t just freak out! I don’t mean that you should have a golf range right in your lounge. In fact, For some people, it isn’t just possible to go to the golf range every single morning. So just on a day when you miss out on playing at the course, it’s better to pick up any club laying in your bag and swing it at least 100 times a day with full concentration on “how it seems” with each swing.

Try swinging in different styles and positions to have a better awareness of how the club sits on each type of swing. With this practice, you will have a lot of shot types to pick from. This will allow you to find the optimum swing speed and direction for your strokes; ultimately benefitting accuracy and distance. 

  1. Set a pre-shot routine

Setting up a pre-shot routine can result in high proficiency on the course. So make sure to study the place thoroughly, gather up as much information as you can about the nature of the place, and then play accordingly. Although it’s all available somewhere on the golf range, having a device like a rangefinder will make things a lot easier for you. Following is a useful order you can follow:

  • Thoroughly study the surroundings
  • Pick out a suitable target manually, or with the help of a rangefinder. 
  • Try visualizing the nature and style of the shot in your mind. 
  • Make a few practice swings to identify the correct shot style and shape.
  • Pick up a swing path by selecting an intermediate target lying in the way. 

Following this pre-shot routine, chances are more that you will reach the desired target. Moreover, it will give you a better view of where you got wrong in playing it, saving you a bunch of time and worries. 

  1. Understand your ball flight!

Understanding the ball flight plays a crucial role in understanding the nature of your shots and where you are getting them wrong. Thanks to modern-day technologies, we now have a better sight of how the direction of the clubface affects the initial and final direction of your ball. Here’s what’s been known about the club impact and its effect:

  • Aligning with the swing path direction; in other words, known as a square.
  • Pointing to the right; referred to as open
  • Pointing to the left; referred to as closed.

Although the flight of your ball is highly dependant on the initial relative direction of your clubface, the rest is determined by the relation between the swing path. If you are someone who is suffering from the slice, you can use this relative relation to your advantage. Just aim a bit more towards the left, and this banana slice, as we call it, can result in sitting right at the target. 

  1. Work on accuracy

Correcting the accuracy is one of the most technical parts of the game. For that, you must be the judge of your own game. So study which club direction works the best for you. Are you ok on Square, or your ball is slicing a bit, and you might require to shift to close?

 Moreover, if you are practicing draw, it is mandatory to develop a certain amount of skill on the basic level, as controlling the flight, in that case, will be way more difficult. 

Now if we look at why most golfers tend to move towards draw bias with time, it’s because they get a few extra yards that way, on the contrary, to slice where you lose some. But on the brighter side, the slice seems a bit more natural. It’s just a matter of preference! 

  1. Toss in the right food! 

A considerable part of your game depends upon what you eat. Well, this might not seem something to be really worried about, but in fact, it is! Your strength, shape, and focus on the course is the physical translation of what your body is consuming. Poor nutrition means poor strength, and poor strength means an overall decrease in performance. So simply follow a healthy diet and consume as little fat as you can. Of course, you don’t need to follow the Cristiano Ronaldo level diet consciousness, but the game has its demands! 

  1. Focus on the balance

Last but not the least, keep yourself balanced as you strike the ball. To make it proper, simply pick up a mid-short iron and place a sturdy stick at the position from where you address the ball. Now make at least 5 swings, and the stick will tell you if you are more on heels or toes. It will help you comprehend where your feet sit the best to get an optimum stroke. Once you are fully aware of your balance, it’s time to try it without the stick and see the result. You can try this every single day at the golf course until you start getting benefits out of it! 


With all these tips, your club should be the right one that suits your game otherwise everything will fall apart. Keeping the fact in check that most of the readers here must be amateurs, I tried to keep the language as easy and comprehensible as possible without using complex golfing terms. As the main area of concern here is to improve your game, I’m pretty sure you must have picked numerous useful tips, if not all. 

With the thought in mind that you are a dedicated golfer, eager to learn the drill and get a grip of your game, I’m sure you are ready to apply them. Above all, I hope you stay consistent in your game because that one is the most difficult part of anything. You will eventually see your performance elevating! 

So pick up your bag now and, well, start playing? What are you waiting for? You can still make a hundred swings right now ;). 


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